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There is a castle on a cloud
I like to go there in my sleep
Aren't any floors for me to sweep
Not in my castle on a cloud
There is a lady all in white
Holds me and sings a lullaby
She's nice to see and she's soft to touch
She says, (WHISPERING) "Cosette, I love you very much"
I know a place where no one's lost
I know a place where no one cries
Crying at all is not allowed
Not in my castle on a cloud
(SINGING) Welcome, monsieur, sit yourself down
And meet the best innkeeper in town
As for the rest All of them crooks
Rooking the guests And cooking the books
Seldom do you see
Honest men like me
A gent of good intent who's content to be
Master of the house Doling out the charm
Ready with a handshake and an open palm
Tells a saucy tale Makes a little stir
Customers appreciate a bon viveur
Glad to do a friend a favor
Doesn 't cost me to be nice
But nothing gets you nothing Everything has got a little price
Master of the house Keeper of the zoo
Ready to relieve them of a sou or two
Watering the wine Making up the weight
Picking up their knick-knacks When they can 't see straight
Everybody loves a landlord Everybody's bosom friend
I do whatever pleases Jesus! Won 't I bleed 'em in the end!
ALL: Master of the house! Quick to catch your eye
Never wants a passerby to pass him by!
Servant to the poor Butler to the great
Comforter, philosopher and lifelong mate
Everybody's boon companion
Everybody's chaperone
But lock up your valises Jesus! Won't I skin you to the bone!
Food beyond compare Food beyond belief
Mix it in a mincer And pretend it's beef
Kidney of a horse Liver of a cat
Filling up the sausages with this and that
Residents are more than welcome
Bridal suite is occupied
Reasonable charges Plus some little extras on the side
Oh, Santa!
Charge 'em for the lice Extra for the mice
Two percent for looking in the mirror twice
Hand it over! Here a little slice, there a little cut
Three percent for sleeping with the windows shut
When it comes to fixing prices
There are a lot of tricks I knows
How it all increases All those bits and pieces
Jesus! It's amazing how it grows
Sorry, love. I must get something done about that.
(SINGING) I used to dream that I would meet a prince
But, God almighty
Have you seen what's happened since?
What? What?
"Master of the house" isn't worth my spit!
Comforter, philosopher and lifelong shit!
Cunning little brain
Regular Voltaire
Thinks he's quite a lover but there's not much there
What a cruel trick of nature
Landed me with such a louse
God knows how I've lasted living with this bastard in the house
ALL: Master of the house!
Master and a half!
ALL: Comforter, philosopher
Don't make me laugh
ALL: Servant to the poor Butler to the great
Hypocrite and toady and inebriate!
ALL: Everybody bless the landlord!
Everybody bless his spouse!
Everybody raise a glass!
Raise it up the master's arse!
ALL: Everybody raise a glass to the master of the house
I love you, too.
(SINGING) Everybody bless the landlord
(SINGING) Hush now Do not be afraid of me
Don't hide Show me where you live
Tell me, my child, what is your name?
I'm called Cosette
Mademoiselle. Can I help you with your bucket?
(SINGING) I found her wandering in the wood
This little child, I found her trembling in the shadows
And I am here to help Cosette
I will settle any debt you may think proper
I will pay what I must pay
To take Cosette away
I love you.
(SINGING) This is a duty I must heed
And there is a promise I have made
For I was blind to one in need
I did not see what stood before me
Now your mother is with God
Her suffering is over
And I speak here with her voice
And I stand here in her place
Come on.
And from this day, and evermore
Let me take your coat, monsieur
Cosette shall live in my protection
You are very welcome here
I will not forget my vow
Take a drink
Take a chair
Cosette shall have a father now
What to do? What to say?
Shall you carry our treasure away?
What a gem! What a pearl!
Beyond rubies is our little girl
How can we talk of debt?
Let's not haggle for darling Colette
Cosette. Cosette
Dear Fantine, gone to rest
Have we done for her child what is best?
I think so.
Shared our bread, shared each bone
Treated her like she's one of our own
Yes, our own.
Like our own, monsieur!
The cost adds up.
Your feelings do you credit, sir
And I will ease the parting blow
Let us not talk of bargains and bones and greed
Now may I say we are agreed?
That would quite fit the bill
If she hadn't so often been ill
Little dear, cost us dear
Medicines are expensive, monsieur
Not that we begrudged a sou
It's no more than we Christians must do
Than we Christians may do
No more words! Here's your price
Fifteen hundred for your sacrifice
Come, Cosette, say goodbye
Let us seek out some friendlier sky
Thank you, both, for Cosette
It won 't take you too long to forget
Farewell, Courgette!
