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  • Feifei: Hello and welcome back to

  • The English We Speak. I'm Feifei.

  • Rob: And I'm Rob. Have I told you

  • about the competition

  • that I've entered, Feifei?

  • Feifei: No, Rob. What is it?

  • Rob: It's a singing competition!

  • You have to perform a popular song

  • from your favourite band -

  • and I'm going to win!

  • Feifei: You? Are going to win?

  • No offence, Rob, but I've heard your

  • singing voice, and, well, I'm not sure...

  • Rob: What are you trying to say, Feifei?

  • Feifei: All I'm saying is that

  • there is a fat chance

  • of you winning the competition!

  • Rob: Right! So first you make fun

  • of my singing and now

  • you're calling me fat! How cheeky!

  • Feifei: No Rob, no. I'm not calling you

  • fat - I'm saying that the likelihood of

  • you winning the competition is very small.

  • Rob: Oh right, yes. 'Fat chance' is an English

  • phrase to say something is not very

  • likely - I remember now.

  • Feifei: Right, well while you calm down,

  • let's hear some other

  • examples of this phrase.

  • A: I bought a lottery ticket for tonight's

  • draw - and these are my lucky numbers!

  • I'm definitely going to win!

  • B: Fat chance!

  • A: I hope it's warm this weekend -

  • I want to go fishing.

  • B: Well, fat chance of that.

  • It's the middle of November!

  • I auditioned for a role in a movie, but there

  • is fat chance of me getting the role - I saw

  • loads of famous actors auditioning too.

  • Feifei: This is The English We Speak

  • from BBC Learning English and we're

  • talking about the phrase 'fat chance'.

  • This is a noun phrase that means

  • a small chance, or possibility,

  • of something happening.

  • It can be used in a full sentence,

  • and also as a standalone phrase.

  • For example, when Rob said

  • he was going to win the competition,

  • I could have just said 'fat chance'!

  • Rob: Hey! I think I've got

  • a really good chance!

  • I've been practising hard and

  • I've even taken a few lessons!

  • Feifei: OK, Rob. Well... good luck?

  • I suppose...

  • Rob: Well, Feifei, when I win

  • the £5000 prize money,

  • there's fat chance of you getting any of it.

  • Feifei: Wait, £5000? Rob, hold on!

  • I didn't mean it!

  • Thanks for joining us - I've got to go and

  • apologise to Rob. Hopefully he'll

  • share his winnings! Bye!

Feifei: Hello and welcome back to


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什麼叫'肥機'? (What does 'fat chance' mean?)

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