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  • capitalism, sexism, ignorance.

  • This is the story off a terrible, terrible marketing campaign.

  • See, I have just arrived home in Israel, and as I took the train home, I saw this on an ad campaign that I couldn't believe was a real thing.

  • I'm gonna play the ad for you, but I'm gonna block the company name because they don't deserve any more publicity's.

  • Are you ready?

  • Basic.

  • Basic.

  • Basic?

  • Yeah.

  • When I saw that ad, I was angry.

  • How could that be okay in today's world?

  • And it wasn't just me who was angry pretty much everyone.

  • That side got angry as well.

  • Israelis got angry because the ad compares Israel to Iran.

  • And we all know there's a major difference between the two.

  • Muslims in Israel got angry because this obviously disrespects an entire religion and women got angry because this ad suggests this means freedom, and this means no freedom.

  • It assumes that the last close you have, the more free you are and that he's an insult to every woman's choice.

  • Look, I would never care about this topic.

  • It was a one off mistake or whatever, but it's not.

  • This is a systematic problem to produce these ads.

  • Many people have to come up with the idea.

  • Others have to approve it.

  • Others had to film it and many others have to market it and no one stopped it from going online or slapping it on.

  • Building this'll is the real problem where ads like this have to go through so many people and so many people think it's OK.

  • Look, even if there is a little bit of truth in the ad and there's a lot that is not okay in it, it is not OK to disrespect an entire country, an entire gender or entire religion just to sell a T shirt.

capitalism, sexism, ignorance.


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