It's "Cosette." Cosette.
And, open.
It's for you.
(SINGING) Where I go, you will be
Will you be like a papa to me?
Yes, Cosette This is true
I'll be father and mother to you
Not bad. Not enough!
There's a copper at the door What the devil have you done?
Where's the child Cosette?
(SINGING) She's gone with a gent
Didn't tell us where they went
Didn't leave his home address
You're a bloody fool Look at what we got
Should've struck the iron Struck it while it's hot!
Next time round, I promise I'm gonna get the lot
(SINGING) Suddenly you're here
Suddenly it starts
Can two anxious hearts beat as one?
Yesterday I was alone
Today you are beside me
Something still unclear
Something not yet here has begun
Suddenly the world seems a different place
Somehow full of grace Full of light
How was I to know that so much hope
Was held inside me?
What is passed is gone
Now we journey on through the night
How was I to know at last That happiness can come so fast?
Trusting me the way you do
I'm so afraid of failing you
Just a child who cannot know That danger follows where I go
There are shadows everywhere
And memories I cannot share
Nevermore alone
Nevermore apart
You have warmed my heart like the sun
You have brought the gift of life And love so long denied me
Suddenly I see
What I could not see
Something suddenly
Has begun
Halt! Let's see your papers.
Where are you traveling?
Cosette. Cosette.
Give me the doll.
JAVERT: Valjean!
Come, Cosette. Come quickly!
Come on.
Cosette. I've got you. Come, come.
Who's there?
Please, monsieur.
I need your help.
Please, please.
Monsieur le Mayor?
Who are you?
I fell under my cart.
You saved my life, monsieur.
We need a place of sanctuary, this child and I.
We need to disappear.
(SINGING) We'll give thanks for what is granted
What the sisters may ordain
Here we pray for new beginnings
Here our lives can start again
(SINGING) There, out in the darkness
A fugitive running
Fallen from God
Fallen from grace
God be my witness
I never shall yield
Till we come face to face
Till we come face to face
He knows his way in the dark
Mine is the way of the Lord
Those who follow the path of the righteous
Shall have their reward
And if they fall as Lucifer fell
The flames! The sword!
Stars in your multitudes
Scarce to be counted
Filling the darkness
With order and light
You are the sentinels
Silent and sure
Keeping watch in the night
Keeping watch in the night
You know your place in the sky
You hold your course and your aim
And each in your season returns and returns
And is always the same
And if you fall as Lucifer fell
You fall in flames!
And so it must be, for so it is written
On the doorway to paradise
That those who falter and those who fall
Must pay the price
Lord, let me find him
That I may see him
Safe behind bars!
I will never rest till then!
This I swear
This I swear by the stars!
Come on, boys!
Come on.
BEGGARS' CHORUS: (SINGING) Look down and see the beggars at your feet!
Look down and show some mercy if you can
Look down and see the sweepings of the street!
Look down, look down upon your fellow man!
How do you do? My name's Gavroche
These are my people, here's my patch
Not much to look at, nothing posh
Nothing that you'd call up to scratch
This is my school, my high society
Here in the slums of Saint Michel
We live on crumbs of humble piety
Tough on the teeth, but what the hell
Think you're poor? Think you're free?
Follow me! Follow me!
CHORUS: Look down and show some mercy if you can!
Look down, look down upon your fellow man
Wait, Gavroche!
There was a time we killed the king
We tried to change the world too fast
Now we have got another king
He is no better than the last
This is the land that fought for liberty
Now when we fight, we fight for bread!
Here is the thing about equality
Everyone's equal when they're dead
Take your place! Take your chance!
Vive la France! Vive la France!
CHORUS: Look down and show some mercy if you can!
Look down, look down upon your fellow man
When's this gonna end?
BEGGAR: When we gonna live?
Something's gotta happen now
CHORUS: Something's gotta give
It'll come, it'll come, it'll come It'll come, it'll come
Where are the leaders of the land?
Where is the king who runs this show?
Only one man, General Lamarque
Speaks for the people here below!
Lamarque is ill and fading fast
Won't last a week out, so they say
With all the anger in the land
How long before the Judgment Day?
Before we cut the fat ones down to size?
MAN 1: Death to the king!
MAN 2: Liberty for France!
CHORUS: (SINGING) Before the barricades arise?
MAN 3: Death to the king!
Tell your friends. We come tomorrow.
We meet here at General Lamarque's house. Bring your friends.
Vive General Lamarque!
Marius! Grandfather!
Have you any idea of the shame you bring on our family?
An utter disgrace.
