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  • greetings from Victoria in today's video we bring you the final episode of our

    今天視頻中維多利亞的問候 我們帶給您我們的最後一集

  • Vancouver Island road trip after experiencing several days of torrential

    之後的溫哥華島公路旅行 經歷了幾天的洪流

  • rains in the last few episodes we're happy to say that the Sun came out to

    最近幾集下雨了 高興地說太陽出來了

  • bid us farewell which meant we had a really nice day visiting Butchart Gardens

    告別我們,這意味著我們有一個 參觀布查特花園真是美好的一天

  • and exploring downtown Victoria well good morning guys today is the

    探索維多利亞市中心 大家早上好,今天是

  • final day of our Vancouver Island roadtrip so we are finishing things off

    我們溫哥華島的最後一天 公路旅行,所以我們要結束

  • exploring Victoria BC and first stop of the day is the Butchart Gardens

    探索不列顛哥倫比亞省維多利亞市和 天是布查特花園

  • my beautiful place yes this place has been going for over a hundred years you

    我美麗的地方,是的,這個地方有 已經走了一百多年了

  • have a hundred and thirty acres property out of which 55 acres are gardens if you

    擁有一百三十英畝的財產 如果您有55英畝的花園

  • like flowers this is a place because I have never

    像花 這是一個地方,因為我從來沒有

  • seen so many flowers and so many different type of flowers and plants in

    看到那麼多花,那麼多 不同類型的花草

  • my life yeah they have different theme garden so you've got like your Italian

    我的生活是的,他們有不同的主題 花園,讓您像意大利人一樣

  • garden Japanese garden sunken gardens so there's lots of different areas to

    花園日式花園沉沒的花園所以 有很多不同的領域

  • explore within the park exactly and they also have nice restaurants and yeah

    確切地在公園內探索,他們 也有不錯的餐廳,是的

  • we're going to we're gonna have afternoon tea at Butchart Gardens

    我們將要去 布查特花園的下午茶

  • yeah and I'll mention the price while we're here we've got our tickets in hand

    是的,我會提價 我們在這裡,我們手裡有票

  • it's not a cheap attraction I'll tell you that it's 35 dollars and 49 cents

    我會告訴你這不是一個便宜的景點 你這是35美元和49美分

  • per person but you can come and go as you please for the whole day let's go

    每人,但你可以來去 你請整天走吧

  • see it and come along but Butchart Gardens are hardly a well-kept

    看到它並走 但是布查特花園很難保養

  • secret but we can assure you they are worth the hype these are some of the

    機密,但我們可以向您保證 值得炒作這些是一些

  • most beautiful gardens we have ever visited and I for one spent the whole

    我們有過的最美麗的花園 參觀了,我花了整整一個

  • morning mooing and eyeing at the beautiful displays so first garden of

    早上放鬆心情,看著 美麗的展示,所以第一個花園

  • the day today is the funkin garden it is beautiful but I was shocked to learn

    今天是白金花園 美麗,但我震驚地學習

  • that this used to be a quarry so basically they just had this ugly

    以前是採石場 基本上他們只有這個醜陋

  • looking pit and they've completely transformed it with flowers and trees

    看坑,他們已經完全 用花草樹木改造它

  • and it just looks like a secret garden quite the transformation

    它就像一個秘密花園 相當的轉變

  • who knew a former quarry could be transformed into something so beautiful

    誰知道以前的採石場可能是 變成瞭如此美麗的東西

  • you seriously can't miss this place if you come to Victoria BC

    如果你真的不能錯過這個地方 你來卑詩省維多利亞

