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are we doing over here in Brampton Ontario Canada your parents basement one
trading apartment indeed and it's exciting because we're
gonna be doing something fun today so we're going to be doing an Indian snacks
taste test yeah go along with the India video series that we've been releasing
so we're gonna be taste testing ten different Indian food items and we
just picked those up at the grocery store in fact there's a really big
grocery store an Indian grocery store just three blocks from this house we
didn't have to drive we just walk just walked over there we just walked about
like maybe a ten minute walk yeah what's it called it's called an Asian food
center okay yeah yeah so we decided to cap it off at ten but honestly we could
have brought over like fifteen acts because there is a huge selection of us
I'd say I'd say a hundred yeah you were being modest up here I mean we could
have brought a hundred snacks to show this we'll probably do more of these
it's basically a combination of savory and sweet Indian snack exactly we
decided we were gonna buy ten and like after the first two minutes of being the
store we already had eight in their cart I'm like oh you're gonna stop Audrey
we're gonna go through all the different aisles yeah that's just how much variety
there is but I can't wait to try everything and there are a few things
that I do recognize from her gift these trips to India and others that are
completely and new and foreign to me so you know fun trying what's the most
recognizable thing for you I think yeah let's say beer so we actually have
shared memory of yeah having this weird you so she ate this one I remember like
the overnight train ride and just like loading up on snacks exactly yeah so it
was almost almost always
every time we took a train riding idea we would get these chips there's a
joyful magic masala flavor yeah please yeah you pick them up at the train
station super cheap you can actually see the price here this one is 20 rupees and
you know what's interesting is that each country tends to have like its own ship
flavor like here in Canada it's all about the ketchup chips I'm pretty sure
you can't get it in the US just in Canada ketchup chips and an India masala
chips yeah but okay before we go through all the snacks I thought that we could
make ourselves a cup of tea because one of the things we bought is chai masala
chai and it's instant chai latte
that's great we've already boiled the kettle yeah we're good in that regard
ten in a box yours unsweetened it says zero sugar just I get water you have
spices cinnamon cardamon ginger clove and black pepper yes it contains milk
okay trouble opening this I feel like I'm going to need scissors unless you
can do it it might work good okay there we go
pour this into our cups yeah as such and we'll get some hot water I'm gonna smell
it oh man you smell good I smell the ginger
I saw I smelled a ginger and the cinnamon really well for your water he's
close why he doesn't trust me I've already knocked down the set we have we
have light behind us like the real one I tripped on the cord I almost knocked our
camera down man goodness that didn't fall but I knocked one of the light down
yeah I'm having a bit of a clumsy uncoordinated day
cheers Cheers tea time T time yeah it's a perfect time
oh the aromas are just sensational yes Wow and this reminds me of like
having chai when we're riding the trains as well it when you pull into a stop
them on board yeah it's better chai wallah tight
becoming through the you know down the aisle and we would drink like an
impressive amount of chai yeah by the time our train trip is over we called it
a stack of child amount o little paper cups a little bit our one on top of the
other yeah the leaning tower of China yeah Paul that's nice
and I like it I'm sweetened yeah me too good I mean typically when we've had it
in India has very City it has been Sweden but it gets flying on his own I
feel like we should start with something sweet perhaps some cookies since we've
already got the chai going you know started dunking them in sounds good what
do you think what about this why don't we start with this sure so this is make
Miata cookies for new Greek wheat cookies and it says it tastes even
better than it looked yeah zero trans fat and cholesterol what
comes to mind smells like spices yeah this mmm nice crunchy and buttery that's
my first impression of how I like these yeah they're not overly sweet I would I
would describe them being as like to have a little bit more of a buttery
taste yeah yeah then a sugary like buttery cookies and like perfect for tea
or coffee I would say perfect for dunking really who are we kidding like
this is what I want to be doing show us how it's done
I really like dudes like give me a nice cup of chai and a box of these cookies
these would have been great on that how they train right sup with our job it's
nice how the chai resets your palate yeah it's gonna be great as we continue
this tea we're gonna use it as our pellet cleanser guys
one down nine to go Oh what do you want to try Lays chips well let's go with it old
