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  • thank you so much to Jimmy for sitting down.

  • Always so much fun and perk.

  • He's always let's just calm.

  • Confident.

  • Definitely.

  • Thanks.

  • A lot of what he can do and what this team can do.

  • Do you think like he does that This team can contend right now in the Eastern Conference?

  • We gotta sits grupo in it.

  • Or do you think they need another piece?

  • I think they need another piece, But not right now.

  • I'm with Jimmy right now.

  • They need to stay put this season.

  • You know, their number two in the East there he's playing great basketball.

  • I think this same could actually go deep into the second round.

  • Actually, you know, whatever happens could make these conference finals and make a push.

  • They really this good.

  • They play hard there.

  • Will Coach.

  • I don't think they needed add a piece, but that's in 2021 0 and I think that needed add Young This.

  • I think this is a great fit here.

  • Think him and Jimmy complement each other very well.

  • That the same type of God's same type of care.

  • Both of these guys work extremely hard.

  • Um and yang is this heat culture is Yanni's.

  • So could you imagine Janis and Jimi on this on the same thing coached by exposed?

  • It will be for giving us a chance to win a title, walking first, saying, I'm just I'm with Rachel.

  • Look, I think that they could use another piece and we know this.

  • Since Pat Riley came here became president September 2nd, 1995.

  • It's been about trying to win parades down this game Boulevard behind us, and that's the goal here.

  • I don't think this particular team is capable of that.

  • I do think like perks.

  • Second round team, maybe conference finals.

  • They need a lot of breaks, I think, to come out of the East potentially, but yet 2021 Pat Riley is a big game hunter.

  • You know.

  • He loves the big game hunt in free agency, and we know there's gonna be a lot of free agents in 2021.

  • I think they're gonna be patient, grow this young team around Jimmy for now and then shop.

  • But I think there are tweaks they could make this year.

  • Look, there was talk before the season, or should they go after Chris Paul should they go after a Kyle Lowry.

  • I don't think I LARRY is necessarily going anywhere because Toronto is that such a good start?

  • Chris Paul is very expensive, not just in terms of what you'd have to give up, but also in terms of the money that he would put on your books in that summer of 2021.

  • But maybe you try to pry bar towns away from Washington, maybe try to get JJ Reddick down here from the pelicans.

  • That could happen before the February trade deadline.

  • Obviously, and Jimmy really like playing against with each other?

  • They were tight up in Philadelphia.

  • That kind of shooting, I think, could still help this team and maybe push them, as you say, from the second round to the conference finals.

  • They never know what can happen.

  • Once you get in, there could never have enough shooting.

  • I also think that if they had their druthers, you probably would add another rim defender to this particular mix with Bam and the group that they have.

  • I think those air to small tweaks that they could make thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

thank you so much to Jimmy for sitting down.


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