  • we are now visiting the Rose Garden what brought us here was the aroma we

    我們現在正在參觀玫瑰園 帶給我們的是我們的香氣

  • literally just followed our noses there's just such a beautiful sweet

    字面上只是跟隨我們的鼻子 有這麼美麗的甜點

  • smell in the air and I guess Rose season must have just ended because there

    空氣中有氣味,我猜是玫瑰季節 一定是剛剛結束,因為那裡

  • aren't too many flowers left I think they've already bloomed but I mean what

    我想沒有太多花了 他們已經綻放了,但我的意思是

  • is left over smells amazing also it's almost time for our afternoon

    剩下的氣味令人驚嘆 也是我們下午的時間

  • tea booking so we're gonna be heading over to the Tea Room soon and then it

    預訂茶水,我們將前往 很快就到茶室,然後

  • will continue exploring a few more Gardens

    將繼續探索更多 花園

  • and now we're going to take you to the Butchart Gardens dining room restaurant

    現在我們將帶您前往 布查特花園餐廳

  • where we ordered afternoon tea for lunch oh yes that's how we roll

    我們在那裡訂購下午茶作為午餐 哦,是的,我們就是這樣滾動的

  • it's not red rose guys we want for something a little fancier today so I'm

    不是我們想要的紅玫瑰人 今天有一些鴿友,所以我

  • having the lemongrass ginger tea my dad went for something more traditional tea

    我爸爸喝檸檬草薑茶 去了一些更傳統的茶

  • I mean Sam is having like a special edition yeah like a tea to celebrate the

    我的意思是山姆有一種特別的感覺 是的,像喝茶一樣慶祝

  • 100 years of the garden we're starting off with something sweet

    我們開始的100年花園 帶著甜蜜的東西

  • a trifle mmm so we have a vanilla sponge cake with custard and whipped cream and

    小事,所以我們有香草海綿 奶油蛋糕和奶油蛋糕和

  • raspberries try it we basically skipped breakfast

    山莓 試試吧,我們基本上不吃早餐

  • this morning so oh yeah we couldn't enter the menu featured scones with

    今天早上哦,是的,我們不能 進入菜單特色烤餅

  • cream and jam Cornish Pasties leek and cheese quiche and savory sandwiches with

    奶油和果醬康沃爾餡餅韭菜和 芝士蛋餅和美味三明治

  • salmon cucumber and egg salad we also got a plate of delicious

    三文魚黃瓜和雞蛋沙拉 我們也吃了一盤美味

  • house-made sweets it was all delectable and we tried to save her each bite to

    自製的糖果都很棒 我們試圖將她的每一口都保存下來

  • the max the good arrives we've got three layers we're starting with the bottom

    貨物到達的最大值我們有三個 我們從底層開始

  • one that has all the savory items so we've got a quiche a sausage roll that's

    一個有所有鹹味食物的東西 我們有一個乳蛋餅香腸卷

  • delicious by the way and so many different sandwiches

    很好吃 還有很多不同的三明治

  • you know the sausage roll very good amazing and we got like a tray full of

    你知道香腸卷很好 太神奇了,我們就像一個裝滿的托盤

  • sandwiches that we have sweets then we have scones on top all right so we

    我們有糖果的三明治,然後我們 上面有烤餅,所以我們

  • finished afternoon tea what did you guys think of the gardens and the experience

    喝完下午茶你們怎麼了 想起花園和經驗

  • let's start with the food first yeah we cannot finish it all so we've got our

    讓我們先從食物開始,是的,我們 無法完成所有事情,所以我們有了

  • little bags this is going to be our real afternoon teas already preparing for a

    小袋子,這將是我們的真實 下午茶已經準備好了

  • late afternoon yes and yeah the garden itself

    下午晚些時候,是的,花園 本身

  • it was beautiful like this place is just stunning the amount of flowers and the

