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  • MELISA: Nineand ten! So, now that we have ten bottles we can make

  • LUCA: ... a bowling game!

  • MELISA: Let's do it!

  • Luca, what do we need?

  • LUCA: OK, we need ten plastic bottles with tops,

  • a glue stick,

  • some felt-tip pens,

  • scissors,

  • some paper,

  • a ball and a funnel.

  • To fill the bottles you can use

  • rice, beans, lentils,

  • sand, water or even small stones!

  • MELISA: OK, so, the first thing to do is to fill the bottle to make it heavy.

  • LUCA: And now?

  • MELISA: Now we have to number it!

  • Cut a piece of paper

  • and write a number on it, from 1 to 10

  • Which one do you want to start with?

  • LUCA: Let's start with number 10! It's my lucky number!

  • Finished. Shall I glue it onto the bottle now?

  • MELISA: Yes, go ahead.

  • Remember, you need to repeat these steps with nine more bottles, so you have ten.

  • LUCA: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nineand ten!

  • Just two?

  • MELISA: Let's count the points. Six plus ten ...

  • LUCA: ... 16!

  • MELISA: Well done! Have fun making and playing with your own bowling game!

  • MELISA AND LUCA: Bye bye!

  • MELISA: Remember! To make a bowling game: fill ten bottles to make them heavy

  • cut pieces of paper and write the numbers 1 to 10 on them

  • glue the numbers onto the bottles.

  • That's it! Now you can play the bowling game.

MELISA: Nineand ten! So, now that we have ten bottles we can make


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如何使保齡球遊戲 (How to make a bowling game)

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