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  • Many of our best-loved Christmas traditions come from the Victorians. In this video we'll

  • show you easy ways to add a DIY dash of Victorian magic to impress your guests this Christmas.

  • Crackers were invented by a Victorian sweet maker in 1847. They're really simple to

  • makeand you can add whatever gifts you want!

  • You'll need: a thin sheet of A4 card, an A4 piece of wrapping paper, a ruler, double-sided

  • tape, normal sticky tape or masking tape, a cracker snap, a pencil, three toilet rolls,

  • scissors, ribbon, gifts and a message or joke.

  • Place the toilet rolls on the wrapping paper, leaving a three-and-a-half centimetre gap

  • in-between. Draw a mark where they meet the edge of the paper.

  • Using the mark you made to edge of the paper on the toilet roll, cut two pieces of card

  • to an equal width.

  • Place one piece of double-sided tape at the bottom of the wrapping paper, and three along

  • the top. Stick the middle toilet roll to the bottom piece of tape, then roll the wrapping

  • paper so it sticks in place.

  • Tape the cracker snap inside the cracker, then roll up the pieces of card and put them

  • into the cracker ends. Scrunch up one end and tie a ribbon around it. Put your gifts

  • and joke into the other end, scrunch it up and tie it with a ribbon.

  • And that's all you need to make an authentic, personalized Christmas cracker.

  • Gilded walnuts are a beautiful Victorian Christmas tree decorationand you can even hide

  • small gifts or a personal message inside them.

  • You'll need some unshelled walnuts, a sharp knife, gold leaf, PVA glue, paintbrushes,

  • ribbons, and a small treat or message.

  • To start, carefully split the walnut shell and remove the nut. Cover one half of the

  • shell in glue and stick gold leaf to it. Then do the same for the other half.

  • Wait for the glue to dry, brush away any excess gold leaf and pop your treat or message inside.

  • Tie a knot in the middle of the ribbon, and place the knot inside the walnut, leaving

  • a loop on the outside. Glue the shell back together then, once the glue is dry, finish

  • your decoration by sticking a small bow to the top.

  • The first Christmas card was sent in 1843, and the Victorians loved to make their own

  • cards with pin-pricked borders.

  • You'll need: a cork board, an A5 piece of white card or cotton

  • paper, sticky tape, ribbon, a template for your picture or design, and a drawing pin.

  • Fold the card in half, then open it back out. Gently stick your template on the left side

  • of the card.

  • Put the card on top of the cork board, then push the pin through the outline of the template.

  • Carefully unstick your template. Tie a length of ribbon along the edge, and finish it off

  • with a bow.

  • These pretty paper flowers were popular with wealthy Victorian women at Christmashere's

  • how you can make your own.

  • You'll need green scrapbook paper for the leaves, and a different colour such as red or orange

  • for the petals, a pencil, and compass,

  • PVA glue, a thin dowel rod, a ruler, a green paper straw and scissors.

  • Draw three circles with a radius of five centimetres on a sheet of coloured paper, then cut them

  • out. Fold each circle in half three times, then

  • draw two semi-circles along the curved edge and cut along the lines.

  • Cut off the tip and then unfold.

  • Cut a one-eighth triangle from one, two-eighths from the next, and three-eighths from the

  • third.

  • Curl the edges of the paper, then glue them into cone shapes. Glue the cones together,

  • going from the smallest to the largest.

  • Then take a 10 centimetre square of green paper, fold it in half twice, then fold it

  • into a triangle. Draw a V-shape across the middle and cut along the lines.

  • Unfold it and cut a line to the centre. Glue two of the points together, then curl the

  • edges.

  • Draw a leaf shape on a five centimetre by 10 centimetre piece of paper, and cut it out.

  • Curl one end and pinch the other end together.

  • Make four one centimetre cuts into the top of the straw and fold out the segments. Glue

  • the leaves to the bottom of the flower, and glue this to the straw. Glue the small leaf

  • to the stem, and wait for the glue to dry.

  • You can repeat this with some different coloured card for a bouquet.

  • For more historic Christmas content,

  • head over to the English Heritage website.

  • Have a very Merry Christmas!

Many of our best-loved Christmas traditions come from the Victorians. In this video we'll


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自制維多利亞風格的聖誕工藝品|餅乾、鍍金核桃和針刺卡 (Make Your Own Victorian Inspired Christmas Crafts | Crackers, Gilded Walnuts and Pin-Prick Cards)

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