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  • - Today we're looking at the British English accent of Emma Watson, and how she's able

    - 今天,我們來看看艾瑪-沃特森的英式英語口音,以及她如何能夠

  • to change it from this,


  • - I'm Hermione Granger.

    - 我是赫敏-格蘭傑

  • - to this.

    - 到這一點。

  • - Hey guys, how sick is Channing Tatum's bod.

    - 嘿,夥計們,查寧-塔圖姆的身材有多變態。

  • - All that's coming right up guys, so let's run the intro.

    - 馬上就要開始了,夥計們,讓我們開始介紹吧。

  • Welcome to Eat Sleep Dream

    歡迎來到 "吃睡夢想 "網站

  • English, my name is Tom, and I teach fresh, modern British English, so that you can take


  • your English to the next level and achieve your life goals, whatever they may be. Now


  • I'm sure you know of Emma Watson, she's a hugely successful British actress. She made


  • her name playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series.


  • - It's Leviosa, not Leviosa.

    - 是 Leviosa,不是 Leviosa。

  • - Now let's talk about her British English accent, she speaks in Contemporary RP.

    - 現在我們來談談她的英式英語口音,她說的是當代 RP。

  • - You post something on your Instagram account, and you get instant feedback.

    - 你在 Instagram 賬戶上發佈一些資訊,就能立即得到反饋。

  • - RP stands for received pronunciation. Now this is part two of my series about received

    - RP 代表接收發音。現在,這是我關於接受式發音系列的第二部分。

  • pronunciation. In part one, we looked at the Queen's English, very formal, extremely posh.


  • Now as you can guess from the name, Contemporary RP, is a more modern version of the Queen's

    從名稱上就能猜到,"當代 RP "是女皇的一個更現代的版本。

  • English. There are certain similarities, but there are also quite a few differences. Contemporary


  • RP is, it's a more relaxed, informal version of the Queen's English. But it still maintains

    RP 是一種更輕鬆、更非正式的女王英語。但它仍然保持了

  • that emphasis on clarity and articulation.


  • - I'm here with BuzzFeed. I'm playing with tiny cute kittens. My day is made.

    - 我和 BuzzFeed 在一起。我在和可愛的小貓咪玩耍。我的一天就這樣過去了。

  • - There's our first word, kittens, kittens. Now, as a lot of you will have gathered by

    - 這是我們的第一個詞,小貓,小貓。現在,正如你們中的許多人已經知道的那樣

  • now, the T sound in British English is extremely important, and it's a great indicator of what

    現在,英式英語中的 T 音非常重要,它是衡量英語語言的一個重要指標。

  • accent someone has. So just there, for Emma Watson, she said kittens. She used a glottal


  • T, she didn't fully pronounce that T sound. She said kittens, kittens, she kind of stopped

    T",她沒有完全發出 "T "的音。她說小貓,小貓,她有點停住了

  • just before she pronounced the T. So ki, ens, kittens. That's a glottal T, and that's very

    所以是 "ki"、"ens"、"kittens"。這是一個喉音 T,非常

  • normal in many accents in British English, including Contemporary RP.

    在英國英語的許多口音中都很正常,包括當代 RP。

  • - I'm playing with tiny cute kittens.

    - 我在和可愛的小貓咪玩耍。

  • - In the Queen's English, for example, in part one of this series, the Queen would say

    - 例如,在本系列第一部分中,女王會用女王英語說

  • that T sound, that true T. She would say kittens. But speakers of Contemporary RP sometimes

    那個 "T "音,那個真正的 "T"。她會說小貓。但說當代 RP 的人有時會

  • choose to use the glottal T. Sometimes they will say a true T, sometimes they'll say the

    有時他們會說一個真正的 T,有時他們會說

  • glottal T. Now interestingly, Emma Watson, has three different ways of saying the T.

    有趣的是,艾瑪-沃特森有三種不同的 "T "發音方式。

  • She says the glottal T, kittens, she will say with a true T, kittens, and she will also

    她會說喉音 "T","小貓咪",她會說真正的 "T","小貓咪",她還會

  • use an Americanized version, which is kittens, kittens, it's a kind of a D sound.

    使用美語版本,即小貓、小貓,這是一種 D 音。

  • - I'm playing with tiny cute kittens. We designed for Belle this ring that would sit on her

    - 我在和可愛的小貓咪玩耍。我們為貝兒設計了這款戒指,可以戴在她的

  • little finger.


  • - Here we have some interesting intonation. This intonation pattern is something called

    - 這裡有一些有趣的語調。這種語調模式被稱為

  • uptalk. It's where the speaker goes up at the end of the sentence, even though it's


  • not a question, okay? It's an affirmative sentence, but she has gone up, as if it were


  • a question, as if she were asking you for some information, but she's not.


  • - A ring that would sit on her little finger.

    - 一枚戴在她小手指上的戒指。

  • - That would sit on her little finger, so we're going up at the end. She does this again

    - 她的小手指會被夾住,所以我們要從末端往上夾。她又這樣做了

  • later on.


  • - I just wanted to make sure that we stayed true.