Vive General Lamarque! Vive General Lamarque!
ALL: Vive la France! Vive la France!
Vive la France! Vive la France!
(SINGING) Hey there, monsieur, what's new with you?
Plotting to overthrow the state?
You still pretending to be poor
Come on, I know your grandpa's rich
Won't take a franc that I've not earned
All of those bridges have been burned
I like the way you talk, monsieur!
I like the way you always tease
Little he knows
Little he sees
Here, take this.
(SINGING) Everyone here, you know your place
Brujon, Babet, Claquesous
You, Montparnasse, watch for the law
With Eponine, take care
You turn on the tears No mistakes, my dears
Please, monsieur, come this way
Here's a child that ain 't eaten today
Save a life, spare a sou
God rewards all the good that you do
Wait a bit! Know that face!
Ain't the world a remarkable place!
Men like me don 't forget
You're the bastard that borrowed Colette!
Cosette. Whatever.
What is this? Are you mad?
No, monsieur, you don't know what you say!
You know me! I know you!
And you'll pay what we're due
And you'd better dig deep
'Cause she doesn't come cheap
It's the police! Disappear!
Run for it! It's Javert!
Cosette! COSETTE: Papa.
Another brawl in the square Another stink in the air
Was there a witness to this? Well, let him speak to Javert!
Monsieur, these streets are not safe But let these vermin beware
We'll see that justice is done
Look upon this fine collection
Crawled from underneath a stone
This swarm of worms and maggots
Could have picked you to the bone
I know this man over here I know his name and his trade
And on your witness, monsieur, I'll see him suitably paid
But where's the gentleman gone?
And why on Earth would he run?
You will have a job to find him
He's not all he seems to be
And that girl he trails behind him
Is the child he stole from me
Yeah, and me.
Yeah, both of us.
(SINGING) Could it be he's that old jailbird That the tide now washes in?
Heard my name and started running All the omens point to him
In the absence of a victim
Dear Inspector, may I go?
And remember
When you've nicked him
It was me what told you so
Let the old man keep on running
I will run him off his feet!
Everyone, about your business Clear this garbage off the street
Cosette! Now I remember
Cosette! How can it be?
We were children together
Look what's become of me
Eponine! Who was that girl?
That bourgeois two-a-penny thing
Eponine, find her for me!
What will you give me?
Got you all excited now But God knows what you see in her
Aren't you all delighted now?
No, I don't want your money, sir
Eponine, do this for me
Discover where she lives
But careful how you go Don't let your father know
Eponine! I'm lost until she's found
You see? I told you so
There's lots of things I know
She knows her way around
(SINGING) The time is near
So near it's stirring the blood in their veins
And yet beware!
Don't let the wine go to your brains
We need a sign to rally the people
To call them to arms
And to bring them in line!
Marius, wake up! What's wrong today?
You look as if you've seen a ghost
Some wine, and say what's going on
A ghost, you say? A ghost maybe
She was just like a ghost to me
One minute there, then she was gone
I am agog! I am aghast!
Is Marius in love at last?
I've never heard him "Ooh" and "Aah"
You talk of battles to be won
And here he comes like Don Juan
It is better than an opera!
It is time for us all to decide who we are
Do we fight for the right to a night at the opera now?
Have you asked of yourself What's the price you might pay?
Is this simply a game for a rich young boy to play?
The colors of the world are changing day by day
Red, the blood of angry men!
Black, the dark of ages past!
Red, a world about to dawn!
Black, the night that ends at last!
Had you seen her today you might know how it feels
To be struck to the bone in a moment of breathless delight!
Had you been there today you might also have known
How your world may be changed in just one burst of light
And what was right seems wrong
And what was wrong seems right
I feel my soul on fire!
My world if she's not there!
ALL: Red!
The color of desire!
ALL: Black!
The color of despair!
Marius, you're no longer a child
I do not doubt you mean it well
But now there is a higher call
I know.
Who cares about your lonely soul?
We strive towards a larger goal
Our little lives don 't count at all!
ALL: The blood of angry men!
The dark of ages past!
A world about to dawn!
The night that ends at last!
Listen, everybody!
General Lamarque is dead.
(SINGING) Lamarque, his death is the hour of fate
The people's man
His death is the sign we await!
On his funeral day they will honor his name
With the light of rebellion ablaze in their eyes
From their candles of grief we will kindle our flame
On the tomb of Lamarque shall our barricade rise!
The time is here!
Let us welcome it gladly with courage and cheer!
Let us take to the streets with no doubt in our hearts
But a jubilant shout!
They will come one and all!
ALL: They will come when we call!
Did you find her?
