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Keep that.
Take that.
Oh, my God!
Just hold on just a second.
Is that is that a genuine 19?
Beauty pine 2017.
Everyone, That's not a tripod.
Felix, Why did you bring me here today?
You were here.
Sorry, I was already here.
So why have you called me today?
What are we doing?
As a youtuber, You lived the high life.
Not sorry.
Let me take this as a you do.
But you Today we're going to find the ultimate satisfaction.
Not talking about what you think.
What do you think I'm talking about?
A little bit of satisfaction.
Compilation videos They cut through cut through islands with hot knife.
Yeah, playing with sand machinery doing symmetric work.
But today we're kinetic sand in real life.
Oh, look at that.
I'll let you play with that one.
Color is my favorite.
If only there.
My favorite color provided more colors.
But instead we just get something like Bonnie's dick.
So that sand it's amazing.
I also satisfied right now.
So you don't use water is kinetic, meaning that when you when you mold users, are you That's pretty.
Yeah, that's pretty satisfying.
I think we need to make something that also the more you move, the more it gets harder.
It gets harder feelings.
You get satisfied as well.
Don't make it hard.
Whoa, That's what I'm saying.
Oh, this is Ah, what are not included?
Because water, how are you?
Not like into it?
I'm into it.
Nothing like two grown men playing with child sand.
I think this is just hindering the experience, you know.
You know, you got a scoop it up.
Do you think you can eat it?
My first thought was to put in my mouth.
But anything?
I wonder what happens if you heat up 1000 degree knife and cut it.
I wonder.
Oh, look, It's so fast.
Way to get Dick ready?
Okay, Get ready.
B J o.
I can fire you.
Knife cut through sand.
You're surprised that a knife cut through sand?
Did it need to be hot to do that?
What level of satisfaction was that for science?
Scientific levels, uncharted levels of satisfaction.
Next island Next item.
Oh, come from one of these while you say no mess, this is already quite missing.
Oh, oh, So it's like satisfaction Do the work.
Oh, I am having so much fun smr with Pooty pie and it's Barney's dick again.
So I see you've gone for the kind of the height of Ah, yeah, yeah, I think that's what they like.
Well, I'm kind of going for the gut, you know?
This is beautiful.
I would pray to the dude the satisfaction You got to get in there.
It's pretty.
Yeah, it kind of feels like Rice Krispie.
You know, when you put Marshmallow and Rice Krispies together, kind of feels like that a bit like a horrible creature that you find in.
Uh, what's that show?
You like Felix, my little pony.
It's like it's like you take a pony and you put it in a blender and this is what comes out, My little knife Be my little knife.
I e used to wonder what friendship would be my it thing way you cut it cut.
Oh, that's actually pretty second.
Actually did feel pretty good.
I've never actually done this before.
Look at that.
Look at that.
Oh, who decapitated?
Was that the head or was that Brian?
You got to get in on this breath there to give it a while giving a cop.
Oh, what way do you?
Uh, sand, That's JJ.
Uh, I think I know no more paper if used.
Oh, my God.
It fused together.
Uh oh.
Tables on fire Take feels tables on fire.
Don't worry about your electric tables.
Excite him from the heavens.
We have been gifted a child.
Come on, Felix.
So suddenly give him a chance to rattle off a few lines.
Mean I like, you know, he doesn't like the fire.
The ultimate satisfaction way.
Goodbye, Mr Fabri.
We barely knew.
And when you knew Oh, my God, Felix.
Right into the antenna.
Oh, my God.
Look at the smoke.
It's a distinct little bastard.
He's laughing.
It's cutting slowly.
His eyes.
What was Thank you.
Making it so Jesus.
Stand it Tickled all raises.
Oh, my God.
His brain is mounting.
Oh, my God.
He's died.
Did he die?
I don't know how Easy life.
No, it's fine.
Wanted gay.
I can't feel in a big Ryan.
Mr Friends.
Well, we started this.
We gotta finish it way.
Have to cut through.
That's just That's a fire night.
I know.
Jesus I want to see is in So I want to see it.
Exo skeleton.
I want to see I want I want to see the Made in China label.
That's it.
Keep going.
Keep going through.
Yeah, he's definitely dead now.
I think I inhaled some.
Plus it was black sludge just pouring out of his brain.
Look, may owe what?
Do you do it, Felix?
Football is not dead.
Oh, Kill confirmed.
My knife is on fire.
Don't worry about that.
We should have just done this to start with this way.
No, he's a switch in skin.
And that's what Yes, We can sell the to the French smoke.
He doesn't die.
You were like a brother to me.
What do you do?
You like a father to me, Felix?
Why you gonna have to hide the body?
There we go.
Don't worry.
I got a plan that's gonna explain.
God, have you ever used before?
We're going to get kicked out.
That's right.
God, I thought you were responsible.
I'm actually very disappointed in P J.
I expected of us.
I'm disappointed in myself.
as well for not expecting this to happen.
Have you ever tried the bungee bouncing every day?
I think this is OK.
Uh oh, Believe it.
Like to this media check out PJ's channa.
Hey, that's why I like Teoh and check out this video The reminds of this one.
Except if really do This is great exercise.
Can I try?



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