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  • don't look now.

  • The Utah Jazz are also awesome.

  • They have won 10 straight games.

  • Last night, they beat the Nets on the road, and afterward, Donovan Mitchell said, Quote.

  • We're in a group, Rudy Gobert said.

  • I wouldn't want to guard us all.

  • True recently, researcher Schwartz, though, took a little bit of a deeper look at the opponents the Jazz have faced short.

  • You notice their schedule, you know, had had some Maybe not as much strength of schedule.

  • I mean to the level of competition.

  • Make a 10 game win streak any less impressive to you.

  • So again, God, I love lobster.

  • Can you come back here?

  • You got some friends of yours who are Laker fans that earlier this you way that lobsters go.

  • Here's the deal.

  • Yes, it's a soft schedule.

  • They won Congratulations.

  • But at the same time, we can't ignore the fact that you beaten up bad teams.

  • One good team they beat in that stretch was the Clippers.

  • Every other team they had beaten is an under 500 team, and many of them are very much under five from not even ones that are hardly okay.

  • That's but that's still under 500.

  • So But I mean, they got to what?

  • Okay stars in there.

  • But they they beat the Hornets.

  • They beat the Knicks.

  • They beat that.

  • We knows game.

  • That's what I'm not sure, but we have to take it in the context.

  • I'm not saying Oh, you're not good.

  • The jazz and talk trash and it is 10 gets a 10 game win.

  • It's a taking of who they play.

  • It's hard enough to win one game in this league, and for them to be on a 10 game win streak.

  • I don't care who they played on Warriors.

  • The Pistons.

  • You can have a mental letdown, the walk land, these type of team.

  • You know, we're not lawyers, the Rockets and Christians.

  • Absolutely.

  • They're not allowing that to happen, right?

  • I mean, plan these 10 t these these teams right here in this 10 game win streak could possibly catapult them to where we thought they would be hears about.

  • Here's bottom line for me on strength of schedule.

  • If just racking off 10 wins because you're too soft, schedule was just a nisi thing to do.

  • Everyone would do it.

  • The fact that it doesn't happen yesterday on this show we talked about.

  • There've been four teams doubled the street before, out of 30.

  • The schedules are always bad teams in a row.

  • The women up.

  • Clay Thompson, Utah Jazz.

  • You did a fantastic 10 game stretch.

  • We're gonna keep watching you.

  • Tom Clay Thompson tours a C helped seven months ago.

  • Lobsters in trouble.

  • He hasn't ruled out returning to action this season.

  • Is there any reason for him to return?

  • We will discuss that next First, though, it's time for our distant replay this date.

  • 2003 featuring.

  • Oh yes, that might be the greatest scenes never.

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don't look now.


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爵士隊的10連勝只是因為賽程簡單嗎?| 我的天啊!我的天啊!我的天啊!我的天啊!我的天啊 (Is the Jazz's 10-game winning streak just because of an easy schedule? | The Jump)

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