familiar favourite okay the chippies joyfull magic masala lays
I'm excited worthy I like leadership I like trying a new flavors and stuff but
so long we've had these so much that's gonna be like you just got written in
for the first time Oh some is awesome yeah it does memories yeah we
can we can we could be on a train you know one of my favorite train rides ever
was when we went from Delhi to jaisalmer what a journey that is super long
overnight uh-huh the scenery changes completely by the time you arrive in
jaisalmer desert desert oh yeah a magic masala oh and you know a
little bit of a burn in the back delayed on seven yeah yeah this is this is a
real deal it's authentic if you won't like it
it's basically an explosion of flavors and ingredients it's so good those
chippies feel like watching Netflix or something with you and for those of you
who have been watching the Indian series so far with Sam and David a few people
have asked where's Audrey why didn't Audrey go there she is
I'm here but honestly it was a boy's trip and these two guys planned it's so
last-minute well so quickly in all fairness David
had planned it well in advance but it was so nice of him to invite me on the
trip yeah I I think I got ready within just a few weeks ended up going with
David on that trip yeah it was awesome like we have so many more episodes to
come out what we're planning on doing actually is we're gonna be filming a lot
of videos together about India related content and we couldn't be in a better
location right now because Brampton has has a really big Indian population in
Canada and that means a lot of amazing Indian restaurant Indian markets like
the food here in Brampton is really good so we'll do some takeaways because
restaurants obviously aren't open at the moment to dine in we're also gonna
attempt trying some Indian cooking for the first time so yeah there's gonna be
a lot of Indian content which will involve not just me but you too
I'll be around but I have been to India before twice actually
so it's not like I skipped out on the whole trip and I haven't experienced it
my first trip I did to India was actually with my sister and we went for
a family friend's wedding yeah yeah also my boss it was like family what was your
job back then I was working at a cafe young this is before we met and I also
did a big trip to India before we met that was actually one of the one of the
best trips I've ever done and we're actually gonna be telling stories from
our past India trips I'll go I'll go more into that in another episode let's
do one more savory one how about these awesome so this is called spicy parm
spicy wheat flour chips you look like this they're kind of like squared ships
oh man good let's melt again the smell you know what was it smells a bit like a
samosa yeah thing yeah yes yes yeah I wonder if it's like the samosa dough and
it's just like the little pieces have been chopped and fried it could be if it
is please let us know cheers Cheers you know what it does it
tastes like the corners of a samosa all you need is a sauce green sauce red
sauce the spicy song yeah exactly okay so would go great with the Chinese
or even like a yogurt sauce because this has got a lot of spice like it packs
some punch yeah that's good so far I want to say like everything that's like
three out of three my turn to choose we're gonna be going for something real
sweet okay Indian fudge guys and this is cold
besan barfi but he said boy defeat its chickpea fudge Wow Wow super interesting
I've only ever had like milk lunch milk chocolate fudge this is like the real
deal like this is like thick fudge like this is heavy in the end and this was
the one thing that your mom was telling us she wanted to try them oh yeah yeah
the groceries sandwich showing her everything you got she was like yeah
she's like I had footage yeah we're not gonna eat the whole square and
guys let me tell you Sam love fudge like he is obsessed while you
eat I can share some embarrassing story right there there have been occasions
like we also have fudge here in Canada but it's like maple syrup flavored and
especially around the holiday time it's really popular and Sam has bought fudge
like whole bricks to give away as a gift and then he's eaten them all they didn't
make it they didn't make it through the recipient which is usually my favorites
yeah or my parents just never arrives they arrive it's like crawling it's nice
yeah it's very different from North American or UK style fudge I find the
texture a little bit it's a little bit lighter and more crumbly crumbly and
like almost a little bit grainy yeah not sandy because it's not drying I just
smoother texture than if I died on my house and you kind of have to look for
the chickpea flavor because I associate chickpeas with savory dishes I was gonna
taste like but it's it's like a little hint and the back you do taste the
chickpeas but sweet it's not it's not abundantly sweet though it's a subtle
sweetness isn't it which means you can eat more you can eat more funny like
honestly Sam see prolly make this disappear and one afternoon in one
sitting art are we kidding he's not gonna make it upstairs dear
