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  • Thanks, Tim.

  • Yeah, thank you.

  • So, you don´t get sticky fingers.

  • Tim, can you help us?

  • We´re trying to settle a bet.

  • Uh-oh.

  • You ever heard of Jonas Salk?

  • Sure. Cured polio.

  • And you´ve heard of Albert Einstein?

  • Heh, hey.

  • How about Gerrard Lambeau? Ever heard of him?

  • No.

  • Thank you, Tim.

  • So who won the bet?

  • I did.

  • This isn´t about me, Sean.

  • I´m nothing compared to this young man.

  • You ever hear of Gerrard Lambeau?

  • In 1905 there were hundreds of professors renowned

  • for their study of the universe,

  • but it was a- it was a 26 year old Swiss patent clerk

  • doing physics in his spare time who changed the world.

  • Can you imagine if Einstein would have given that up

  • just to get drunk with his buddies in Vienna every night?

  • We all would have lost something.

  • Tim would never have heard of him.

  • Pretty dramatic, Gerry.

  • No it isn´t, Sean.

  • This boy has that gift.

  • He just hasn´t got the direction, but we can give that to him.

  • Hey, Gerry. In the 1960´s there was a young man

  • gratulated from the University of Michigan.

  • Did some brilliant work in mathematics.

  • Specifically bounded harmonic functions.

  • Then he went to Berkeley, was assistent professor,

  • showed amazing potential, then he moved to Montana

  • and he blew the competition away.

  • Yes, so who was he?

  • Ted Kaczynski.

  • Never heard of him.

  • Hey, Timmy!

  • Yo!

  • Who´s Ted Kaczynski?

  • Unabomber.

  • That´s exactly what I´m talking about.

  • We gotta give this kid direction.

  • Yeah.

  • He can contribute to the world and...

  • and we can help him do that.

  • Direction´s one thing. Manipulation´s another. All right?

  • Sean!

  • We have to let him find his own...

  • Sean! I´m not sitting at home every night twisting my

  • mustache and hatching a... hatching a plan

  • to ruin this boy´s life.

  • I was doing advanced mathematics when I was...

  • when I was 18, and it still took me over 20 years to do

  • something worthy of a Fields medal.

  • Well, maybe he doesn´t want what you want?

  • There´s more to life than a fucking Fields medal.

  • This is too important, Sean.

Thanks, Tim.


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Good Will Hunting (8/12) Movie CLIP - Direction & Manipulation (1997) HD (Good Will Hunting (8/12) Movie CLIP - Direction & Manipulation (1997) HD)

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