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  • DJI on mobile with a wide angle lens so

  • cool

  • the other day about the djs mobile

  • and I wanted to use it with my iphone

  • one of the issues I had what I didn't

  • like how limited the angle was on the

  • phone so what I've done is I've got a

  • wide angle lens it's an olloclip I've

  • installed on my phone and in this video

  • i wanted to show you the kinds of images

  • you can take with this wide angle lens

  • attached to the DJI osmo mobile I'm gonna

  • show you some comparison one on flat

  • ground 2 in selfie mode 3 with the body

  • tracking of the DJI osmo mobile 4

  • downstairs 5 upstairs and then 6

  • motion timelapse it should be pretty

  • cool

  • one of the things you need to be careful

  • about is balancing attached lens

  • because what you'll find is that if

  • you've had with on this side you're

  • going to need to add weight on this side

  • as well so what I've done is that

  • purchased some little weights as well as

  • some velcro and added it to right here

  • I'll leave links in description below so

  • you guys can balance it yourself if you

  • decide you want to do this it's as easy

  • as attaching the length and then you got

  • wide angle straightaway

  • I think I could make you having high

  • it's a figure remember me i'm the only

  • one to be everybody this is with DJI osmo mobile

  • doesn't have the wide angle lens

  • have the wide angle on and I have it fixed

  • in my face so it's actually tracking my

  • face at the moment

  • and

  • if you guys liked the video please hit

  • that thumbs up if you have any comments

  • or questions leave a comment in the

  • comment section below and if you want to

  • subscribe and subscribe

  • you guys did

DJI on mobile with a wide angle lens so


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大疆Osmo手機廣角鏡頭和穩定功能對比圖 (DJI Osmo Mobile with Wide Angle Lens and Stabilization Comparison)

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