parents that's really good that's very interesting this is actually my first
time trying something like this I like it why you - there's a lot of good
Indian sweets I mean remember on the trip I did with David we had some had
some amazing sweets in Kolkata that's gonna be an episode coming up and we
also had some really good sweets in a medevac ok it was our final stop you
know this also I feel like there's like a little hint of almond yes yeah yeah
like marzipan III get that almond marzipan kind of feel we're out of 4 we
don't win it when are we gonna find something we don't like
okay I'd like to try this one next it's another sweet the Shakkar Pare
what does it say it just says authentic Indian sweets lightly sugar-coated
crunchy squares you can see the the sugar granules covering it yeah this one
looks like it's gonna be very sweet you got that okay let me tell ya and a lot
of these are from the company we've got a couple things from Bikaneer Bikaneer sweet factory
years dr. air okay glance it reminds me of gnocchi the past I like that kind of
shape yeah like giant yogi but solid and
coated in sugar I can feel the feel the sugar yeah that one's quite sweet mm-hmm
it's not bready it's it's heavier than a bread in the middle that cool that goes
really well with joy yeah it would go well with China I'm trying to find
something to compare it to like the bready party yeah it's you like I'm just
enjoying it I'm drawing a blank yeah be honest dense too dense yeah yeah
the thing is if I had a choice between this and an Indian fudge I would go for
the Indian fudge for me I prefer when things are like sweet throughout with
this one I feel like it's a little like bland in the middle but then lots of
sugar coating it yeah so it's not quite even so I find it like too sugary when I
first bite into it yeah out of everything we've tried this I try ranked
this in last place but it's I still I still enjoy it I would still eat it
though that's yeah as I'm biting another one all right my turn
all right Bruce oh we've had sweets so let's go for the patty patty
so these are these are really like these are roasted
Makhana gorgon nuts Corrigan nut or fox nut we're gonna our peri peri I've never
heard of it come with peri peri seasoning series usually used for
chicken no like a spicy chicken seasoning yeah let's open it let's open
it so this one comes with a really easy to open care
it's also resealable - oh this is gonna be savory yeah you're gonna be sweet no
peri-peri yeah
I'm sure I'm sure I was trying to alternate up there the last one is
really really sweet it reminds me of corn you know like puffed rice no I like
the peri-peri seasoning this seasoning is great yeah it's a familiar texture to
popcorn pop right yeah I feel like I want to keep this in the basement that
that was the bank of the masala masala chip please that would be much I'm
Lauren - I'm wearing - savory and spicy things now and then sweet maybe 5 10
years ago that was more of a sweets person but you give me this and a bag of
that those leis and I'm good this would be a good train snack as well yes okay I
feel like we need to go for something sweet next because that's still burning
um I look sweet okay have we made a mistake here this is
called saga Sevilla wafer it's a colored wafer but I wonder if you're meant to
eat it with like something sweet like a serum or honey it could be or it could
be similar to a jello be where you are those usually like soaked in syrup
let's look at the ingredients oh so it's tapioca which is sog oh and then there's
the food coloring
yeah no water please do another do you want another TV no I'm gonna water that
one down a bit there we go there you go I really
pick your color think I'll go with yellow we have no idea if we're supposed
to be doing it like this or not oh come on this cook are we eating raw
noodles right now we're definitely doing this wrong it was like what the snack
section turns to pasta Wow I feel like we need to Google this you
know what what have we done I think what you may have to yeah we're not going
ending it like this boggle wait it's hilarious there are a recipe here
recipes here so we are obviously supposed to do something with it
not eat it so that's the one that's the one fail that's for sure everything else
for sure I know we can eat yeah that's hilarious
that's showing the showing our innocence here we are trying new things this was
in the section where like the wall literally goes from snacks that's what
happened and I was like oh not okay so we were trying to have something sweet
let's go with this then yeah we know what we know you know we're getting here
cookies so these are called black bourbon cream sandwiches and vanilla
flavor a little bit like an Oreo but in the shape of a rectangle not a circle
there we go looks like it's got lots of cream in the middle
let's go sugar granules it does smell like an Oreo will it taste like an Oreo
wait similar taste like an Oreo I love Oreos hello Mario so this is a this is a
familiar familiar taste for us yeah whenever we buy like a pack of Oreos to
treat ourselves to a little snack it usually vanishes within 12 hours six
