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Hi guys! Welcome back on my channel.
My name is Charlotte. Today, in this episode of “Taiwan Global News”
I am going to talk about an article that was published on the 7th of June in the Taipei Times.
The title of the article is: “Human rights museum has been granted German award”.
This article mentions a human rights museum. I have never been there, but I think it is located in New Taipei City.
“The museum, established on October 19, 2011, features the hidden history of abuses, while promoting human rights and democracy.”
I have no idea if you have ever been there, but this is the museum we are going to talk about today.
Human Rights Museum granted German award - Taipei Times
Once again, the article is long. I will link it down in the description so you can read the whole article if you want.
I will be reading some parts to you that I personally found interesting.
“The National Human Rights Museum won a Special Award for advancing education on human rights and democracy
as part of this year's Karl Wilhelm Fricke Award, the museum announced on Thursday.
The award - named for a German political journalist who dedicated his life to resisting state repression –
serves to recognize people or organizations that have made a significant contribution to transitional justice.
Representative to Germany Shieh Jhy-wey (謝志偉) on Wednesday received the award,
presented by foundation managing director Anna Kaminsky, on behalf of the museum at his office in Berlin, the museum said in a statement.
Kaminsky called Taiwan a strong and important partner for Germany in transitional justice
and said that the two nations have much to learn from each other,
even though the dictatorships they experienced were quite different, the museum said.
Shieh added that the award sends a strong signal to the world, as it was presented on the eve of the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, the museum said.”
This was a part of the article.
I think it is interesting and beautiful that there are organizations in place that recognise places that educate and improve human rights all over the world.
I think it is important that the efforts of this Taiwanese museum are recognized, as they are doing such a good job.
After reading this article, I am so curious to see that museum.
I don't know about you… Have you ever been there before? Have you heard about it?
I personally hadn't heard about it yet, but it must be a famous place in Taiwan, right?
I am excited to go there! Whenever I go back to Taiwan, I should definitely go and take a look at this awesome museum.
It is time to read some of your comments on previous episode of “Taiwan Global News”.
That was the one “Taiwan supports Hong Kong”. Let's take a look at the comments.
Jacks98 says “Pineapple cake :) I come from Hong Kong, thank you for talking about it. Have a nice day!”
Have a nice day too Jacks! Thank you for watching my channel all the way from Hong Kong!
Here we have another comment:
“Finally find a channel that I can practice my English while watching videos.
After watching your video on MEDIA Taiwan I decided to subscribe to you (I'm Taiwanese by the way)”
Thank you so much, a new subscriber on my channel!
I'm super happy to have you here. I welcome you with open arms.
It always makes me happy when I hear that subscribers practice their English listening skills with my videos.
I know that my English is not perfect. (it is my third language)
Since English is not my native language, I know how hard it is sometimes to understand native speakers
I try my best to talk as clearly as I can. I really appreciate it if you practice English with my videos!
We already arrived at the end of this video. I hope you enjoyed!
The code word today… I had a few ideas… But let's go with
Stinky Tofu!
If you write “stinky tofu” in the comments, I know you watched until the end and you are awesome ~
It has been a while since I have smelled any stinky tofu. I am not going to lie: I don't miss the smell!
But I do miss the taste! That was delicious.
Thank you so much for watching.
Don't forget to “like” and “subscribe” and see you very soon in the next video.
Bye bye ~



159 分類 收藏
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