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  • hey guys how's it going I'm here with my good friend David how you doing man

    大家好,我和我在一起 好朋友大衛,你好男人

  • very good another day in India and other adventure it's a travel day that means

    另一天在印度等地度過的非常好 冒險這是旅行的一天,這意味著

  • we're flying again we're gonna be saying goodbye to Hyderabad and heading all

    我們又要飛了,我們要說 告別海得拉巴,走向一切

  • the way up north to Amritsar it's probably gonna be it's the furthest

    向北到阿姆利則的路是 可能是最遠的

  • north we're getting on this trip isn't it I think it's the first North I've

    我們這次旅行的北不是 我認為這是我第一個北

  • ever been in India yeah so it's crazy we can't wait to go there there's so many

    曾經在印度過,所以我們很瘋狂 等不及要去那裡了

  • cool attractions to see the golden temple and man there's just tons of

    看到金色的酷景點 寺廟和人那裡只有幾噸

  • things to do so what we're doing is just heading to the airport we'll show you

    要做的事情,我們正在做的只是 前往機場,我們將向您顯示

  • the journey and yeah that's the update for now

    旅程,是的,這是更新 目前

  • made it dude we made it man you know I know it's crazy it's like I thought it's

    讓它成為花花公子我們讓它成為男人,你知道我 知道這很瘋狂,就像我以為是

  • gonna take a lot longer no traffic today because of what Diwali

    會花更多時間 由於排燈節,今天沒有交通

  • Diwali man body everyone's out partying festival everyone's enjoying it

    排燈節男人身體大家都出來了 大家都喜歡的派對節

  • so apparently this airport has been rated one of the top in the world

    所以顯然這個機場已經 被評為世界頂級之一

  • we'll see if we agree


  • okay so I've got an update here I am officially saying that the airport here

    好吧,我在這裡有更新 正式說這裡的機場

  • in Hyderabad is the friendliest I've encountered in India staff have been

    在海得拉巴是我最友好的 在印度遇到的工作人員已經

  • friendly we've been taking selfies with them security was a breeze to run big

    友好,我們一直在與自拍照 他們安全是一件輕而易舉的事

  • lines and actual airport itself is really nice it's like a shopping mall

    線路和實際的機場本身就是 真的很好,就像一個購物中心

  • once you get through so I'm actually on the lookout for an Indian rugby shirt

    一旦你通過,所以我實際上 尋找印度橄欖球襯衫

  • I've seen people wearing them and they look so cool

    我見過人們穿著它們,他們 看起來很酷

  • so there are aesthetic stores in the mall so I'm hoping to kind of wander

    因此,在 商場,所以我希望能流浪

  • around and maybe pick one up what have you been up to you dude we kind of got

    周圍,也許拿起一個有 你在乎你,伙計,我們有點

  • separated I stopped like 2000 for selfies that's crazy man

    分開我停下來像2000 自拍照那是瘋子

  • is nuts you know what's awesome I'm going to check out the food situation

    瘋了,你知道我很棒 要檢查食物狀況

  • over there okay we've got like auctions galore man we're gonna actually we're

    那邊好吧,我們就像拍賣會一樣 好男人,我們實際上會

  • gonna need a really good dinner we have that is the factory there yeah Italy

    我們需要一個非常好的晚餐 那是那裡的工廠

  • factories it's like taste of taste of India there's like I need an Indian beer

    就像工廠的味道 印度就像我需要印度啤酒

  • right now yeah I know we're gonna turn it into a

    馬上 是的,我知道我們要把它變成一個

  • tradition every time we my new friend is an offense oh hey how's it

    每次我們新的時候 朋友是冒犯的哦,怎麼回事

  • going hey doing have you watched David's video no no

    快去做 你看過大衛的視頻嗎

  • just right now oh just now


  • nice ice-cold beer thank you guys oh


  • good yeah this is this is like a celebration once we're done with the

    是的,這就像一個 一旦我們完成了慶祝活動

  • city we celebrate so only having seven beers in the whole trip cheers dude what

    我們慶祝的城市只有七個 整個旅途中的啤酒都歡呼聲

  • a great city and I haven't asked you what did you think of it oh I loved it

    一個偉大的城市,我沒問過你 你怎麼看的哦,我喜歡它

  • whose amazing sites are really cool but the best part about it was all the

    那些很棒的網站真的很棒,但是 最好的部分是

  • people everybody would man was so nice I think it's the friendliest city I've

    人人都會好我 認為這是我最友好的城市

  • ever been to in India like big city yeah for sure Samosas are awesome good love

