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Welcome to what is sort of like a new series on this channel where I
reminisce about the past. We've done a couple of these with horror games and here's one I
really want to revisit.
LSD DREAM EMULATOR!!! This game sort of has a cult following
because of how much it stands out there's really no game like this. It's basically
I'm kidding. Uhh- but it's very similar. A lot of people seem to think LSD stands for well you know
It stands for the drug but it's really just a dream emulator that happens to be psychedelic
(According to developers) we swear it has nothing to do with LSD.
Basically the game is based of one of the designers
Dream Journal that he kept going for a decade. Basically he would wake up and
write down what his dream was about and this game is a reflection of that
basically because of how trippy it is and how
freaky It is cause
there's a lot of stuff in this game that doesn't make any sense, a lot of people treat this as a horror game and
I played this game
back in the day
When I mentioned before in a previous video
All I did was play horror games on this channel back in the day was the only thing I did and I was so
Desperate to find Horror Games to play because there didn't
Use to be many Horror Games so I played this game and I treated it like a Horror game and i think I deleted the
video because it got so many dislikes.
It really didn't get many dislikes at all I was just such a fucking pussy back then that "Ohh i got a couple dislikes
I guess they hate the video. Ohhh God what do i do
Still am a pussy by the way. I think someone ripped off the video you can check it out
Let's go deeper
I thought I want to revisit it
Properly you know i want to I
Want to play it again and do it right and don't treat It like a Horror game because that's not what it is
And then maybe it'll be interesting for you too there's your context. Let's play the game.
Can you imagine buying this game to your kid
Like my mom would buy me games based of other people's recommendation when i was a Child and
Imagine if someone just gave them this "Here get your child this game, he will love it" comes out like "Mom
i don't even know what he just said
How long is this intro sequence?
limbo Silent dream okay so that's what It stands for
Sure buddy
Sure buddy whatever you say all right
Here's starts Day One
I love the art direction of this game it's so timeless.
Okay and I remember this room.
This is what Japanese people
Dream about I absolutely love the head- the realistic movement of the walking this is how everyone walks
Okay I hear a bird
That's a toilet
So you can look up and down yeah it is something kind of creepy I woke up great
Oh yeah i think if you touch any walls you just wake up or it changes (the) dream or something like that
What?! And then you can run or whatever
This really reminds me a lot of Silent Hill because you can't see more very much Forward
Okay I walk through the tunnel and here we go we ever Egypt oh wow it's the London bridge
Is that what it's called?
Great Classic CLASSIC music
whattt (chuckles)
What is the point?
* DRUGS * That a chicken?!
What is that?? you know, i don't- What the hell?
I've got another tunnel, should we go in? Hell yeah!
*super realistic footsteps*
They really need to remake this game, I would love to see a remake of this game
Okay well I feel like I'm on drugs
Imagine playing this game of drugs AMIRITE heh
That'd be so super crazyyy
My god- oh wow it just got dark. Oh I think we woke up that was her first Dream
What the hell who dreams like that?! I don't dream like that hell no!
Everyone keeps talking tell me about their dreams I'm like dude no what is wrong with you
I'm the sociopath I should have the weird dreams I have perfectly normal dreams?
I guess you filled the whole thing out when when you finished a game, how long can you play this game?
has anyone ever finished this game
It's my jam right here this is why I go to the club it's what I want to dance to
okay we're in the freaky house again
Wonder When something Really Weird Is gonna Happen cuz i'm not Weirded out yet
Why am i walking so Goddamn Slow The hell did he write in his Journal hey i walked Up from the roof it was Green
Good Dream
to grab The 3d Graphics are really something
Feels so immersing into this i
Woke Up i guess i guess i woke up
Elephants oh wow it is the elephants
It was elephants
You sort of have to Just guess What it is oh god i touched them oh?
oh wow okay
okay i'm Just gonna kill Myself
Listen I've Been tripped Out before okay this shit is nothing This game is now i've Actually never Seen this Room
What Kind of drugs were They on When they made this oh That's right Lsd i get it i keep Walking Up the stairs?
Fantastic oh?
No i just made it to the room oh?
I'm never back in this Hell
This One of My Dreams i Wouldn't want to live i wouldn't want to sleep
What is the Goal of the game oh look it's a
It's a Thing oh oh? Oh?
Hello there
Excellent we're gonna make a Game Everyone Listen Up we're gonna make Jam Let me Play My Dreams That's Right
And we're gonna Call It lsd and People are gonna love it
Goddamn It What the Hell is that Thing
This Is some vaporwave shit look at This
It's the Goal Just to kill Myself i don't go there i found a Bridge i found a Bridge i found a Bridge Everyone oh?
God That's Creepy oh?
That Just The sound of The Bridge scared me
Oh, Whoa What Happened What Happened?
I'm stuck in the left stuck in the left i'm stuck on back coming oh?
Goddammit NOOOOO
Fine i'll Go This Way i got care i don't care
I'm looking at Myself sleeping oh God
okay Now i'm getting a little trip down and real a Freak that i
Feel Like I'm stuck in Those sonic Bonus Levels oh God i'm on a train track i'm gonna trade Jack I'm gonna die i
Better Get off
My god oh
Wow it Just Keeps coming Now what the fucker a ah
I'm Genuinely Creeped Out Now you did a game it's not a puzzle to be solved is there a Thing to be done
Is there a reason for anything in life are Real Just gonna die one day and nothing will Matter This is a nightmare
love i
want to die let me Just Walk into this Wonderful restaurant well hello that Kind sir well
Ha-ji-me-ma-shi-te. How you doing i want to give me some fine
Okay so Thrill i never Seen Anyone This happy to see me?
It's a giant turtle
Of Course is a Giant turtle When it oh it's a tiny turtle now
It's a Tiny turtle everyone i thought it was Joined Up When i was a Tiny turtle
Incredible Scientists Really Let Us so far everything Just Hurts
Everything Hurts
I'm so fucking lost i
Got Goose Bumps for Real This game is really
something Else I don't know if you got the same Experience as me and watching it but Damn i
Don't think i've ever had a Game do this to me it's so surreal Man i know i'm sound like
It'S so really Great That's not it at all but um i don't even know it's sick
I feel Weird i Feel really strange i don't know how i am Speechless
Thank you for watching
Let me know What other game You wanted me to reminisce for in the room the best look like We Enjoyed Really appreciate it and
Squad Fan *DRUGS*
Squad fam (*cough jacksfilms *cough) *DRUGS*



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