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  • (upbeat music)

  • - Hi, I'm Elvis Costello,

  • and what can you say about "Sesame Street"

  • and the part it's played in all of our lives?

  • It's the place where I can remember seeing

  • a clip of Stevie Wonder singing "Superstition."

  • You don't wanna save me

  • ♪ I'll have to sing such a mystic song

  • - So you can imagine when I was asked to come

  • and sing with Elmo when my boys were just four years old,

  • it was like a dream come true.

  • Oh, I wanna count to 10 now

  • But it's something I can't do

  • ♪ 'Cause I don't have all the numbers

  • No, a monster went and ate my red two

  • Happy 50th birthday to "Sesame Street."

  • (cheerful music)

  • (upbeat music)

(upbeat music)


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芝麻街的記憶。芝麻街記憶:埃爾維斯-科斯特洛|#這是我的街道 (Sesame Street Memory: Elvis Costello | #ThisIsMyStreet)

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