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It's time to revise.
Here are some of our top tips for revising.
You need to think carefully about effective ways to revise.
Don't leave revision until the last minute.
Hopefully you've been listening in class and taking notes.
Rewrite these notes and use them as part of your revision.
Plan your revision.
Make a timetable and stick to it.
Let's hear from this students about her revision strategy.
Every day I try to revise—minimum for half an hour—listening, reading, vocabulary and speaking.
So, Anna revises daily, spending at least half an hour on different areas of language.
Let's hear from another student.
Well, the thing that always works for me is when I revise with a classmate, so we revise together and we check each other's answers and discuss mistakes or errors we make.
That helps me really a lot (really helps me a lot).
So revising with class mates and discussing your mistakes is another revision strategy.
When revising, just remember, don't try to memorize everything.
Good luck!
[Top tips]
[1. Don't revise at the last minute]
[2. Rewrite your notes]
[3. Make a timetable]
[4. Revise different areas of language daily]
[5. Revise with classmates]
[6. Don't try to memorize everything]
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BBC 教你 6 大複習技巧! (Exam Skills: 6 Top Tips for Revising)

6213 分類 收藏
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