    很漂亮,就像這個地方就是 令人驚嘆的花朵數量和

  • colors and we learned that they have 70 gardeners 70 garden they plant 350,000

    顏色,我們了解到它們有70種 園丁70他們種植的花園350,000

  • plants at different times of the year because it's not always the same flowers

    一年中不同時間的植物 因為花並不總是一樣

  • okay they you know seasonal it keeps changing

    好吧,他們知道季節性 改變中

  • and the place is visited by a million people per year that's a lot hey that's

    一百萬人參觀了這個地方 每年有很多人,嘿,那是

  • basically it we did the whole the whole garden about an hour and a half go

    基本上,我們做了整個整體 花園大約一個半小時

  • slower if you have more time you can stop in front of each little display and

    如果有更多時間,可以慢一點 停在每個小顯示器的前面,

  • picture I would say about three eight three to four hours either it's a

    圖片我會說約三八 三到四個小時

  • beautiful place to visit if you are a Victoria we recommended hi laughs and

    如果你是一個美麗的地方參觀 維多利亞,我們推薦喜笑和

  • now we're going to continue to downtown Victoria yeah yeah drive that way and a

    現在我們將繼續前往市中心 維多利亞是的,是這樣的,

  • little bit some historic buildings


  • arriving in Victoria was quite the contrast after spending the majority of

    到達維多利亞相當 花費大部分後對比

  • her trip in the north part of vancouver island it's surprising how quickly we

    她在溫哥華北部的旅行 島,我們有多快令人驚訝

  • got used to being in small town surrounded by forests and all of a

    習慣在小鎮上 被森林和所有

  • sudden we were in a city with traffic and street lights and lots of people our

    突然我們在一個交通繁忙的城市 還有路燈和很多人

  • senses were slightly overwhelmed but we still had a nice time visiting the Inner

    感官有些不知所措,但我們 仍然很愉快地參觀內心

  • Harbor and hitting up a few of the main attractions

    港口和一些主要 景點

  • well hello hello hey guys it's Victoria we sure have is what like a 20 30 minute

    嗨,嗨,嗨,大家好,維多利亞 我們肯定有20 30分鐘

  • drive and the gardens too here to join me Sam's been behind the camera all

    開車和花園也加入這裡 我山姆一直在鏡頭後面

  • morning and a little lazy in terms of speaking chattering hey you guys

    早上有點懶 chat不休

  • something I am I am here yeah so basically we were

    某事 我是我在這裡,所以基本上我們

  • just walking along the waterfront checking out the boats all the little

    只是沿著海濱散步 一點點地檢查船

  • taxis on the water like glad there's a lot of cool water taxis you can take

    的士在水面上高興地有一個 您可以乘坐很多涼水出租車

  • there's little tours that you can do and the weather couldn't be cooperating any

    你可以做一些旅行 天氣無法配合

  • more it's beautiful sunny day nice little light breeze it's just it's

    更是美麗的晴天 微風輕拂,只是

  • refreshing to walk around kind of like the lost I've called the last hurrah of

    令人耳目一新的走來走去就像 失落的人,我稱之為最後的歡呼

  • summer everyone's everyone's out at the cafe kind of enjoying a coffee at the

    夏天每個人都在外面 咖啡館有點喜歡在咖啡廳

  • air so yeah and behind this is probably the most famous landmark in the entire

    空氣,是的,這背後可能是 整個最著名的地標

  • downtown area of Victoria the Empress the Empress one of the most famous places you can

    維多利亞皇后區皇后區 您可以最著名的地方之一

  • have afternoon tea a little bit pricier too it's double what we paid today how

    下午喝一點茶 也是我們今天支付的兩倍

  • Butchart Gardens I think it's like almost 80 bucks 70 or 80 bucks it's just

    我認為布查特花園 差不多80塊錢70或80塊錢

  • a beautiful area like this is the place where you want to come and go for a

    像這樣一個美麗的地方 你想來哪裡去

  • stroll get some great views of the harbor and also admire the architecture

    漫步可以欣賞到一些美景 懷抱並欣賞建築

  • - all right and next up we're just gonna cross the street and head over to the

    -好吧,接下來我們要 過馬路,前往

  • Parliament building yeah


  • the British Columbia Parliament Buildings are home to the Legislative

    不列顛哥倫比亞省議會 建築物是立法機關的所在地

  • Assembly of British Columbia the buildings were constructed in the 1890s

    不列顛哥倫比亞省議會 建築物始建於1890年代

  • in a mix of Renaissance Romanesque and classical styles and they are stunning

    融合了文藝復興時期的羅馬式和 古典風格,它們令人驚嘆

  • once we set foot inside we were wowed by the mosaic floors the elegant dome and

