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  • this woman is on the front lines of the covert 19 Pandemic Destiny.

  • Vega is about to go grocery shopping for a customer of the delivery service shift.

  • Every time we grab a cart, it's always sanitized before, she says.

  • Business has tripled since the pandemic.

  • Some people are just scared to come out wearing a mask and gloves.

  • She starts shopping at Morton Williams grocery store in New York City.

  • The customers list is on her phone.

  • We have collie flower carrots, romaine lettuce.

  • Social distancing is very important.

  • While shopping, I'm always aware of my surroundings when I'm around people.

  • Because shoppers are buying so much food these days, destiny is sometimes faced with a dilemma.

  • The store might be out of something on the customers list if they want avocado.

  • And there's no avocados on the show.

  • We were substituted like, Would you like broccoli?

  • Once waiting in line for the check out mawr social distancing, Destiny drives to the customer's home for the drop off, leaving the bags on the porch.

  • For Keira, who lives in New York City, way to get everything that I need Quick, Easy and Destiny is one of the unsung heroes of the pandemic.

this woman is on the front lines of the covert 19 Pandemic Destiny.


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迎接為家庭帶來雜貨的私人購物者。 (Meet the Personal Shopper Bringing Families Groceries)

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