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Hi Everyone, welcome back on my channel. My name is Charlotte.
If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I posted a picture of a Taiwanese restaurant in Belgium.
That I went to, together with my friend Eline.
You might remember Eline because we made videos together when she visited me in Taiwan.
We made a video in Tamsui and in Jiufen.
I have to thank Eline for finding this restaurant because I had never heard of it.
I think the name was “T'more Enjoy” and it was in our city where we both studied: Leuven.
When I was still studying there, I am pretty sure it wasn't there yet.
Maybe that is why I never heard about it.
We decided to go there because we were both craving for Taiwanese food for a long time already!
When we went there, we saw the menu and there were so many things we wanted to try
There were dumplings, many kind of fried things, so many things I wanted to try!
But when we went to order, the person working there had to inform us that not everything was available.
Here in Belgium, we went under lockdown and many restaurants had to close
Now, they recently re-opened but they are doing it with small steps
Not everything on the menu was there yet.
Luckily, there were still enough things that we could try.
Most importantly: they had the brown sugar milk tea!!
That was something I was craving so hard for so long
I would have died if they told me if they told me they did not have that. xD
They had that and I had the fried mushrooms. They were super nice and juicy. There were tasty spices on it
Eline had the “fried popcorn chicken”
When we went there, the staff was super nice. They explained about some of their products.
They also told us that… Or the man working there, he was from Southern Taiwan
He was super friendly! He even let us try some toasts with something that is famous in Taiwan?
I have not tried it in Taiwan yet. It was a toast with condensed milk cream.
There was also another one with condensed milk cream with peanut butter.
It was delicious! It was so nice that he let us try that.
I wonder if he gave us that for free just because he felt a little bit bad that the whole menu was not available yet?
We were coming to him, saying “we want to try this, and this, and this,…”
He had to say “Sorry, there is only this”…
Anyway, it was super nice, they were very friendly and I will show you the restaurant inside.
You know, one funny way to know that this cafe/restaurant was Taiwanese style was:
When you come in, you can immediately find the wi-fi password! Here in Belgium, not many cafes offer wi-fi.
Very often, you can see that there is wi-fi in the café but when you ask for the password, they are like:
“Sorry, you can't use that. That is only for the staff.”
And you are like: “Okay then…” TT
But here, you come in and right on the counter you have the wi-fi password.
I felt like I'm coming home.
As you can probably see from this video, Eline and me had a great time there.
We filled our bellies with so many delicious food
Especially the brown sugar milk tea was good. It is exactly like the taste I remember from Taiwan.
I think they made it very well!
I am sure Eline and me will be back there, because of all the things we still need to try there
We couldn't try it this time. I am sure you will see us back there soon to try other foods.
Thank you so much for watching. If you stayed until the end…
Use the password: “mushroom”
If you write “mushroom” in the comments down below I know you stayed until the end and you are awesome!!
See you soon and don't forget to “like” and “subscribe”.
Bye bye!



286 分類 收藏
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