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  • stay at home orders are in keeping these teams from playing tennis.

  • This is the inside edition dot com Corona Virus News for April 23rd 2020.

  • The two girls managed an impressive tennis rally from the rooftops that happened in the Italian town of Finale LaGuardia.

  • And it's just one example of how sports have changed in the age of the Corona virus in South Korea, the loneliest baseball game in the world was played.

  • The South Korean baseball league announced its preseason schedule would resume without fans.

  • Reporters could attend after having their temperature taken and disinfecting their hands.

  • The teams played without the benefit of cheers, boos or any sounds other than those of the game itself.

  • And with no fans, there were no concession stands.

  • Rally music, Orwell excitement.

  • The regular season opens on May 5th, and officials haven't determined if fans will be allowed to attend.

  • By then.

  • In Boston, the loneliness of the long distance runner was on display.

  • The city's marathon was postponed until September, but one aspiring marathoner decided to run half of the races route on the day it was supposed to happen after Lee, a surreal experience because I expect that there would be more runners out there doing what I was doing, but I think I might have been the only one.

  • So, at least for the Rood Iran, it turned out to be a pretty intense experience.

  • I'm a pretty emotional guy, So I, uh, had a long chat with my mom on Sunday, and my wife and I are expecting a baby in the next three weeks, and, um, it's a scary time for a lot of people.

  • So the thing that keeps me normal and keeps my life sort of balance is running.

  • One lone athlete is putting his gills to use delivering medicine.

  • David Martinelli is a professional cyclist in Italy.

  • With the racing season on hold, he's staying in shape by turning himself into a world class bike messenger.

  • He picks up medication from the pharmacy and brings it to seniors and people who can't leave their homes another pro, and Switzerland is doing all of his training from his parents basement.

  • Formula One driver Louise Delattre keeps his skills sharp on the racing simulator.

  • He also competes in E sports races, but he says it's not the same.

  • You don't have the speed, you have adrenaline.

  • Also, it's about to say, but you don't have the risk.

  • So in this scene, when you crash, you press restart and you go again.

  • In real life, it's been more complicated in the US The NFL draft begins, but the usually festive event will be held virtually.

  • Inside Edition's Megan Alexander reports on how Olympic athletes are training well under lock down.

  • For Olympic athletes, staying home still means staying in amazing shape.

  • Diver Steel Johnson won a silver medal at the 2016 games in Rio.

  • I don't have a cool I can train it.

  • Right now.

  • I don't have any gymnastics equipment.

  • So he's doing his best.

  • Maintaining an intense workout schedule at home when his dogs let him.

  • Carlin Isles plays rugby for Team USA.

  • He's invented his own balancing act.

  • Swimmer Yulia Efimova is blowing people away with her kitchen counter.

  • Work out in California.

  • No water, No problem.

  • She does it all.

  • Breast stroke, butterfly backstroke and finishes With a freestyle to nowhere.

  • Lots of Olympic level athletes are trying to keep the fun in their routines.

  • High jumper Bogdan Bondarenko and his buddies use a comfy looking couch to cushion their landing.

  • Simone Biles, considered the greatest gymnast and Olympic history, is challenging herself with this unique routine, trying to remove her sweat pants during a handstand.

  • Go ahead and try that one at home, and you'll see how difficult it is.

  • There are over 2.6 million cases of covert 19 worldwide and over 185,000 deaths Now.

  • Inside edition dot coms Lee Chefs shares her reporting on Zoom.

  • So all this talk about Zoom over the past few weeks has gotten so many people nostalgic for an old TV show called Zoom.

  • It actually debuted back in the 19 seventies and then rebooted in the nineties.

  • It's a kids program, and parents and kids can learn fun activities and learn new things.

  • It was a PBS show that aired on the Boston TV station WGBH.

  • We happened to find Taylor Garin, and she was on the show for the final season in 2004 even though Zoom into 20 years ago, they're actually doing zoom like content now, with some of the former cast members on WGBH's social media, Taylor said she's basically now living her nineties childhood like all over again because of this.

  • And that's the story that I'm working on for inside edition dot com.

  • For more on the Corona virus pandemic, visit inside edition dot com.

stay at home orders are in keeping these teams from playing tennis.


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