(SINGING) How strange
This feeling that my life's begun at last
This change
Can people really fall in love so fast?
What's the matter with you, Cosette?
Have you been too much on your own?
So many things unclear
So many things unknown
In my life
There are so many questions and answers
That somehow seem wrong
In my life
There are times when I catch in the silence
The sigh of a faraway song
And it sings
Of a world that I long to see Out of reach
Just a whisper away Waiting for me
Does he know I'm alive? Do I know if he's real?
Does he see what I see? Does he feel what I feel?
In my life
I'm no longer alone
Now the love in my life is so near
Find me now
Find me here
Dear Cosette
You're such a lonely child
How pensive, how sad you seem to me
Believe me, were it within my power
I'd fill each passing hour
How quiet it must be, I can see
With only me for company
There's so little I know that I'm longing to know
Of the man that you were in a time long ago
Please, Cosette.
There's so little you say of the life you have known
Why you keep to yourself Why you're always alone
So dark So dark and deep
The secrets that you keep
In my life
Please forgive what I say You are loving and gentle and good
But Papa, dear Papa
In your eyes I am still like that child who was lost in a wood
No more words
No more words It's a time that is dead
There are words
That are better unheard Better unsaid
In my life
I'm no longer a child and I yearn for the truth that you know
Of the years, years ago
You will learn
Truth is given by God to us all in our time
In our turn
In my life
She has burst like the music of angels The light of the sun
And my life seems to stop as if something is over
And something has scarcely begun!
Eponine, you're the friend who has brought me here
Thanks to you I'm at one with the gods
And heaven is near!
And I soar through a world that is new That is free
Every word that he says is a dagger in me
In my life
There's been no one like him anywhere
Anywhere, where he is
If he asked, I'd be his
BOTH : In my life
There is someone who touches my life
Waiting near
Waiting here
A heart full of love
A heart full of song
I'm doing everything all wrong
Oh God, for shame I do not even know your name
Dear mademoiselle
Won't you say?
Will you tell?
A heart full of love
No fear, no regret
My name is Marius Pontmercy
And mine's Cosette
Cosette, I don't know what to say
Then make no sound
I am lost
I am found
A heart full of love
He was never mine to lose
BOTH : A heart full of you
A single look and then I knew
Why regret what could not be?
I knew it, too
These are words he'll never say
Not to me
From today
Not to me Not for me
Every day
His heart full of love
BOTH : For it isn 't a dream
He will never feel this way
BOTH : Not a dream after all
VALJEAN : Cosette?
Cosette, what are you doing?
I told you to stay inside.
(SINGING) Who is this hussy?
It's your brat Eponine! Don't you know your own kid?
Why's she hanging about here?
Eponine, get on home You're not needed in this
We're enough here without you
I know this house, I tell you
There's nothing here for you
Just the old man and the girl
They live ordinary lives
Don 't interfere You've got some gall
Take care, young miss You've got a lot to say
I'm gonna scream! I'm gonna warn them here!
One little scream and you'll regret it for a year!
My God, Cosette!
(SINGING) You wait, my girl! You'll rue this night!
I'll make you scream! (SPITS)
You'll scream all right!
OFFICER: Police!
(SINGING) Must be Javert
He's found my cover at last
I've got to get Cosette away
We'll go to our apartment at Rue de l'Homme Armé, it's safer there.
Then I'll arrange our passage to England. No.
(SINGING) Hurry, Cosette! Prepare to leave Say no more
Tonight we'll away
Please, Papa, we can't! Hurry, Cosette!
It's time to close another door and live another day!
Get dressed, we're leaving. Now!
Please, no!
(SINGING) On my own
Pretending he's beside me
All alone
I walk with him till morning
Without him
I feel his arms around me
And when I lose my way I close my eyes
And he has found me
In the rain
The pavement shines like silver
All the lights
Are misty in the river
In the darkness the trees are full of starlight
And all I see is him and me forever and forever
And I know
It's only in my mind
That I'm talking to myself
And not to him
And although I know that he is blind
Still I say
There's a way for us
I love him
But when the night is over
He is gone, the river's just a river
Without him the world around me changes
The trees are bare and everywhere
the streets are full of strangers
I love him
But every day I'm learning
All my life I've only been pretending
Without me, his world will go on turning
A world that's full of happiness
That I have never known
I love him
I love him
I love him
But only on my own
(SINGING) One day more
Another day, another destiny
This never-ending road to Calvary
These men who seem to know my crime will surely come a second time
One day more
I did not live until today
How can I live when we are parted?
