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ma name jeff
Give me a video idea!
Why don't you just make the same video you did a few years ago in short people are too dumb to realize
You already made this video, this way you can make videos forever and you can become unstoppable.
Ainsley - This is a demo...
*happy* Hey guys, today we're gonna- I'm gonna Google Myself.
I've never done this before
I'm pretty excited!
Have you guys ever Googled yourself?
Huh that's cute, you're not famous.
Well, if you happen to be a youtuber, or any former- former public person
Googling yourself is kinda like masturbating
Wi- With razor blades glued to your hands.
Ehh- You know, you think it's gonna be nice, but really it's just gonna be uh- bunch of shit.
Is that a good method for ya- Oh ya that's a good methaphor
Today, I am going to Google Myself, I've never done this before
So you know, it should be pretty interesting, also I'm doing a poll.
If you can answer me what you favorite day of the month is.
Let's go!
*typing* Pewdiepie... *suddenly quiet*
*continue typing* is ...
a child.
*and then pewds realizes*
*dramatic music und background*
*autistic screeching*
Oooohh, that's why, *reads* "Pewdiepie is a child rapist" *OH NO!!*
Great, gr8.
That's what shows up.
This is what's shows up.
Can you imagine somewhat's parents dunno wtf I am, and then like:
"Who is Pewdiepie?"
"Pewdiepie is a oh- a child!"
*3pac song plays*
There was this news about 3pac dying *really?*
I'm not sure it's true or not.
*reads* "3pac died when he was taken off life support after he stopped breathing during water polo practice"
Is that- is that true?
I don't- I mean it's really sad if it's true.
It would have been somekind of "Top 5 death list" you know, like
Top 5...
saddest anime deaths...
or Top 5 saddest moments of 2016, you know.
What the f- , I don-
I'm really confused by the whole thing, cuz the Top 5 videos are not covering it.
*continue typing and reading*
"Pewdiepie is dead"
Of course...
Oh uh, with PROOF!!
Alright, that's interesting.
*music and video plays*
Yeah, that's pretty much settles the deal.
*rock music*
Pewdiepie is the kazoo kid.
You know- What the fuck is this?!
The dumbest youtuber? No!
How dare you? I have an IQ of at least a couple.
Oh because of this fucking video.
Thanks Sorsha. Appreciate ya.
Jesus fucking Christ
Pewdiepie is the best youtuber.
Well you've heard it here first folks.
Thanks everybody. Appreciate ya.
10 reasons why Pewdiepie is the most subscribed youtube channel.
Because of this amazing fan art.
Pewdiepie age. 27.
You won that round Google
God dammit.
27. I'm getting too old for this.
Can someone like younger and more attractive and actually funny please take over
Cuz, I'm getting a little- I'm getting tired.
Ryan from Kid's Toy Reviews? Please. Come on.
You need to grow up faster alright?
Soon you're not going to be cute and adorable any more and you're gonna look like this
and you're gonna have to take over- gonna have to fill in for me alright?
I mean come one. They're the biggest youtube channel.
If anything they've already taken over.
I mean, ask anyone
Hey, who's the biggest youtuber?
That's P- P- P... Ryan's Toy Reviews! That's it!
Who's the biggest youtuber
This is really weird to me because clearly it should be saying 'Ryan's Toy Review'
I don't understand why it came up like 'this is the answer' result
I'm gonna have to report this and send feedback.
'The biggest youtuber is Ryan Toy Reviews'
'errybody kniows dat'
Everyone- everyone knows that!
His net worth?
4 million.
That's cute.
2017. 'Worth right now'. Ok
What is this?
Alright, alright, alright, what is the verdict?
*sings Naruto theme song n° 2*
I don't have that much money!
I wish though. That would be great. Honestly.
That would be great. That would be nice.
How do they come up with these numbers? I'm really curious.
Is that how much I should be making? Am I doing something wrong here?
Are you guys not clicking on the ads? Like wh-
What's happening alright?
