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  • - Oh, hello everybody.

  • Elmo stayed home on Sesame Street

  • with his mommy, and his daddy,

  • and his goldfish Jonathon.

  • Yeah, Elmo knows that it's hard

  • to be away from all of your friends,

  • but Elmo's mommy set up this video chat

  • so we can have fun together, yeah.

  • Elmo and all of his Sesame Street friends

  • are gonna be here for sing-a-longs, and story time,

  • learning together, oh, and video play-dates, yeah!

  • We're gonna have a lot of virtual fun together.

  • Virtual, that's a good word, virtual, virtual. (laughs)

  • Oh, here is a big virtual hug from Elmo (giggles).

  • Elmo loves you, see you soon, bye bye.

  • - [Announcer] Visit

  • for videos, activities, and tips for the whole family.

  • We're all in this together.

- Oh, hello everybody.


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芝麻街:艾莫的虛擬擁抱埃爾默的虛擬擁抱|#關愛他人|#。 (Sesame Street: Elmo's Virtual Hug | #CaringForEachOther)

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