    曾經像大城市一樣去過印度 是的,可以肯定,薩摩薩斯真是太棒了

  • the potatoes some peas whoever would have it is so I always

    土豆和豌豆 誰擁有它,所以我總是

  • know I think you know what samosas are probably one of the first things I ever

    知道我想你知道薩摩薩斯是什麼 可能是我有過的第一件事

  • tried like Indian food you know way back when you say for you yeah I think it's

    像印度菜一樣嘗試過 當你對你說是的,我認為是

  • more common in north door yeah south you know the rice and stuff

    在北門更常見,是啊,南你 知道米飯和東西

  • very different and then we're like we really had some good meals here like the

    非常不同,然後我們就像我們 真的在這裡有一些美食

  • doses of two dosas we have the giant one I don't want the street food one there

    兩個劑量的劑量,我們有一個巨大的劑量 我不要那裡的街頭小吃

  • was nothing sane there was not one meal nobody not even there wasn't even an

    沒什麼理智的,沒有一頓飯 沒有人甚至沒有

  • average meal everything was like incredible and normally I don't know

    平均飯菜都像 令人難以置信,通常我不知道

  • like I'm being raised in this city for sure I cook like close field in the

    就像我在這個城市長大 確保我像在附近的野外做飯

  • problems we like overdid it with the dosas the Briyanis needs the Idli I mean

    問題,我們喜歡用 我的意思是dosas Briyanis需要Idli

  • oh my gosh this is a foodie City man like you come

    天啊 這是一個美食家城市的人,像你一樣來

  • here with some cool attractions obviously but come here for the food

    這裡有一些很酷的景點 顯然但是來這裡吃飯

  • yeah South India is the food food is insane like I've tried more northern

    是的,印度南部是食物 像我嘗試過更北方的瘋狂

  • your food is so food very impressed I'm close to saying it's better to look but

    你的食物讓我印象深刻 接近說最好看,但是

  • the good thing is we've been going north and now for today's demo back down or

    好東西是我們一直往北走 現在返回今天的演示

  • when it's been two days in Bangalore and day three is in Chennai and that's the

    在班加羅爾過了兩天 第三天在欽奈,那就是

  • south so we have a lot more dosas who's the beginning and I guess every city has

    南邊,所以我們有很多人 開始,我想每個城市都有

  • a different way of doing it


  • Flying with Indigo for the first time Indigo go! Indigo


  • we made it I made it I made it you know what's hilarious both pasto I

    我們做到了我做到了 你知道什麼都很有趣嗎?

  • don't even think we really realized it and we woke up stewardesses were coming

    甚至不認為我們真的意識到了 我們醒來了空姐來了

  • over and being like gonna stay in your seats I've never landed and it's gonna

    結束,就像要留在你的 我從未降落過的座位

  • be the crazy thing is that like that flight seems so short and it's gonna be

    瘋狂的是那樣的 航班似乎很短,它將要

  • one of our longest in India like we actually traveled quite far from the

    我們在印度最長的之一 實際走了很遠

  • South of India to North we're basically on the Pakistan border right here yeah

    從印度南部到北部,我們基本上是 在巴基斯坦邊境上,是的

  • that was literally the smoothest flight ever like we traveled quite a distance I

    這實際上是最順暢的飛行 就像我們走了很長一段路

  • from the south of India to the north it's gonna be a temperature change here

    從印度南部到北部 這裡會是溫度變化

  • apparently it's gonna be like 15 to 16 degrees and we've been used to like

    顯然是15到16 度,我們已經習慣了

  • basically mid-30s so I can't wait for that I always enjoy cooler weather but

    基本上是30多歲,所以我等不及了 我總是喜歡涼爽的天氣,但是

  • anyways we just have to grab her bags but an uber apparently it's gonna be

    無論如何,我們只需要抓住她的書包 但很明顯,它將成為

  • like 20 25 minutes to our place oh my gosh we're tired I hope we can get in

    大概20 25分鐘到我們家 天哪,我們很累,我希望我們能進入

  • and just like check in and go to sleep we gotta grab our bags right now cuz the

    就像簽到睡覺一樣 我們現在要抓住我們的行李,因為

  • airport is tiny it's like a coffee shop and service our bags came in like how

    機場很小,就像咖啡店 和服務我們的包進來像

  • fast did you bake um at 30 seconds 30 seconds is the best thing ever never

    您在30秒內快速烘烤um 30 秒是從未有過的最好的事情

  • seen a baked on this box I tell the guy we're gonna be there now we're gonna be

    看到這個盒子上有烤麵包,我告訴那個傢伙 我們要去那裡,現在我們要去

  • there in 20 minutes bro that's crazy oh you meeting us it's not want to self

    在20分鐘內,兄弟那太瘋狂了 哦,見到我們,不想自我

  • seconds yeah it's fine so well what's up and right now

    是的,很好,怎麼回事 現在

  • I think we're back


  • there it is here's a wish list of places I'd like to visit I went to Dubai poorer

