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u leff
The rule is simple
Get with the times!
How many of these are you gonna make Felix huh how many of these more are you gonna possibly make
As many as I goddamn please. Let's get this party started
Let's get this party started
Ear Rape 2.0
A Classic example of a loud equals funny
Made a loud Noise! AhAHAH!
Two Shots of Vodka
Then one
Is that real? Two shots of vodka
oh shit it is real
It's okay that is two shots of vodka it's the Russian metric system
Okay, that is that is actually accurate so this is not even funny.
We Shout
That Fkin Smile
That's a beautiful smile, how does he do it?
Okay, so let's not beat around the bush. This show is actually really great so far and has a lot of potential
that said hopefully it won't keep up the age-old a-1 pictures tradition of starting out promising and then
Know which any one of them. Oh good. Hell yeah, I'm feeling this one. Oh damn schools. Got some pretty good taste Phantasy Star Online
Terraria Tekken
Okay, how do you even drop a juggle like that you're a ghost bound to a room with nothing to do all day
But eat pudding and play video games, and you drop an air juggle after three fucking hits no
I'm not even gonna give you that it was two quick jabs and a bounce and you dropped at the bounce wouldn't have even kept
The combo going you would've just slam Nina into the ground right after to light jabs to piss-poor
Damage kasnia is built specifically for juggles and you uppercut jab jab into a fucking bounce juggle starter
And what is this a mid gut punch into a back?
She's rolling around on the ground, or you just mash you square and triangle you
Okay that was good
Well done I don't know where that's from but well done. To be honest
I was really looking forward to watch this anime and now I don't know how to feel
Uh-oh, that sounds like Swiper the Fox that sneaky Fox is always trying to swipe our stuff
A full version, please that was incredible.
Ive seen this.
I'm so confused Why do the fall!
Is it part of their act or...
WHy do they keep FALLING!
Stop Falling...
This one I see all the time, it's so fucking weird see you don't have a lifeguard here at your Beach
The acting is just so good I
Think Tommy Wiseau directed this one. I'm not into beaches a bathtub
come on, Lady I
See you don't have a lifeguard here at your Beach
No body of water is safe without a lifeguard. It's too feet deep lady
You can relax you're safe now your lifeguard is here
There's no shark in the bathtub man, I think you're playing a trick on me aren't you glad you're a lifeguard here to save you
I guess, wait a minute
So weird I don't get it what the hell happened
What happened there? stop the fucking car fucking fucking die stop the fucking car?
Thank you surveillance come on. Dude. You're cancer you are cancer
Answer what? How the fuck did we get out this far?
Shit no more gas.
Oh, this guy's a legend shit no more gas no hey
Ah that was good good one, okay?
How to make a triple a game, it's I think there's one is they trying to say
Hey you want the whole game you gotta get the season pass man come on man, don't be silly
Take one piece oh
How nice of them to add that in for us
Masterpiece well that was pretty that's pretty accurate
I would say well done do I look like I know what a JPEG is?
Was close that one was close, I give you that one well then do I look like I know what a JPEG news
It's not even like I know what a JPEG news
So the idea of this game is you have to try and draw penis
Using your voice in the wave files and it's bloody hard guys. I'm gonna have a go
That's not a bad penis
Yes, oh, man, I gotta try this I gotta try this okay, Oh
No fuck
Okay, that's an ugly penis let me try it again
Fuck this is hard
That's not a bad I'm getting there I'm getting there. I'm getting there oh
Oh I
Knew it I knew it
Knew I had the talent that mushroom head is perfect
My god. I knew I had the talent
Notice the guy. See you don't have a lifeguard here at your Beach
No body of water is safe without a lifeguard not that funny That was another episode of you l..
Hope you enjoyed this episode as always a like is appreciated remember to hit a subscribe it really helps me out
Super much a thank you if you have funny video
I now make a reddit and you can submit funny video if you want to make me haha so so definitely
Yes, send send me stuff. Cuz I'm not gonna. I'm tired of looking it up myself, okay
I'm tired of doing all the work for these videos. Thank you very much. I'm sick of it
I'm sick of it, but you think oh this one wasn't that funny, okay?
Will you prove me wrong send me something actually funny, okay?
Huh huh how about that you thought about that before you bitch about it. Thank you so much. Don't love you guys so much



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