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good afternoon and good afternoon guys greetings from Gyeongju South Korea
really excited to be visiting this particular place because it is a UNESCO
World Heritage Site and one of the most traditional areas you can visit in South
Korea what makes this place so famous is that there are royal tombs that date
back from the Shilla dynasty period which ranges from 57 BC up until the
10th century anyways when a visit a couple of tombs check out a few sites
and then we've got a delicious Korean Chinese meal that we're gonna have for
dinner so let's get started let's go
we're here in like a little Park area yeah they have a nice little path and as
you can see lots of trees over here and then over here we have like a wall yeah
right and on the other side we have the the village I guess it's a village it's
a very small town yeah I mean it's tiny but very traditional you can see I love
the rooftops and yeah we're about to enter the tomb right now let's go inside
okay guys so we have entered into the royal tomb area the mounds behind me
that you can see those are the tombs and apparently they were for a royal couple
and so yeah that you can obviously can't walk near or around them but they are
very fascinating alright the moment we've been waiting for we are gonna go
inside of the tomb let's do it
all right so here we have the tomb as you can see so obviously the person who
was buried here is not there anyone they removed him but all his treasures are
here so he has like some bands bracelets necklace his sword his belt and the
crown the crown is the most impressive part as you see I don't know the exact
date this dates back to it for sure over a thousand years because the Capitol was
here that Silla Kingdom until the tenth centuries this is incredible this entire
exhibit over here it's just things that were placed over the horse and I mean
it's incredibly elaborate it shows the item and it shows the area where that it
was located on the horse right there so these were the three kingdoms that
were located in what today is it's presently South Korea and North Korea
over here you had the Shilla Kingdom which is where we're visiting youngju
and then you had the back J Kingdom to the southwest and to the north
he had Goguryeo Wow getting a chance to go inside of the tomb was a fascinating
experience remember the first time I came to Gyeongju I think over 10 years
ago I didn't have the opportunity to do this I believe this is a new addition to
this particular tourist site and anyways like going inside and seeing the
different treasures and and the different burrial grounds was really
fascinating if you come to Gyeongju you'll
definitely want to make time to do this activity so quick FAQ for you guys you
know there's 150 tombs here but only 57 of them have been identified so they
only know who's been buried in 50 cent of them so it's like roughly a hundred a
little more have not been identified since over a thousand years old each one
of these yeah behind
but the thing I liked the most was actually the walk up to here it's very
scenic peaceful tranquil and if you go a little bit further it leads to a force
we don't have time to do that but if you do check it out so we have arrived in
the restaurant and my initial impressions are this is very nice it's
like we've got our own private little dining hall with two different tables so
the first course of the Chinese Korean meal has arrived we are starting off
with Tangsuyuk (탕수육) one of my favorite dishes to be honest basically what it is
is it's fried pork that's kind of been breaded and then you have this really
thick sweet-and-sour sauce that goes along with it
there's also onions there's pineapple there's carrots so I'm just kind of
grabbing a little bit of everything the nice thing about this restaurant is you
can put all the dishes right here and then spin them around so everyone gets
to don't take too much let's try that so I've got it easier ok chopsticks I'm
coating it in the sauce I'm so much sweet used-to-be it's very sour and I
just love how the the porks been breaded it's got like a fried crispy nice on the
health side there's a bit more tender in the middle this is really tasty if any
of you guys have had anything like ginger beef or any other kind of Chinese
food like that this would be right up your alley very good food so excited
for Jjajangmyeon (짜장면) going this is my next dish this is curry or Korean Chinese noodles with
a black bean paste basically a sauce there should be some meat there should
be some different vegetables in there before any of that let's have some beer
so here's the beer oh thirsty I hope it's cold
ice-cold but anyways I can light perfect for this and now I'm gonna try a bit of
soju because winning Korea you gotta have your beer and you gotta have your
cell do you maekju and you and your soju
one shot that goes down powerful I am for the Jjajangmyeon (짜장면)
so guys one minute stir this around check out these noodles I mean you kind
of what you want to do is you want to mix it around in the sauce evenly
distribute it a little bit and I'm really going for my first bite it's hard
to separate them guys so what makes Jjajangmyeon (짜장면)n so delicious is the sauce is
that black bean paste sauce to be honest it's greasy this is a very greasy meal
but in a good way like you have this and you have your Tangsuyuk (탕수육) and you
don't worry about your waistline you kind of have to undo the buckle from
from your pants cause your belly is expanding so quickly it's so tasty so
greasy I'm gonna grab a bit of it there's a bit of pork here hmm one more
bite I'm loving this Chris from yellow productions ordered something different
what do you have over there hey guys well the classic dish is a Korean
Chinese restaurants are Jjajangmyeon (짜장면) as you just saw but also Jjamppong (짬뽕) which is
a spicy seafood noodle soup so there's big noodles in here and there's also
seafood and it's red for this soup mmm it's quite spicy it's got this good kick
oh yeah it's not just in the media spice but it's kind of a spice that lingers
the noodles you cut them because otherwise they're really long and yeah
that's like that's like the Jjajangmyeon (짜장면)you'll see you go on and on nice and caught by
that way yeah and it's just the right level of soft and chewy there's
happiness in a bowl and last but not least we have Gun-Mandu (군만두)
these are the Chinese Korean pan-fried dumplings these are delicious you know
I'm actually gonna put in a bit of the Tangsuyuk (탕수육) sauce
do you provide goodness there's a bit of work in there a little bit
vegetables mostly pork important so good this food what I'm craving like if I've done
a lot of worker worked out or a busy day how do I keep this Korean Chinese food is
exactly what I've become
delicious greasy noodles those are great huh hmm poor fine as well very greasy
Billy I mean if you're gonna eat this I would suggest 92 much of the appetizers
so much of that pork fried pork yeah I had noodles with pork yeah then then man
the dumpling and the dumplings of pork and I'm drinking beer yeah and soju it's a
it's definitely uh really filling 2,000 calories our wives are not going to be
impressed with our waistline so at home but you know what here in the Korea yeah
very light yeah it's all veggies so well your breakfast this morning
dude I'm lost weight regain Wow all right dude what did you think of the
Korean Chinese food your first time having it oh my god it was so delicious
I loved it the noodles oh so greasy yummy greasy goodness huh
delicious and now you know what our time in the Busan like Gyeongju area is over
we're heading back to Seoul yeah I'm gonna believe it we're here I zoomed on
to station and we're getting a bullet train two hours straight by the Seoul
yeah the the train station in Gyeongju isn't on this on the bullet train route
so this was slightly outside of Gyeongju but yeah it's gonna be a two-hour ride
it's already dark and we're gonna get back pretty late in town let's do it so
unlike the Seoul and Busan train stations this one here just outside of
Gyeongju is ultra-modern but there's hardly anybody it's basically just us
which is kind of fantastic but yeah anyways we have about 15 minutes before
we catch the train so we're gonna go out to platform for and board any minute
and we're back in Seoul we are I was address all it was good I guess how you
do the video editing I did I got 60% of it uploaded and now my pocket Wi-Fi is
about 400 degrees oh man what a day so we got up so early with the monks this
morning I've just been go go go go all day but in terms of what we did in this
video going to see the tombs was great Chinese meal always fun to take
the KTX and yeah that was a pretty amazing day and if you love this video
give it a thumbs up comment below subscribe to our channel Samuel and
Audrey David's been here We've got tons more Korea content coming ciao ciao


Eating Korean Chinese Food Trying Jjajangmyeon (짜장면) + Day Trip to Gyeongju, Korea

19 分類 收藏
Summer 發佈於 2020 年 6 月 8 日
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