    - 我只是想確保我們能忠於職守。

  • - That we stayed true, going up. Now, the origins of this are debated, linguists are

    - 我們保持真實,繼續前進。現在,關於這個詞的起源還存在爭議,語言學家們

  • not entirely sure. There is a theory that it came from Australian English, where it's


  • much more common. Now why have we had this influence from Australia? Well, it could be


  • through culture, so television programs, films, things like that. It could be because of movement


  • of young, British people over to Australia, it's a very popular place to go as a young


  • person to travel around. And possibly through those travel experiences, people have picked


  • up that intonation pattern 'cause it's quite catchy, and then brought it back to Britain.


  • This intonation pattern is mostly found in young, Contemporary RP speakers.

    這種語調模式多見於年輕的當代 RP 說話者。

  • - I just wanted to make sure that we stayed true. Clearly young girls feel like their

    - 我只是想確保我們保持真實。顯然,年輕女孩覺得她們的

  • voice doesn't matter and what they have to say doesn't really matter.


  • - Ah, amazing. She uses the same word, matter, and she pronounces it differently within two

    - 啊,太神奇了。她用了同一個詞 "物質",卻在兩個詞之間有不同的發音。

  • seconds of each other. In the first example, she uses an American style T, sort of with

    秒。在第一個例子中,她使用了美式 T,有點像

  • that flap, that matter, matter with a duh sound. Then the second time, she uses a True

    that flap, that matter, matter with a duh sound.第二次,她用 True

  • T, matter.


  • - Clearly young girls feel like their voice doesn't matter, and what they have to say

    - 顯然,年輕女孩覺得她們的聲音並不重要,她們要說的話

  • doesn't really matter. And I think I would want her to know that it does.


  • - Now this sound is really important in received pronunciation and Contemporary RP, is does,

    - 現在,這個音在接收發音和當代 RP 中非常重要、

  • the ah. Now ah, is a defining sound in RP because in Britain, the northern accents don't

    啊現在,啊是 RP 中的一個定義音,因為在英國,北方口音不

  • have that sound. Whereas the southern accents in RP, generally associated with the South,

    有這種聲音。而 RP 中的南方口音一般與南方有關、

  • does have that sound. Now in the Northern accent it'd be does, that uh sound, whereas

    確實有這個音。在北方口音中是 "does",即 "呃 "的發音,而在南方口音中則是 "does"。

  • in RP it's ah. Other words that have that sound are like run, or butter, or Sunday,

    在 RP 中是啊。其他有這個音的詞還有 run、butter 或 Sunday、

  • they all have that ah sound. Here's another example.


  • - Up!

    - 向上!

  • - Up, up.

    - 向上,向上

  • - Up. Shut up Harry.

    - 起來閉嘴 哈利

  • - Up, up, now can you imagine if Harry Potter was set in the North of England, let's say

    - 向上,向上,現在你能想象一下,如果《哈利-波特》的故事發生在英格蘭北部,比方說

  • Yorkshire. What would it sound like? Up, up, up, very different. So that ah sound is a


  • very distinctive feature of Contemporary RP.

    這是當代 RP 非常鮮明的特點。

  • - So many times, when people have told me that I can't do something, it's gonna be too

    - 很多次,當人們告訴我,我不能做某事,那會太

  • hard, or whatever else.


  • - Here's another distinctive feature of Contemporary RP, can't and hard, that aarh sound. Now you

    - 這是當代 RP 的另一個顯著特點,"can't "和 "hard","aharh "的聲音。現在你

  • find that sound a lot in Contemporary RP on As, so glass, or grass, or bath, or dance.

    在《As》的《當代 RP》中經常能找到這種聲音,所以是 "玻璃"、"草"、"浴缸 "或 "舞蹈"。

  • In northern accents you would probably have like dance, bath, glass. In American English,

    在北方口音中,你可能會說 dance(跳舞)、bath(洗澡)、glass(玻璃)。在美國英語中

  • also that same ah sound, so dance, glass, so this aarh sound is particular to Contemporary


  • RP.


  • - When people have told me that I can't do something, it's gonna be too hard, or whatever

    - 當別人告訴我,我不能做某件事情,那太難了,或者其他什麼的時候

  • else.


  • - Guys, before we continue, let's just take a moment to appreciate these kittens.

    - 夥計們,在我們繼續之前,讓我們花點時間欣賞一下這些小貓。

  • - The rose petals, yeah, the lovely rose petals. I had the sound guys play happy.

    - 玫瑰花瓣,是的,可愛的玫瑰花瓣。我讓音響師開心地演奏

  • - Here's a great way to contrast the Queen's English with Contemporary RP, happy. That

    - 這是將女王英語與當代 RP 進行對比的好方法,快樂。這

  • E sound at the end, the Y, has E, a long sound, E, happy. In the Queen's English, it's a shortened

    詞尾的 "E "音,即 "Y",有 "E",長音,"E",快樂。在女王英語中,它是一個縮短的

  • version, it's happy, happy, it's an eh sound. This can be applied to any word with a Y on

    版本,是 happy,happy,是 eh 音。這也適用於任何帶 Y 的單詞

  • the end, so very, really, clearly, all those kinds of words. So, in Contemporary RP you

    最後,要非常、非常、非常清楚地說出所有這些詞。是以,在當代 RP 中,你

  • have a longer sound, happy.