    一旦我們走進去,我們就被驚呆了 馬賽克地板舖有優雅的圓頂,

  • the beautiful stained glass windows in short it was a feast for the eyes

    美麗的彩色玻璃窗 簡而言之,這是一場盛宴

  • I also added this place to trover because I didn't even know the

    我也把這個地方加到了Trover 因為我什至不知道

  • Parliament Buildings were open to the public but it turns out they are plus

    國會大廈向 公開,但事實證明他們是加號

  • it's free to visit and you can do a self-guided tour and go at your own pace

    它是免費參觀的,您可以 自助遊,按自己的節奏

  • when did you guys think of the British Columbia Parliament building well that

    你們什麼時候想到英國 哥倫比亞國會大廈

  • was a wonderful surprise yeah it is beautiful inside you love checking it

    是一個奇妙的驚喜,是的 您喜歡檢查里面的美麗

  • out the building itself is just the majestic piece of our architecture you

    建築物本身就是 宏偉的建築,您

  • know and then you have stained-glass windows with inscriptions and Latin

    知道,然後你有彩色玻璃 帶銘文和拉丁文的窗戶

  • there's a beautiful dome some beautiful paintings as well yeah a beautiful piece

    有一個美麗的圓頂,一些美麗的 畫也很漂亮

  • of history because this thing apparently was they started building in 1893 and

    的歷史,因為這件事顯然 他們是1893年開始建造的

  • they finished it by 1897 at a cost of two million dollars but then today with

    他們在1897年之前完成了這項工作 200萬美元,但今天

  • two million dollars in the city you don't buy much it's worth coming here to

    在城市裡兩百萬美元 不要買太多,值得來這裡

  • visit because me this is a architecture marvel a lot of people don't realize

    訪問,因為我這是一個體系結構 驚嘆很多人沒有意識到

  • that the provincial capital is here on the island in Victoria BC a lot of people a

    省會在這裡 卑詩省維多利亞島上的人很多

  • lot of people would assume it's Vancouver it is not thank you Victoria

    很多人會認為這是 溫哥華不謝謝你維多利亞

  • Victoria this is the head of the provincial government

    維多利亞這是元首 省政府

  • oh yeah british columbia okay right here right there that's where everything

    哦,是的,不列顛哥倫比亞省,好的,在這裡 那裡就是一切

  • happens after wandering along the harbour a bit longer we decided to head

    沿著 懷有更長的時間,我們決定前往

  • back to the apartment because we had some leftover afternoon tea treats

    回到公寓,因為我們有 一些剩餘的下午茶點心

  • calling our name we had a quick stop at Clover Point Park to snap some pictures

    叫我們的名字,我們很快就停了下來 三葉草點公園拍一些照片

  • and befriend the dogs out on their afternoon walk and that was the end of

    並把狗當朋友 下午散步,到此結束

  • our day but now some final thoughts on our two weeks on the island

    我們的一天,但現在一些最後的想法 我們在島上的兩個星期

  • well guys it is the Last Supper actually the supper has already been Supper's

    好吧,這實際上是最後的晚餐 晚飯已經是晚飯了

  • been devoured now dessert time I know wait overall we had a nice day today

    我現在被甜點吞噬了 等一下,我們今天過得很愉快

  • what a difference between yesterday I mean came in and it was like Armageddon

    昨天我之間有什麼不同 意思是進來,就像世界末日

  • yeah terms of the rain and wind and today we had this like picture-perfect

    是的,雨,風和 今天,我們擁有完美的畫面

  • it was sunny and you know just a few clouds off in the distance 19 degrees

    天氣晴朗,你只知道幾個 距離19度時有云

  • sunny yeah just you couldn't be better than that probably the the last taste of

