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I'm too cheap to buy
yaa *clap*
a separate recording program so i just have two versions of OBS up
If there is one thing
everyone in the world can agree on
What is it Ken??
Ken: the kids are flipping s------
Pewds: Thats right kids; dummy
if you are a kid and watching this right now
we are calling you out.
Ken: Oh! not the poor little kids they are so sweet!
Pewds: that is right kid-Ken:NO! Pewds;
what are you goin to do fight us? your weak!
Ken: but I have kids I feel bad!
Pewds: oh well, you know
you know what you should do with those kids ken?
Ken: fight em???
Pewds: Send them to the Ranch!! (geez pewds)
no please! Pewds: thats where all kids belong
Ken: anywhere but that!
Pewds:WELL, WELL, WELL, alright, since you have kids ken,
we are going to have to study kids are stupid so you know what not to do for your kids.
Ken:Reading the tweet [ A child ripped up their allowance because he wasn't happy with the amount. His mom walked out of her room and saw this. What would you do if this was your child's behavior? ]
Pewds:SEND THEM TO THE RANCHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*both laughing*
Ken:that's the only answer to everything (wait wut)
Pewds: s-send that child to the ranch instantaneously
OK we have Jade saying [ Keep it and give him a piece of it anytime he asks for money lmao ]
well i guess that works too huh?
not as satisfying as the ranch but fine
Ken: that's the only answer , I fell like Dr Phil anybody that talks back to him *RANCH*
Ken: reading the tweet [ What is that "one thing" you did as a child that still gets brought up to this day ] * while pewds sucking dry G-FUEL off his finger*
Pewds: yeah do have anything that you still get brought up
Ken: ohhhh oh yeah when i was a kid i used to i used sleep walk because i was i was so freaking stupid
AND uhhh
*pewds laughing*
i peed all i peed all over
Pewds: you tried to walk to the ranch
Ken: i tried to walk to the ranch but instead i peed all over my NES
just peed all over it
i just like will i was going to the bathroom
*huh* the NINTENDO is not a bathroom
i was so STUPID
and i woke up later in bed all tucked in my parents were like mopping up FLOOR *SAD*
Pewds: YOU peed on your gaming console
Ken: I DID i peed all over it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Pewds: when you were sleep walking
Ken: *mhmm*
when i was like six years old
Pewds: RANCH!
Ken: i just brought it up tho
Remember when you were a kid you peed all over your nintendo? -(YA)
Pewds: thats weird! Wudda Hell
Ken: Like how dare you!
Pewds: Can you no--
Pewds: Wait- do you---first of all do you sleep naked??? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
How d-do you-- Just pull down your pants??? while you're sleepwalking??
You know?, things happen!
i just wa--i just wanted to play SOME mario!


Kids are very dumb #35 [REDDIT REVIEW]

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林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 7 月 2 日
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