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  • the following video is longer than a minute, but it's worth your time because it will blow your mind just like a blue mine on mine.

  • I hope you are.

  • Thistle is a small town of 15,000 people in the middle of nowhere Australia and you know, small towns are boring, boring and boring.

  • But this one is not its gold room and is located right here.

  • Here.

  • The ocean tides are the second biggest tides in the world, which means ocean levels go up and down 10 meters.

  • What looks like an island at high tide becomes a desert at low time on what is covered during high tide is uncovered during low time, like real dinosaur footprints that are 130 million years old.

  • Hidden under the ocean starts, you will witness the most unique phenomena.

  • Waterfalls appear in the middle of the ocean as water leaves the coral reefs.

  • Other waterfalls appear between mountains because water moves from one leg to another.

  • This'll is very rare to witness and very fun to ride.

  • Wait, I'm not done yet.

  • Would water goes up and down so much in this town?

  • It makes it easy for oysters to grow.

  • So many pearls grow in these oysters that pro farms can grow a $300,000 pearl necklace from the ocean.

  • The skies here are clear 300 days every year, which means you will witness the most romantic sunsets every day for 10 months, and at night you were witnessed the clearest stars and Galaxies because lack pollution does not exist.

  • You didn't hear that from me from Space Sandel himself.

  • There is something magical about the universe.

  • This down is three hours away by flight from any other major city because this is the Australian Outback that, honestly, it's kind of scary to so many people, including us.

  • On our first night, we were greeted by giant spiders.

  • Can't believe that are getting filming.

  • That's her bed.

  • It is in frogs in our room way saw sharks and more sharks in the ocean, and we saw crocodiles than we ever want to be near.

  • This does not scare the people leaving the Aboriginals who have lived on this land for thousands of years and have become one with nature.

  • Even their footprints are marked in rocks.

  • Just hold on and think about this for a second in a tiny town in Australia, Nature shows you its most unique and beautiful parks.

  • Waterfalls, pearls, dinosaurs, sharks, crocodiles, stars, people, Sunset, Outback's and candles.

  • All this exists in a tiny town of 15,000 people, making this town one of the most amazing places you'll ever see.

the following video is longer than a minute, but it's worth your time because it will blow your mind just like a blue mine on mine.


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最神奇的城市 (The Most Amazing Town)

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