    那裡是地方的願望清單 我想去窮的迪拜去

  • back in 2010 they call that like the Venice of India it's beautiful there's

    早在2010年,他們就這樣稱呼 印度的威尼斯很漂亮

  • lakes and palaces love to go to Chandigarh eyford it's a planned city

    湖泊和宮殿喜歡去 昌迪加爾·埃福德,這是一座計劃中的城市

  • been to this one which is Varanasi haven't been here it looks absolutely

    到過這是瓦拉納西 沒來過這裡看起來絕對

  • stunning and we are there right now oh so the dilemma right now we've tried to

    令人驚嘆,我們現在在那裡哦 所以現在的困境是我們試圖

  • book an uber absolutely nothing is available we tried to book a cab as a

    預訂一個超級,絕對沒有 可用,我們試圖將出租車預訂為

  • back-up plan again we've been told nothing's available for at least 30 45

    再次被告知備份計劃 沒有可用的至少30 45

  • minutes so we're kind of like unsure of what to do what do you think we should

    分鐘,所以我們有點不確定 你該怎麼辦

  • do man I don't know I called my Airbnb hosts that are waiting for him to get

    男人,我不知道我叫我的愛彼迎 等待他得到的主人

  • back to us he might have somebody come pick us up but that'd be nice because

    回到我們身邊,也許有人來了 接我們,但那會很好,因為

  • like we're basically stranded on a holiday when everyone is you know out

    就像我們基本上被困在 每個人都知道的假期

  • having fun I totally get it let's see what we can do and we're

    開心我完全明白了 讓我們看看我們能做什麼,我們正在

  • destroyed destroyed I get curl up in the t I get curl up in the fetal position

    銷毀銷毀我curl縮在 我在胎兒位置捲曲

  • right now it's sleep on the ground look over there look at all the smoke for the

    現在它在地面上睡覺 在那邊看所有煙霧

  • fireworks yeah ridiculous make you friends even yeah making new friends

    煙花是荒謬的讓你 朋友,甚至是結識新朋友

  • alright ready ready selfie all right so I'm here my boy and Amritsar are what's

    好了準備好準備好自拍了吧 我在這裡我的男孩和阿姆利則是什麼

  • up my man okay I love this I'm gonna do this

    我的男人 好吧,我愛這個,我要做這個

  • tomorrow golden temple Wow okay here we go they're gonna put the

    明天金廟哇 好吧,我們去吧,他們要把

  • turban on me yeah this is very traditional Sikh religious okay Oh

    對我頭巾是的,這是非常 傳統的錫克教徒宗教還可以哦

  • Oh David uh-huh so he's an adventurer in India my friend always an adventure

    哦,大衛,嗯,他是一個冒險家 印度我的朋友永遠是一次冒險

  • he looks good dude you look awesome you should have this on every day all

    他看起來不錯,伙計,你看起來很棒 你應該每天都這樣

  • right it was great we created on you will have to research this tonight to

    對,這是我們為您創造的偉大 今晚將不得不研究

  • see what the colors mean it's awesome it's totally on Wow that's what do you

    看看顏色是什麼意思 完全在哇,這就是你

  • think hello everybody feels good let me just

    認為 大家好,我來

  • move with my okay perfect luckily he's not too tight she's been

    盡我所能完美 幸運的是他不太緊,她一直

  • the most interesting cab way I think I've ever had this is the best day ever

    我認為最有趣的出租車方式 我曾經有過這是最好的一天

  • the best okay okay no I told you thank you thank you

    最好,好的,好的,不,我告訴你,謝謝 你謝謝你

  • he's really nice groom thank you thank you happy Diwali

    他真的很好,新郎,謝謝,謝謝 你排燈節快樂

  • well apparently we've made it kind of came down a back alley and anything is

    顯然我們已經做到了 從一條小巷下來,什麼都

  • our house


  • thank you Cheers good night good night thank you so much

    謝謝乾杯 晚安晚安非常感謝

  • Annie though so that's gonna be a wrap and it's so glad to be here we're a

    安妮,但是那將是一個包裹 很高興來到這裡,我們是

  • little bit later than we thought but you know what time for bed

    比我們想的晚一點,但是您 知道幾點睡覺

  • and we've got some adventures here in Amritsar for a few days guys if you


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  • adventure in Amritsar end yeah


hey guys how's it going I'm here with my good friend David how you doing man

大家好,我和我在一起 好朋友大衛,你好男人


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