hours dare I say it doesn't make it pasta it doesn't it does
make it through the name those are good black bourbon since you're on a roll -
cookies why let me try these these are coconut cookies from sarathi brand nice
and big okay those look like crumbly cookies you do
look crumbly look at that I still have some chai left
perfect see if we begin taste the coconut I would say the coconut flavor
is very mild it's my oh but I do taste that all those
are perfect for the chai perfect for Duncan - buttery mm-hmm what want you
buttery nice for dunking they are good I think my mom is really gonna like these
yeah these are these are one of the best sweets we've had so far do you have any
like did you try any amazing sweets on your last trip to India that we are yet
to see that you're like oh why can't we all have some of that right now
so man there's a lot of things that we tried with pistachios okay so yeah we
wait till you see what we have coming up although some of those the best episodes
are actually gonna be near the end of the series we run those to different
cities in Kolkata and I met about okay if you're into sweet well they did they
think of pistachios this dessert right here appears to have dashi Oh nuts on
top this one is Soan papdi maybe Soan papdi let's call it pop
papdi and it says Indian sweet that's that's the description you get so
let's just open a very colorful package I wonder if it'll be like this are we
gonna find out as we live it is broken into pieces look okay wanna dig in oh
she yeah we're gonna we're gonna need something good coming we're gonna
deliever or like this yeah oh it's so fine yeah mmm and it just melt it
doesn't it's in your mouth there reminds me a
cotton candy mmm I've had this before yeah me too
this is very familiar and you can taste the pistachios and almonds oh my mom's
gonna like this too my mom has a major sweet tooth so as soon as we take this
upstairs so come on this is very good like out of the sweets I'm trying to
think is this my favorite I think this even tops the fur but I
think this is the look like this is the richest wheat we've had it's just like
little feathery strings of sugar oh my gosh Natasha reminds me a bit of like a
cotton candy it's so fragile such a fragile desert I can tell why it's been
like packing so carefully rajat fragile and shaved so hey we ended off with one
of the best weeks so it makes up for this I know and then some really
wonderful surprises yeah all right last but not least time this
is it Pakori gram flour snack to enjoy with savory
yogurt we do not have savory yogurt like onion dip and Chipotle so me will take
it up upstairs later yeah dunk it it looks like it look the shape it looks
like ginger like skin oh very crunchy it doesn't have a whole lot of flavor on
its own this is like a delivery stick for sauce officer dip yeah have you had
a great like this said they suggested with yogurt yeah I would eat this with
with with different chutneys I would eat this with something spicy a spicy sauce
too I'll be like if you're on a party and they've got a table full of snacks
this would be there for dipping for dipping don't get in something yeah
doughnuts unspectacular it makes me wanna eat chips which have a bit
yeah I'm going to let's go back to our familiar food favorite for our last bite
number one oh yeah so since we're here in Canada quarantine e what we've been
doing for fun is cooking and eating we've made we've made Spanish food
Italian food Argentine food and we want to try making Indian food so if you have
a suggestion of a dish we should try making at home
something that's like relatively easy for beginners don't send this the most
complicated recipe yeah we may start off with curries and Don because that would
be that would be something you can easily do know what I want to make what
I saw that they saw the bunny bootie the little ones you know supermarket yeah so
I want to try making you know like what goes in it yeah then we can enjoy
it'll be fun maybe we can try some North and South Indian dishes
yeah nice your your suggestions and we'll pick some recipes actually you
guys can vote on the recipes so if you see a good suggestion in the comments
yeah give that one a like and which other it gets the most votes maybe we'll
shoot the secrete what do you have top one so we know people want to see that
one yeah that's a great idea yeah no it's fun so that's tasty wraps
all parties Indian snack taste test here in Canada we tried 10 different things 9
9 were edible on their own the other ones we're still ensuring please let us
know how you prepare them you meant to do with this so it's such a nice color I
have a feeling if it's if it's if it's done a certain way it would be yeah yeah
thanks for watching and stay tuned because we're gonna alternate between
going back to the India series that I felt Madhavan and also coming back to
episodes that we film together for anyone who's been asking where's Audrey
she'll be appearing plenty on the channel as well indeed alright well have
a good day guys thanks guys really


INDIAN SNACKS TASTE TEST | Trying 10 Different INDIAN Food Items in Canada!

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