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  • Let's talk some MBA because we are a day away from the trade deadline at three Eastern and the first domino has fallen many teams.

  • Many players involved the headliner in this one, the Rockets dealing awake from capella, Nay, Nay and Gerald Green.

  • In return, they're getting Minnesota's Robert Covington, Jordan Bell and a second round pick.

  • This massive trade involves 12 players, and, according to our front office insider, Bobby Marks, it is the largest MBA trade since the Knicks move Patrick Ewing to the SuperSonics in 2000.

  • Something to keep in mind.

  • The T Wolves now have multiple first round picks for the 2020 n b.

  • A track as they look to potentially land.

  • D'Angelo Russell from the Warriors, as we also welcome in our MBA insider Ajunwa Janowski and our front office insider, Bobby Marks.

  • Which, where does this tray leave the Rockets?

  • Which from tomorrow's trade deadline at three PM well, what was the biggest N betrayed since 2000 could still get bigger.

  • Uh, Houston has still $12 million that they can spend to build this trade up.

  • They could bring in another salary they could take.

  • They could reroute a player, get more assets.

  • So Houston is going to continue to try to be active here between now and 3 p.m. Thursday.

  • You know, Bobby, you're Damon Jones.

  • Earlier.

  • He's like, Look, they need a center.

  • Tristan Thompson.

  • What's the biggest question you have with Rockets?

  • Now that Clint Capela has been done, I think it's we're gonna find out of small bulwarks, right?

  • That's going to be you've got P.

  • J.

  • Tucker playing center on a good day, 66 So if you look at the standings today, they're in the five seed.

  • Utah's in the foresee Who's the center for Utah?

  • Rudy Gobert.

  • So that's going to be the challenge.

  • We've seen mixed results as faras in the Dallas game that they were plus 10 with that starting unit against New Orleans.

  • There were a minus 10 so that's going to be the biggest concern.

  • But how do you go out and get a center?

  • Stay under the luxury tax, your $5.8 million below below the tax and try to fit something and without giving up MAWR draft picks.

  • Remember, they already gave up a first round pick here and they have won 10 of 11 games this year with Capella out of the lineup.

  • So the Rockets doing the headlines right now?

  • But what other team, which do you think we should be keeping an eye on that might make some moves by tomorrow?

  • Well, Oklahoma City is gonna be a really interesting team because they've got, you know, several players, it all different positions if they wanted to start liquidating Danilo Gallinari, Um, Steven Adams at center, Dennis Shrewder a guard.

  • And this is a team that right now is in the playoffs has played really well.

  • Billy Donovan has done one of the better coaching jobs in the league.

  • Oklahoma City is open for business there, listening on deals, but they can take all of those players into the summer on Grieve.

  • Is it?

  • It then, and finish the year with this group in Oklahoma.

  • City's even had some talks with some teams where they would improve that team before the postseason.

  • And I think for for the Lakers, they are kind of the wild card out there and keep an eye on Marcus Morris in New York.

  • If somehow the Lakers can stack the contracts.

  • Kyle Kuzma is the name toe watch, but the challenge is going to be.

  • Marcus Morris makes $15 million.

  • Kyle Kuzma makes $2 million.

  • So how do you get to $10 million there without gutting that roster?

  • You basically have to do a four for one trade, and now we're looking at, you know, roster restrictions.

  • You can only take 15 players back, so that's going to be the challenge for teams like the Lakers there and then with the Knicks obviously firing Steve Mills recently, you have to wonder if they're going to do something with their front office.

  • A little bit influx at this point.

  • What's up?

  • Thank you so much for watching ESPN on YouTube.

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Let's talk some MBA because we are a day away from the trade deadline at three Eastern and the first domino has fallen many teams.


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四隊交易是NBA自2000年尼克斯交易帕特里克-尤因以來最大的一筆交易|SportsCenter (Four-team deal is the largest NBA trade since the Knicks dealt Patrick Ewing in 2000 | SportsCenter)

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