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What's up. wahmennnnn luver and respecter, Pewwdiepie, here.
I have found thee most despicable,
hurtful man on the interwebs. This- tis man has...has...
guess how much respect he has for wahmenn?
That's right. Zero! No respect! Nada! (In Swedish) Inget skit!
And its hurts to ~swatch~
I don't even want to show it to you...
'Cause it's hurtful. I feel like it's my duty. It's my duty to show you this man, 'cause DAMN it!
We need to get him banned. FUCK his right to speak.
This man needs to be destroyed!! I believe in freedom of speech, BUT whenever people have an opinion opposed to mine
I think they should be blocked and deleted and put in prison!?!!!
Janusz Korwin-Mikke joins us now.
Felix: Janis Corbin Mick. Look at this man. He might look cute. He might look a little chipper.
He might look like your uncle. But this man, no, his opinions...
*hisses in pain*
His opinions....
Piers Morgan: Now live from Warsaw in Poland, (morning!) welcome to you, sir.
Can you explain to people in Britain, please,
why you believe women should be paid less than men because "they're weaker, smaller, and less intelligent"?
I- I am sorry, you are lying. I never said that the women should earn less.
I love his accent so much. It's goddamn beautiful. It makes this whole thing 10 times better.
I only said that because they are shorter, they are
weaker, they are less intelligent. They are less aggressive and so on and so on. They earn less.
By the way, shorter men earn less than the tall men.
The blonde earn more than the brunettes. There are differences and the difference - it should not be equalized
That's all.
Wahmen: Can you- sorry can I just interrupt- can you give me an example, sir, sorry? Mikke: Are you saying women are not shorter than men?
Are you saying women are not shorter than men? What a crazy world we live in!
Jak się masz? (Polish: What's up?) my wife
my wife Wahmen: Okay, can you just give me an example of where a short man earns less than a tall man?
Newscaster: Okay, can you just give me an example of where a short man earns less than a tall man?
Well, I'm not defending this un-respecting women man, but there was studies on it.
I don't know if New York Times is a good source.
But they did show that short men make less than tall men and it also showed *intense music*
I think it also showed that bald men made less money than people with hair, but I'm not defending this man.
Okay? I'm merely
giving some context.
*intense stutters* It is checked, it is proved, and women earn less
because they are and so on and so. Piers: And do you believe- Do you believe-
Mikke: I didn't say that it should earn. I'm a free marketer. Piers: Let me ask you though: do you personally
do you- let me ask you- let me ask you- let me ask you, do you personally believe
that women are less... Felix: What is that face he's doing? He looks so disgusted. Look at him now!
Piers: Hey, let me ask you. Do you personally believe that women are...
*pewds giggle*
Felix: What is that? Piers: Do you understand that when you say that, you're basically
telling the world - Mikke: And please, sir. If you please- Piers: let me finish. Let me finish. Let me finish.
Do you understand that when you say that on international women's day, what you're really doing is
Showing the world that you are just a horrendous
sexist pig?
Damn, that's right, Piers, get that disrespecting whamen man! Makes me angry.
Excuse me, why you are not interested that the women are shorter or weaker than men, and so of course they are
less intelligent, several points on IQ scale. They-
Women, of course, they are less intelligent!
Disgusting, how could you say such a disgust...
Not that sort of it but but please don't mix up things. Wahmen: Okay -
Piers: But if we need women ok. Let me ask me a question.. yeah if women are less...
Mikke: Please don't, please don't
Piers: shush shush Mikke: Please don't
Piers: when when you say women are look Mikke: No! I'm sorry-
Felix: Please don't- at least he's saying please. Piers is just like "Shush, shush. I have to speak. You are
disrespecting women" God bless you Piers
Be quiet. You are disrespecting wahmen and I need you to be quiet
Piers: Intelligent than men.. Mikke: I'm sorry, I was talking to you...
How can you say that women are less intelligent and male when you yourself sound
So unbelievably stupid?
Get em Piers. You are so dumb. Oh
*sings* Hello darkness my old friend. I've come to talk with you again.
I don't - I have not understood you.
Because you're too stupid! Felix: Oh!
double critical damage. Piers: How can you say that women are less intelligent than men when you are saying such
incredibly stupid things? Mikke: Why?
Y-yeah, how can you say that when you yourself say such stupid things?
Mikke: Well, first of all
Just love he talks. It's so beautiful. It really rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?
first of all
It is you are saying a stupid you it is
Scientifically proved that you say that what is scientists?
Determined you say it is stupid thing. Not. Well, it only shows so that that you are idiot
Boom, strike back! Mikke: And don't believe in science. Felix: BOOM
And please don't, don't mix up, don't mix things up, the women are less intelligent than men
I like this little text that shows up here - says: "Women should be paid less than men"
You are lying. I never said that the women should earn less
No, that's it doesn't matter what he says. That's that's the fact
Piers: Wahmen, would you like to speak to this gentleman who thinks that women are made to be less intelligent?
See what Piers is doing her? He's giving the whaman a platform to speak. He's not just, uh
taking every word for himself, he realises
Let my lady would you like to open your mouth and have opinion as well because you can because I respect you as a woman
My name is Piers Morgan. Whaman: I feel like I've kind of been
rendered speechless. Piers: Sorry, the lady is about to speak, if that's all right with you. We have quite a short lady, uh
who I think might take exception to almost everything you've just said, so
Well, I find it absolutely fascinating. Can I just establish your
credentials? You-you're a member of the European parliament. That's right?