One day more
BOTH : Tomorrow you'll be worlds away
And yet with you my world has started
One more day all on my own
BOTH : Will we ever meet again?
One more day with him not caring
BOTH : I was born to be with you
What a life I might have known
BOTH : And I swear I will be true
But he never saw me there
One more day before the storm
Do I follow where she goes?
At the barricades of freedom!
Shall I join my brothers there?
When our ranks begin to form
Do I stay and do I dare?
Will you take your place with me?
ALL: The time is now!
The day is here!
One day more!
One day more to revolution We will nip it in the bud
We'll be ready for these schoolboys
They will wet themselves with blood!
One day more!
Watch 'em run amuck
Catch 'em as they fall
BOTH : Never know your luck when there's a free-for-all
Here's a little dip
There a little touch
BOTH : Most of them are goners So they won 't miss much!
ALL: One day to a new beginning
Raise the flag of freedom high!
Every man will be a king!
There's a new world for the winning!
There's a new world to be won
Do you hear the people sing?
My place is here!
I fight with you!
One day more!
We will join these people's heroes
We will follow where they go
One more day all on my own
We will learn their little secrets
We will know the things they know
One day more!
BOTH : Tomorrow you'll be worlds away
One more day to revolution
What a life I might have known
JAVERT: We will nip it in the bud
BOTH : And yet with you my world has started
We'll be ready for these schoolboys
Tomorrow will be far away
ALL: Tomorrow is the judgment day
Tomorrow we'll discover
What our God in heaven has in store
One more dawn!
One more day!
One day more!
CROWD: (SINGING) Do you hear the people sing
Singing the song of angry men?
It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes!
Will you join in our crusade?
Who will be strong and stand with me?
Beyond the barricade Is there a world you long to see?
Then join in the fight
That will give you the right to be free!
Do you hear the people sing
Singing the song of angry men?
It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes!
Will you give all you can give
So that our banner may advance?
Some will fall and some will live
Will you stand up and take your chance?
The blood of the martyrs will water the meadows of France!
Do you hear the people sing
Singing the song of angry men?
It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes!
She's an innocent woman!
Come here, you!
Push them to the right.
Thank you, sir. Thank you, monsieur.
To the barricades!
Vive la France!
MAN 1: Get to the barricade!
MARIUS: Come on!
MAN 2: Get down! Get down!
Go, go, go!
Get off your arse! It's begun!
MAN 3: The barricade!
Sorry, madame. Thank you. What are you doing?
We need as much furniture as you can throw down!
Throw everything you have!
MAN 4: Watch yourself, watch yourself.
Go on, boys!
Thank you, madame.
I need a volunteer!
Someone who can find out their plan and when they will attack.
(SINGING) I can find out the truth
I know their ways
Fought their wars Served my time
In the days Of my youth
See? The people unite!
I pray you're right
Dogs will bark
GAVROCHE: Fleas will bite!
They will do what is right
ENJOLRAS: Red, the blood of angry men!
STUDENTS: Black, the dark of ages past!
Red, a world about to dawn!
Black, the night that ends at last!
JOLY: He's back!
(SINGING) Listen, my friends I have done as I said
I have been to their lines I have counted each man
I will tell what I can
Better beware They have armies to spare
And our danger is real
We will need all our cunning to bring them to heel
Have faith!
If you know what their movements are we'll spoil their game
There are ways that a people can fight
We shall overcome their power!
I have overheard their plans
There will be no attack tonight
They intend to starve you out
Before they start a proper fight
Concentrate their force
Hit us when it's light
Good evening, dear Inspector Lovely evening, my dear!
I know this man, my friends His name's Inspector Javert!
So don 't believe a word he says because none of it's true
This only goes to show what little people can do
Bravo, little Gavroche You're the top of the class
So what are we going to do with this snake in the grass?
Take this man and throw him in the tavern in there
The people will decide your fate, Inspector Javert
Shoot me now or shoot me later
Every schoolboy to his sport!
Death to each and every traitor!
I renounce your people's court!
We keep looking forward!
MARIUS: To your positions.
MARIUS: Now, hold your fire. Hold your fire.
ARMY OFFICER: Front rank, kneel!
Save your gunpowder.
Take aim!
Get down.
Who's there?
French Revolution!
COMBEFERRE: They're coming!
They're coming over the barricades!
Get back!
Marius! No!
Marius! What are you doing?
ENJOLRAS: Get down!
GAVROCHE: Marius, watch out!
Get down!
Fall back!
Fall back, or I blow the barricade!
Blow it up and take yourself with it!
(BREATHING HEAVILY) And myself with it.
Back! Back!
ENJOLRAS: Man the barricade!