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hey guys Sam here and today I'm back with another food adventure this time
trying unique South Indian food in Hyderabad India after taking you out for
street food in the previous episode in this video we'll be going for a fancier
meal at Ulavacharu a restaurant specializing in Andhra cuisine and pulao
rice dishes this one stuffed with my favorite this dinner was a true feast
where we enjoyed a ten-course meal of mouth-watering Indian dishes some of the
highlights included bamboo chicken tandoori fish clay pot lamb pulao
eggplant pulao and Rose milk to bring down the spice we were also lucky enough
to be invited into the kitchen to see how the meals are prepared to bring your
appetite and let's head into this restaurant for as delicious dinner
featuring lots of unique South Indian food I think we're gonna have something
like 10 or 12 dishes I'm hungry I'm very excited let's go in
raw chicken in a bamboo and then they cook it in a tandoori oven be able to chain to really look at the chickens
so this is fish fish look at the sauce and cook training that is the biryani
at first off I'm going to be trying Mysore Pak which is a complimentary welcome
sweet apparently it's made out of milk it's texture reminds me a little bit of
fudge so I can't wait to try it welcome sweets are always appreciated
it is like fudge oh my gosh I've come I'm a huge fudge fan it's kind of thing
you just want to roll around on your tongue it's really sweet it's delicious
my gosh
alright so the first dish I'm gonna be trying tonight is Koramenu Tandoori Fish which is a
tandoori fish first thing I'm noticing is I can see there's a bit of a pinky
flesh part on the outside here you can see all the different spices looks
really really appealing no have to be careful for bones because there are
bones in here let's try it
I know what's really up okay so I think because it's been cooked in the tandoori
oven it's lost a bit of its juiciness but it's gained some like riches and the
flavors in terms of what's been added to it as a bit of a different texture I
taste a little bit more like meat than fish to be honest which is kind of
fascinating that's good next up I'm trying Bangla Kodi which is
potato and chicken basically the chicken is inside of the potato the potatoes
kind of shaped like a taco which looks really interesting try it one layer on
the outside with the potato lots of choice lots of flavor the smokiness - I
taste mostly the potato more so than the chicken it's kind of the perfect
appetizer in my opinion so I'm trying Royyala Vepudu and
basically what that is is it's River prawns in a masala sauce can't wait to
try that and green peppers and green peppers
thank you mmm flavor explosion in my mouth it's also
spicy too Wow don't cook too it really like this dish a lot
recommend ordering that for sure
look at that coming out of the bamboo
so this is the dish I've been waiting for we got to see it being prepared in
the back it's called bamboo chicken it looked fantastic of so cool they brought
over the bamboo shoots it came pouring right out onto this platter and now I'm
gonna be trying it for the first time has a nice sauce
Oh oh my gosh it's one of those things where we taste the seasoning right away
chicken is just wonderfully tender and it's taken on some of the herbs and
spices infused inside of that bamboo shoot' just wonderful gotta have another
bite of it love it so good I'm so so good
there's the must try South Indian dish this have you come to this restaurant you absolutely have
to try the bamboo chicken absolutely okay this is the best dish in
the house of bamboo chicken it is so ridiculously good it's like almost like
a green curry masala mmm it's so great at tasting like this because the bamboo
it's like such an earthy plant and you taste it
I've never tasted bad moreover how did taste something crazy oh I'm in love
with this dish when you come to Hyderabad get it into this restaurant or
you are not in Hyderabad it's so next up I'm being served Kodi Vepudu it's
gonna be really spicy oh that's wonderful
dark red smokiness to it so you know when you're served onions with your dish
it's gonna be spicy just the way I like it
let's try some of that chicken and get it off of the bone here oh yeah
Wow it's got such a dark red color just look smoky red on the outside try that
oh my gosh I was just such a richness and complexity to the sauces and spices
and herbs that they use in the dishes in this restaurant never quite had anything
like this but Indian cuisine before so you need so unique such unique Indian cuisine Wow
try some more oh and it probably has the biggest delayed onset of spice of any