  • - I had the sound guys play happy. The most surreal thing I've ever seen, everyone in

    - 我讓音響師玩得很開心。這是我見過的最超現實的事情,每個人都在

  • costume in the Beauty and the Beast ballroom.

    在 "美女與野獸 "舞廳的服裝。

  • - Okay, are you ready to dive deep into some pronunciation? Because this is really interesting.

    - 好了,你們準備好深入學習一些發音了嗎?因為這真的很有趣。

  • The words that she said were the Beauty and the Beast ballroom, the Beauty and the Beast


  • ballroom. Clearly she didn't say it like that, she used lots of interesting features. So


  • the first feature is that Americanized T, beauty, beauty. Then she used weak forms on

    第一個特點是美國化的 "T"、"美"、"beauty"。然後,她在

  • and, and the. She didn't say and thee, she said and the, and the, so Beauty and the Beast

    and, and the.她說的不是 "和你",而是 "和"、"和",所以《美女與野獸》說的是 "和"、"和"。

  • ballroom. Now, what's happened there? Now at the end of the word Beast you have a T.

    舞廳這裡發生了什麼?在單詞 "野獸 "的末尾有一個 "T"。

  • Now a T is a plosive. What is a plosive? It's a sound that is made with air being released

    現在,"T "是一個塞音。什麼是塞音?它是釋放空氣時發出的聲音

  • from your mouth. So ta, you could feel the air on your hands. Now, T is a plosive, and

    從你的嘴裡所以,ta,你可以感覺到手上的空氣。現在,T 是一個質音,而

  • ballroom begins with B, which is also a plosive. Buh, buh, buh, you can feel the air again.

    ballroom 以 B 開頭,也是一個質音。噗,噗,噗,你又能感受到空氣了。

  • When you have two plosives next to each other like that, the first one is not released.


  • So you wouldn't say Beast, ballroom. That would take too long. So, you don't release

    所以你不會說 "野獸"、"舞廳"。那樣太費時間了所以,你不會釋放

  • that first plosive sound, it's Beast ballroom, Beast ballroom. Can you hear that? I'm not

    是野獸舞廳 野獸舞廳你能聽到嗎?我沒有

  • releasing that T, Beast ballroom. Okay, so let's hear that again, let's hear her say


  • that again.


  • - Everyone in costume, in the Beauty and the Beast ballroom.

    - 大家身著盛裝,在 "美女與野獸 "舞廳裡翩翩起舞。

  • - So can you hear those features now? We've got the Americanized T on Beauty, we've got

    - 現在你能聽到這些特色了嗎?我們在 "美 "上有美化的 T,我們在 "美 "上有

  • the weak forms on and, and the, and we've got the plosive not being released on Beast.

    和"、"和 "上的弱音形式,而且我們發現 "野獸 "上的質音沒有釋放出來。

  • - In the Beauty and the Beast ballroom, in the Beauty and the Beast ballroom.

    - 在 "美女與野獸 "舞廳裡 在 "美女與野獸 "舞廳裡

  • - And this is great for connected speech, if you want to make your sentences sound more

    - 如果您想讓您的句子聽起來更有節奏感,這對連貫的語音也很有幫助。

  • fluent, and connected, these are the kind of features you need to be incorporating.


  • Now, just as a general observation about Contemporary RP, you'll notice that there's a real emphasis

    現在,作為對《當代 RP》的總體觀察,你會注意到,《當代 RP》真正強調的是

  • on clarity. Emma Watson really tries to articulate all the sounds.


  • - I loved it as a shorthand for ideas that I found really difficult to express myself.

    - 我很喜歡它,因為它是一種速記法,可以表達我自己覺得很難表達的想法。

  • - Now, just quickly, to show you her versatility and the way that she can change her accent,

    - 現在,請快速向你們展示她的多才多藝,以及她改變口音的方式、

  • let's have a look at her doing an American accent.


  • - Hey guys, how sick is Channing Tatum's bod?

    - 夥計們,查寧-塔圖姆的身材有多變態?

  • - As you can see, very different. She has to change the shape of her mouth, extend some

    - 正如你所看到的那樣,非常不同。她必須改變嘴巴的形狀,延長一些

  • of those vowels, completely different. That's not an easy thing to do, I think she does


  • it pretty well. So, yeah respect to Emma Watson. I want you guys to tell me what do you think


  • of Emma Watson's accent, what do you think about Contemporary RP? Is it an accent that


  • you like? Do you like listening to it? Is it one that you speak with? Tell me in the


  • comments below. If you know anyone that would enjoy this video, please share it with them.


  • Thank you so much for joining me guys, this is Tom the Chief Dreamer, saying goodbye.


- Today we're looking at the British English accent of Emma Watson, and how she's able

- 今天,我們來看看艾瑪-沃特森的英式英語口音,以及她如何能夠

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