Hell yeah...
I mean, no!
And what I don't understand, while I would agree that in cases that women are physically weaker than men,
I don't understand how you can possibly justify a pay gap on the fact that women are
shorter than men, because whatever your argument, that is just complete rubbish. Piers: How tall you? Whaman: Five foot four. Piers: Right. There we go.
Got him! That's my man Piers. "How tall are you?" Five foot four. Point proven.
Got em! Can't argue with statistics when you got one example.
Quite rubbish. I'm sorry, you're still believing in stereotypes, but
What? You are believing in
- Forget it. - It's like a joke man. You've got some front wheel along to talk about stereotypes.
What is happening?
I have no idea, but it's extremely entertaining.
Think your special brand of
celebration of-of women is-is struggling a bit given your extraordinary private life, with
eight children by four different women.
Oh shit
Piers did some digging on this man. Apparently he has
eight children with four different wamen.
- I'm obviously... - I'm talking about science ... - Obviously I'm a stupid
- Obviously I'm the stupid... Obviously I'm the stupid one here - But please, stop - Let me
- Stop - No you stop talking
Stop, please stop
Oh man, I love this so much.
-Stupidity, I don't know if you're aware of this because you're an incredibly stupid man,
is linked to
intelligence, do you see-do you see how it works?
it is one of the most interesting interviews
I think I've ever
Witnessed actually, and I do feel like I sat on the sidelines while two men-
Because you're a whaman!
They sit on the sidelines. I'm j-I mean no
You think it's over? Oh, it's merely just begun.
- sorry - yeah go on
But please
Let me say something. I never said that women should earn less
I'm only explaining to this idiot feminist
Because they say: "Oh, women are earning less. Why?" So I'm explaining why.
- right
If you are
- If you are weaker... - Do you have a final - You have to earn less
- Do you have... - Not, not that... - We got that..
- Excuse me
a shorter man
a shorter man
How tall are you?
Oh, in english I don't know, but one metre eighty-nine.
That sounded like English to me.
Right, 'bout six foot, okay.
It's quite extraordinary to have a guy that tall who's so
unbelievably dim. And uh, do you have a final message for the women of the world on
International women's day that you can talk to them directly? What would you like to say?
My nama jeff
Now, the first time I watched this, my initial reaction was "holy shit this guy's insane"
"What the fuck is he saying? How can he say these things? It's-it's
He is definitely sexist" But second time I watched it,
interpreting all his stumbling and mumbling, I understand what he's trying to say. He-like he said many times,
he's not saying women should earn less. He's saying they are
because of these reasons. And like I said
I don't know if there's a statistic that show that women in general are
less intelligent than men, and if there is, I would say "what's the fucking point"?
I feel like I'm sort of in another corner in this discussion.
He's basically saying there is a gender gap because these reasons. Piers Morgan is saying there is a gender gap and you're
disgusting. I'm saying there is no gender gap. It's been it's been debunked several times now
I'm probably not the right person to talk about this
But the gender gap is something that a lot of people you probably heard about that women earn less than men. -Today the typical
woman who works full-time earns
79 cents for every Dollar that a typical man makes
This is definitely not a statement made so that people can pat themselves on the back, gosh
it's so hard being a woman, and it's not a it's not a
statement that men make to further themselves in different areas, say,
politics. What they did with the gender gap is that they took old men and old women and did a median on it and said
Oh okay
Women earn this amount less than men in general. What they don't take in account is
Well pretty much anything at all, like women working less hours
Women choosing less high paying jobs, and so on and so forth. Now if you take these factors into account,
basically the Gender Gap comes out to pretty much nothing because men and women are paid generally
equal because it is governed by the law. You can't pay someone less money because of their gender.
It's illegal.
it's been illegal for forty-five years.
If women were paid less than men then why doesn't all
companies just hire women. You would have to pay them less for the same job
But this statement lives on because politicians like wants to further themself people want to feel better by saying it.
"Ah! Women!"
People want to pass themselves on the back,
when really you're doing more harm than good by making statements like this.
Now basically what the man was saying was there's more than one pay gap: if you're shorter you get paid less, if you are less intelligent,
you're more likely to get paid less, if you are fat you
you are likely to get paid less. All these different things all these different privileges they all come down
To less, less pay.
But here's so desperately wants to show that he's a good man that he's irrational
He won't even like listen to what he said he said several times
I don't think women should get paid less by those I never said that women should earn less
He said what like what three times would you completely ignored because Piers so desperately wants to show
I'm standing up for women it's so easy. It's so easy to just be like oh
You're just you're disrespecting women you're a disgusting sexist pig
Who's tough you're in the parliament get this man out of the parliament?
Let's dismiss everything else this man believes him because he's sexist and disgusting what was the point of this video absolutely nothing?
I should probably I feel like I should probably drop this whole meme with Whamon for a while before
Wall Street makes another montage of all the stuff together let me talk final closing thought on this video
if you're female watching this I want you to know that you are not what the media or
politicians or
People on Twitter trying to tell you or even what I am trying to say you're not weak
You are not less privileged. You are strong. I think it's such an unhealthy way of looking at things
What happened to- I'm a woman hear me roar?
It's become. I'm a woman agh
I earn less than men.... heh ughr hehe


This man has -1000 respect for women and the reason why might SHOCK you

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