Are we going to have to have a talk? Do I need to put more fucking mid-rolls?
What the fuck
Because he's Swedish and in a 56% tax bracket...
*sad piano music*
Thanks for bringing that up.
Thanks for *blubbers*
You didn't have to mention that!
You didn't have to say that.
I actually have a limited company so it's 21% taxes.
What you think I'm not driving a fucking lambo? Think I'm gonna pay 56% taxes?
People think 'Oh he's so humble and modest.' No!
No no no no no no no!
I just don't want to pay 56% taxes!
Could be even more! Fuck that!
You've got to be fucking stupid
I'll drive a fucking Nissan any day!
As long as I don't pay fucking that shit
I'll take my 21% thank you very much!
Pewdiepie ISIS.
Oh yeah I forgot about this. This is actually news.
This is actually news.
They posted this picture.
A news article posted this picture.
Oh yeah, that was the news. I was suspended from twitter.
I got suspended because they thought I was being hacked
Because I was acting like a fucking moron.
'Pewdiepie is hot'
What the fuck is this?
'My name is BG Kumbi and I am making this video'
'beacuse I am sick and tired of getting negative comments'
'from the Bro Army on my Pewdiepie video.'
You deserve all those negative comments
You albino looking shit.
'Do you people realise that what you're doing is considered cybernetic bullying?'
If you're so scared of cybernetic bullying, why don't you just close your eyes?
Why don't you just look away!
'I just want to say, the Bro Army'
'is full of a bunch of children.'
Who the fuck does this guys think he is?
'I'm more muscular than Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie is a lightweight'
What the fuck?
'Y'all see this?'
'This is what happens when you dedicate yourself to training.'
'All day every day.'
It's what happens when your nipples are too far apart.
'Instead of sitting in your room, yelling and screaming at video games.'
'Like a selfish little spoilt child.'
Oh really? OH!
'Which is what Pewdiepie does.' Oh do you think that's what I do?!
You think that's what I- 'The best part is, er'
'I bet Pewdiepie's watching this video right now and he's feeling a little jealous.'
I am not jealous! Of this man
His triceps do look very nice though.
'Because he knows that I'm more of a real man than him.'
*sad piano music*
That's not true. Do not listen to this man.
'I got bigger muscles.'
*rock music*
Oh really?
Oh really?
I challenge you BG Kumbi. For a fight!
Look at this VEGETARIAN BODY!!!
'I bet he doesn't even lift.'
Bro I lift- I lift your mom's ass
I love this one. 'Top 10 Secret Youtuber Talents!'
Pewdiepie. What the fuck is my secret youtube talent?
What the fuck is it? Cuz, I don't have a secret-
I don't have a secret talent.
"I can't wiggle my ears, can you?"
"I can."
"Can you?"
"Yeah, I can't see it though"
*wiggle ears*
"I want to be able to try it, goin' to be excited eh, wiggling yer ears"
"How do you do that?"
*clicks out video*
So, Alfie doesn't have any talent, huh?
*gun cock*
*video* "Pewdiepie is surprisingly good at beatboxing"
*Pewds beatboxing*
*video pauses*
Literally, had no idea how to make an intro, so I just make some fuckin' noises with my mouth
That's not a secret talent.
Ehh-uhh, I have my tongue, I have a long tongue.
*Pewds lick his nose*
Alright, it freaks people out.
*reads* "Phone number"
Really? You fuckin' wei-
You guys are fuckin' weird!
*reads* "What is the meaning of Pewdiepie?"
Such a question that I always get.
And the answer always so shit.
Ask anyone what their fucking username means.
It's just like "Ah, it sounded good"
"I guess that's why I picked it"
Thanks for watching this video.
Ah, why did I do that? (dunno)
If you enjoyed it,
Check out another one I think you'll enjoy more videos.
Don't you like videos? (yes i do)
Watch this one!
It's the same video as this one,
◔ ⌣ ◔
Watch it again!



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