dish we've had when I first tried it I'm like that's spicy but not that spicy but
oh my gosh this is lingering my throat is catching on fire Wow right so that
last chicken dish we have was absolutely fire it was like burning down here yeah
we've got this nice drink to help cool down it is rose milk and it also
features some nuts and pistachios on top a little bit of syrup at the bottom
can't wait to try it Oh
that's so sweet it's like a milkshake to make hmm oh yeah like this is totally
just cut the spice which is wonderful and just have such a nice sweetness you
can have this as a dessert for sure love it absolutely love it and next up I'm
gonna be having a dish called Pandu Mirapakaya and apparently this is
kind of like these are vegetable skewers looks like there's a glaze on the
outside I can't wait to try them here look at that he's putting some more
wonderful sticks also have a little bit tinfoil on the bottom which is neat so
I'm just gonna pop it it looks I can see onions as you can see nuts on the
outside too
one by nice it's a bit of a sweet sauce to be honest and the vegetable mash has
a bit of the consistency of the meat so it tastes really good what a
wonderful vegetarian dish next up I'm having Raju Gari Kodi Pulao and it's a
steamed rice dish signature dish from the south and it features chicken and
whole bunch of other ingredients oh my gosh that looks so good the rice has
almost like a soupy consistency that's typical of a risotto or other types of
rice like that oh it's wonderful looks like nice long grain rice - I can
see onions in there I see different kinds of spices
lots of chicken oh my gosh it's time to dig in the rice this is so soupy
it's just so should be in creamy and rich and flavorful a little bit spicy
too this is just wonderful rice Oh sitting me a bit in the back of the
throat it's definitely spicy mmm good very good
I'm not entirely sure what this is it's coming out like a thick gravy oh look at
that Wow it's almost pasty it's almost more like a paste than that good sauce
oh that's a bit sweet I like him actually I prefer that one even more
than the chutney delicious though delicious dish okay so this pulao came
with this egg now basically it's a hard-boiled egg and then they deep-fry
it yeah I've never tried something I've never
tried that either so you're gonna be the guinea pig what do you think not my type
of thing no not a big egg neither but sour egg fans I don't know
oh gosh look at that next up I'm trying Matka Mutton Pulao which is lamb and fabulous
the Roma's just like the steam is rising into my nostrils so I'm just gonna mix
it around for a bit and make sure I've got some of that wonderful lamb
it's the most tender lamb I've ever dried Wow
out of all the rice dishes I've had so far this one's definitely my favorite
so our next pulao is very very different it's called Gadwal Kodi Pulao
chicken pulao and what it is it's rice on top and then we have an omelet under
it we also have some tomato chutney y and a mint chutney cool
let's see how we do this then I'm gonna put some of the rice here I'm gonna cut
some of the omelette right there get some of that tomato chutney because she
said it's awesome Oh awesome
it's good yeah lots of different textures you know that omelette it's for
veggies it's like a lot of different flavors in one especially with the with
the tomato Johnny yeah mmm I like it I like it a lot
next up I am trying Gutti Vankaya Pulao and this is a very special dish because
this is the owners mother's recipe look at this look at the eggplant to have
it's a vegetarian version of pulao wonderful paste here look at this try it
look at rice some of the paste Oh
so creamy
that's the best pulao definitely mmm Wow I can't stop reading that page it's
so good one more bite
just a wonderful pulao I love it that was a wonderful meal at Ulavachuru
having South Indian food I mean this is one of the first times I've tried South
Indian cuisine and this was incredible because this
restaurant makes only unique dishes everything was delicious we had such
variety it was all tasty some dishes were sweet summer savory summer spicy it
was just awesome if you come to this city you absolutely have to come to this
restaurant we loved it we couldn't recommend it more and if you love this
video give it a thumbs up subscribe to David's Channel David's been here
subscribe to our channel Samuel and Audrey and we will see you next time with
another travel and food adventure here in India bye bye


Unique SOUTH INDIAN FOOD | 10 Mouthwatering INDIAN DISHES at Ulavacharu Restaurant in Hyderabad ???

124 分類 收藏
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