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  • - [Interviewer] Describe the worst nightmare you've ever had


  • - The worst one.


  • - Oh my God, my worst nightmare.


  • - It's fucked up.


  • - I'm gonna tell you, ugh.


  • (upbeat music)


  • - [Interviewer] Describe your worst nightmare.


  • - I don't remember my dreams very much.


  • - Are you talking about worst nightmare in real life


  • or like dreaming?


  • - [Interviewer] Dreaming.


  • Describe your worst nightmare.


  • - I'm fighting some giant giraffe


  • and it's trying to headbutt me.


  • - My legs have holes all over them, like Swiss cheese.


  • - [Interviewer] Your worst nightmare.


  • - I'm deathly afraid of anything that flies.


  • - I used to have a recurring nightmare


  • that I was in a plane.


  • - Sometimes it just gets lower and lower and that's it.


  • Other times it's like (imitating crashing)


  • and everyone's screaming.


  • - The other night I dreamed


  • that my husband thought I was ugly.


  • - [Interviewer] Are you sure it was a dream?


  • - I moved around a lot when I was a little girl.


  • Every single time I moved to a new school,


  • I had a dream that dinosaurs attacked it.


  • - My mom had like this fat-ass SUV when we were a kid,


  • so we all got in the whip and tried to skirt out,


  • and this T-Rex just picked us up,


  • and then the dream ends with him eating us.


  • - [Interviewer] Describe your worst nightmare.


  • - (laughs) Oh my God, I cannot.


  • I totally chopped up my best friend


  • into little cube-size pieces.


  • The cubes were so precise and everything was so clean,


  • it wasn't gory.


  • (Interviewer laughing)


  • You guys think I'm a lunatic.


  • - [Interviewer] Um.


  • Worst nightmare.


  • - It involved zombies.


  • - "Bride of Chucky."

    -是有關「鬼娃新娘 」的噩夢。

  • - Ventriloquist dolls.


  • - There was like this really blubbery--


  • - Faceless-


  • - Shadowy figure--


  • - [Interviewer] What was it?


  • - I have no idea, it was just like a--


  • - Short, little dwarf.


  • - The girl from "The Ring."


  • - Sasquatch.


  • - Cougar. - Hyena.


  • - Laugh all you want, goats.


  • - Rhinoceros.


  • - Crabs everywhere.


  • I mean like crustacean crabs.


  • - I used to have this reoccurring nightmare


  • that I would go down into my garage


  • and then there was like somebody hiding underneath


  • the workbench.


  • - I remember being afraid.


  • - I could hear him coming closer to me.


  • - And then they take me,


  • they put a black bag over my head, throw me in a thing,


  • and my family never sees me again.


  • - [Interviewer] Worst nightmare.


  • - It just doesn't make sense, I'm always--


  • - Dying of an asthma attack.


  • - Drowning. - Murdered.


  • - Chased.


  • - Fired from my job.


  • - My son was kidnapped.


  • - Falling.


  • - [Interviewer] Who pushes you?


  • - I don't know, I can't see the bitch.


  • - I die in elevators a lot.


  • - Lost in the middle of a natural disaster.


  • - Climbing up a mountain.


  • - And then I find a hole in the side of the mountain.


  • - I'm trying to squeeze through and then I'm stuck.


  • - There was a huge hunk and he was trying to defend me


  • from all the scary stuff.


  • - [Interviewer] What do you think that meant?


  • Is your boyfriend the hunk?


  • - No, no he's not a hunk.


  • He has a belly, yeah, so. (laughing)


  • - [Interviewer] Worst nightmare you've ever had.


  • Take me there, I wanna be in the nightmare with you.


  • - It's like this really weird nightmare under a bridge.


  • - Locked in a room.


  • - Full of lockers.


  • - In a dark parking lot.


  • - I was on a waterfall.


  • - Got the Great Wall of China.


  • - And an abandoned arcade in the Italian countryside.


  • - I was in the "Looney Tunes",


  • you know when they go like, that's all, folks.


  • Someone was throwing deli meat at me and saying like,


  • slice the ham, slice the ham, slice the ham,


  • and I was really scared.


  • - [Interviewer] Describe your worst nightmare.


  • - I don't dream.


  • - I smoke a lot of pot.


  • - I get too high to remember my nightmares.


  • - [Interviewer] Describe your worst nightmare.


  • - Losing my teeth.


  • (woman gasping)


  • - It was so vivid. (shuddering)


  • - It just kinda happens all of the sudden.


  • - There's no blood, it's just gums and holes.


  • - [Interviewer] What does that mean?


  • - I think it's like part of it is like you're worried


  • about how people might perceive you.


  • - I haven't been to the dentist in a while


  • so I think that's my brain telling me I should go.


  • - [Interviewer] Describe the worst nightmare you've ever had.


  • - I had sleep paralysis before.


  • - Sleep paralysis, it feels like you're dying.


  • - It's like a wake up, I think that I wake up,


  • and then I don't.


  • - And I couldn't move, I couldn't scream.


  • - And it happens when I'm stressed out.


  • - [Interviewer] Describe your worst nightmare.


  • - Hmm.


  • - I was walking through the hallway in my high school,


  • a popular girl was walking by me and I said hi


  • 'cause I thought she was waving to me,


  • and then she wasn't.


  • - [Interviewer] Describe your worst nightmare.


  • - Car accident.


  • - The brake will never work.


  • - The bus was hanging over the edge of a bridge.


  • - The whole bridge collapses and I sink in my car.


  • - One time I got shot, point-fucking blank.


  • It was fucked up.


  • - [Interviewer] Where do you get shot?


  • - Normally in the head.


  • - The legs.


  • - Abdomen, and I felt it.


  • - [Interviewer] What'd it feel like?


  • - Like I died.


  • - There was a recent one where my children's throats


  • were slit, yeah.


  • - [Interviewer] Describe your worst nightmare.


  • - My dad dying.


  • - And all my loved ones just dead.


  • - I have a dream about a tsunami


  • and my family's dying in it.


  • - My worst nightmare was that my whole family


  • was murdered in front of me,


  • but my older brother was framed for the crime.


  • - [Interviewer] Why do we have nightmares?


  • - I definitely think it's a projection


  • of what we are suppressing.


  • I'm always the person that's like,


  • what did you dream about last night?


  • Okay, let me analyze it.


  • - [Interviewer] Worst nightmare.


  • - I have apocalyptic nightmares.


  • - I hear a big boom in my house.


  • - I open the door to my apartment and walk out.


  • - Fire coming down, God is like, you're bad.


  • - And he would have a fedora,


  • and he'd have the glass of alcohol,


  • and he'd be like, you know it's the end.


  • And I was like....


  • - [Interviewer] Describe your worst nightmare.


  • - Somebody chasing me.


  • - I'm not sure what the thing is.


  • - I'm running through a field.


  • - It's like slow-motion.


  • - You're just like, I wanna wake up and I can't, dude.


  • - Dreams are so much fun


  • 'cause it's like your subconscious is holding stuff for you


  • and saving it for later.


  • And they're like, look what we made for you, it's fucked up.


- [Interviewer] Describe the worst nightmare you've ever had



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