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  • tell me, thought he'd be killed to put post a picture of his daughter's basketball team, which he coaches.

  • And it's called the Mambas, which he coaches an official Kobe year.

  • Here's the picture.

  • Kobe starts with this caption.

  • Here's our fourth place winners.

  • Picture ello Well, but the part that jumped out was about the seventh player.

  • Kobe said Miss this game for a dance recital.

  • So that should tell you where her focus was at this time and made the twitters mad.

  • And Kobe started backtracking, saying he meant no harm.

  • Pablo sub commands.

  • I gotta start by saying that in some ways, Kobe is my man's like I'm the son of immigrants.

  • Man first generation, American raised Catholic really had the Mamba mentality academically.

  • But the problem with what this is here on the mentality academic.

  • Oh, yeah, fourth place.

  • To me, that is failure of B plus.

  • To me, that was failure.

  • But here is the issue.

  • When you're America's dad is that people look to you across the spectrum of ambition, let alone achievement, and say, This seems to be how you raise kids, right?

  • And that's seven Kidman he knew he went to before he went and edited it right.

  • He had to put in a little line about how it's fine.

  • If you like dance because he knew that that seven little girl, she didn't deserve that.

  • He said I was his argument.

  • He went back Any changes, and he was like I would just say they see, like, dance more than ball, which is cool.

  • Kobe doesn't think that is cool.

  • It all.

  • Kobe does not think that anything being more important than basketball is cool it.

  • Can we go to the wall, please?

  • Cause I really like I don't wanna pick on the kids cause it ain't their fault, But nobody looks happy.

  • The grown ups.

  • They don't look like they're happy.

  • Nobody looks like Kobe was teaching these Children the triangle offense.

  • They say it takes years for professionals to learn how to run the triangle offense.

  • He is making these kids do this like this looks like a bunch of kids in the Christmas story, and they just got the bunny suit and they had to go try it on like Does he look happy?

  • Go take the bunny suit off.

  • No, they're wobbling around and face planting occasionally and they should, by the way, because they are Children.

  • And so the thing that Kobe is preaching fundamentally is that thing he always preaches.

  • And this is where he messed up among other places.

  • But here specifically, he was doing the thing where he was trying to sell the brain without realizing that he's dealing with little girls like he's trying to sell you.

  • Success must come with misery.

  • Except you're playing middle school girls basketball here.

  • Here's what I want to know.

  • Has anybody seen any pictures of this dance recital that seventh girl supposedly went to?

  • Are we sure that she actually had a dance recital or is it possible?

  • See this?

  • They want to play for Kobe no more.

  • And nobody wanted to tell him, like, you know, a while out you have this dance aside.

  • When did this come up?

  • Like what they call the morning Kobe.

  • We gotta dance recital.

  • And so, Jill Yeah, able to play because I'd like to get out of player for team Kobe.

  • But here is the upside of all this dance conversation.

  • We have Kobe backtracking literally and figuratively trying to empathize with the recital in question.

  • This is what he posted.

  • Young Kobe dancing, of course, too.

  • Vanilla Eyes.

  • I say this for Kobe over Kobe.

  • Fearless man.

  • I'd never dance in front of a group of people like that.

  • I probably wouldn't look nearly is like He's good, he's into it.

  • And I want to see a world in which Kobe Bryant did become a dancer full time and out of basketball player.

  • But come on, man, if this was in your arsenal the whole time, have some empathy up front.

  • And I was glad you mentioned the immigrant stuff cause I didn't want to kind of mention to Kobe like, I know you keep talking about growing up in Italy, but like you, right here, acting like Pablo Daddy, Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

tell me, thought he'd be killed to put post a picture of his daughter's basketball team, which he coaches.


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