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  • Russell Westbrook has said more than once.

  • Hey, I plan.

  • Oklahoma City and I had three national television commercials running at the same time, so there is no doubt.

  • And Orleans, by the way, I'm gonna keep saying it on the show Best city in this country.

  • I love New Orleans, and I bet that he will love it, too, if he gives it a chance.

  • The point, though, is where does he want to be and what can they build?

  • And also, where does Anthony Davis wannabe?

  • I thought you slip this into the middle of the Zion conversation.

  • But a lot of people thought, including David Griffin, that after they got Zion, they literally won the lottery to use that expression That might help convince Anthony Davis to say to stay here was he was talking Armory Taylor last night about this.

  • It's just another positive event for us and what's going to be, we hope, several that we stack together.

  • I think Mrs Benson and her ownership group have invested in this very heavily, and my presence there and my desire to be there had everything to do with this community, so I'm really excited for our fan base, and we got a lot of work to do.

  • But this is a good start when I say I on you say what?

  • We have a lot of work to do.

  • This is a good start.

  • Thank you for your time.

  • Let's face it, the number one.

  • Pick that face.

  • Look, we all know David Griffin really well.

  • You played with him.

  • Is your general manager.

  • I like his optimism, and I like the fact that he feels he's bringing a new culture there.

  • Alvin Gentry is very popular among all of his players.

  • All of that being said, Anthony Davis is an adult.

  • He has certainly at this point earned the right over the coming year or so.

  • Certainly, once he becomes a free agent to decide.

  • Grown up.

  • I would like to play and live where I want to play and live and have my kid everybody be raised for that.

  • I want to have them to fill it.

  • Rev.

  • And I think he has made a decision.

  • You know what I have been in this franchise in this organization for X number of years.

  • I am ready to go somewhere else, no matter who outside and playing with Is that the feeling that you get?

  • So what?

  • What I think Griff is is contemplating.

  • Here is the Kobe Bryant playbook.

  • Remember, Kobe at one time said, I'm not playing for the Lakers again.

  • I've played my last day, called into the radio and said it.

  • And the Lakers held onto him.

  • Traded for Pau Gasol.

  • Rest is history.

  • That is one way to go.

  • But I will say something about Anthony Davis.

  • I see all these Knick fans who are depressed.

  • Stephen A.

  • Like, needed a therapist on our air of this morning.

  • I think that the Knicks actually come out in really good position here.

  • This draft, when you talk to the experts, breaks at three.

  • The quality of player of three and player for at least by the projections.

  • We know that there's Donovan, Mitchell's and Yana satanic.

  • Oppose out there.

  • Curious seven.

  • But generally the value of the number three pick is higher than number four pick.

  • The Anthony Davis has expressed interest in playing for New York, and if the Knicks were able to land somebody in free agency or two players in free agency, it only increases Anthony Davis possible intention to play there and the Knicks interest in trading away their young players.

  • Toe win.

  • Now I think the Knicks are in his good positions.

  • They possibly could have dreamed off to trade for Anthony Davis come July.

  • Producer Steve is in our truck very happy right now.

  • Look, you can see a scenario where R.

  • J.

  • Barrett and the End Zion could be reunited in New Orleans.

  • Right?

  • Anthony Davis is reunited with your friend Kyrie, his friend.

  • Maybe Katie.

  • Who knows what's gonna happen?

  • It's going to be warriors Arena saying that I just want to point.

  • I want to give anything you don't know drifting.

  • When I texted him yesterday, didn't want to give anything.

  • By the way, I'm still on the Kevin Durant might shock us all and stay at Golden State.

  • So that would be off.

  • Who knows?

Russell Westbrook has said more than once.


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