    是的,只是你再好不過了 比那可能是最後的味道

  • summer that this place is gonna get for a while it'll be a nice walk around the

    這個地方要去的夏天 一會兒,這將是一個不錯的漫步

  • downtown area of Victoria we saw the most important and most beautiful

    維多利亞市中心,我們看到了 最重要最美麗

  • buildings easygoing town you know laid-back I'm the same no one seems to

    你知道建築物隨和的城市 悠閒的我是一樣的沒有人似乎

  • be in a hurry here granted there is a lot of there are a lot of tourists and a

    趕快在這裡,因為有一個 很多有很多遊客和一個

  • lot of retired people yeah so maybe that's the feel that we we kind of

    很多退休的人,所以也許 那就是我們的那種感覺

  • experience experience right overall what a trip I mean we covered so

    體驗權 總的來說,我的意思是我們旅行了

  • much on this island but um in terms of the places we visited did you guys have

    這個島上很多,但是就 你們去過的地方

  • any favourite favourite yeah let's go around and share our highlights

    是任何喜歡的最喜歡的,我們走吧 周圍分享我們的亮點

  • highlights would you like to begin yeah if I had to live here I think I

    您想開始的重點 是的,如果我必須住在這裡,我想我

  • probably choose Mount Washington the a ski resort

    可能選擇華盛頓山 滑雪勝地

  • the reason being because up there you get snow down here you get water rain

    原因是因為在那裡 在這裡下雪,下雨

  • and I don't like the rain and when it's snow you can go out and enjoy the

    而且我不喜歡下雨,什麼時候 下雪,你可以出去享受

  • outdoors and whatever you come home you shake yourself a little bit your clothes

    在戶外,無論你回家 自己動一下衣服

  • you go in and no problem but if it's really raining heavy it has nothing you

    你進去沒問題,但是如果 真的在下大雨,什麼都沒有

  • can do I mean any way you want to look at it you're gonna get drenched that's

    我的意思是你想看什麼 那樣你會渾身濕透的

  • one of the reasons why I would pick Mount Washington they get like a meters

    我選擇的原因之一 華盛頓山,他們像米

  • of snow yeah in the winter or during the winter month the highlight of being up

    是在冬天還是在 冬季月份的亮點

  • there is your radar nature and the mountains but you're only like 20 20 25

    有你的雷達本性, 山,但你只喜歡20 20 25

  • minutes away from like some majors city centers and Comox and Courtney so my

    距離某些專業城市僅數分鐘的路程 中心和Comox和Courtney,所以我的

  • macaron yeah that's like my personal personal favorite idea you know then

    Macaron是的,就像我的個人 那你知道的個人最愛想法

  • after I liked everything you know they not sure

    我喜歡一切之後,你知道他們 不確定

  • the provincial parks the forest a huge monster trees we seen I mean everything

    省級公園森林巨大 我們看到的怪物樹我的意思是一切

  • is just the wilderness I love the wilderness

    只是我愛的曠野 荒野

  • what would you Audrey for me in terms of parks two of my favorites were cathedral

    在我看來,奧黛麗對我有什麼幫助 我最喜歡的兩個公園是大教堂

  • grove in McMillan park with those towering cedars and Douglas fir trees

    麥克米蘭公園的格羅夫與那些 高大的雪松和道格拉斯杉樹

  • those were so impressive and also the day we went to Elk Falls Provincial Park

    這些是如此令人印象深刻,而且 那天我們去了麋鹿瀑布省立公園

  • just outside Campbell River even more ancient trees there's that's that's so

    就在坎貝爾河外 那是古樹

  • close to my house I was really impressed by that trail and what was your favorite

    在我家附近,我印象深刻 沿著那條路,你最喜歡什麼

  • place I feel like we already know the answer well it was nice to revisit my

    我覺得我們已經知道了 回答很好,很高興再次訪問我的