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  • Right, roasted vegetables.

  • Roasted vegetables are fantastic. Absolutely amazing. The theory is pretty simple.

  • Parboil your veg, salt and pepper, yes, little bit of olive oil, bit of herbage, and then vinegar or acid is really important, I think, in roasting veg.

  • No one does it, I think it makes it, makes it, makes it.

  • What I'm gonna do is, in the bowl, I flick in my salt and pepper, rip up some whole sage leaves, maybe tear up and muller up.

  • We've got the nice white wine vinegar, a good old lashing of that.

  • We've got some olive oil, just enough to coat the carrots, and then we've got our lovely carrots, and then we've got mister garlic.

  • So look in there, right, we've got everything going.

  • Start tossing it up.

  • I've got me (my) roasting tray here.

  • I'll put a bit of olive oil just to get them all going in there, and you just lay them, like that, and there you go: there's that carrot story.

  • We start again.

  • So we go, salt and pepper, orange this time, and then we got thyme, and then you got your purple carrots.

  • Olive oil.

  • We can put these here, and they shouldn't affect each other too much with the old flavor.

  • You know the juices might sort of go here and there, but that's not the end of the world.

  • Salt and pepper, marjoram, oregano, let's go the lighter beetroots, red wine vinegar

  • Nice.

  • Olive oil.

  • Let's have the rest of that garlic; make my life easier and just cut the whole fella up.

  • The garlic, herb vinegar, salt, pepper, marjoram: That's gonna be joy, an absolute joy to eat.

  • So we take that... and put that there.

  • Finish with the purple beets.

  • Salt and pepper, rosemary - take off whole leaves - balsamic vinegar, tiny bit of olive oil, and mix that up in your hand.

  • And I'm just going to put that at the end here - that is exciting.

  • All I have to do now is pop it in a roasting hot oven about two hundred and twenty for about twenty minutes/ half an hour, or, until lovely, golden, and sizzling.

  • So just keep your eye on them.

  • Look at that.

  • That is roast veg.

  • So if you have gone to the trouble of growing your own beets, carrots, veggies, you know this is a lovely way to sort of send them off in a good way.

  • You know, bit of respect. Bravery. Simplicity.

  • Look at that.

  • Full of life, and that's what cooking should be about isn't it, being full of life.

Right, roasted vegetables.


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完美的烤蔬菜|傑米-奧利弗 (Perfect Roast Vegetables | Jamie Oliver)

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