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in today's video we're taking you on a little do-it-yourself food tour of
Buenos Aires Argentina we had three days in the city before catching our flight back to
Canada and we basically spent those three days eating our favorite foods and
getting our fix of classic Argentine dishes we'll be trying different cups of
steaks that are far too big not to share ordering every slice of pizza or one of
our favorite pizzeria tasting different types of meat on a sauce made
with chicken and veal and of course sipping on Malbec as we say our farewell
to the city of Buenos Aires Argentina at the end we'll also share our journey home and the welcome from
our beloved Togo but now it's time to eat so bring your appetite and let's
kick off this Buenos Aires food tour
so first up we visited a bodegon which is one of those old-fashioned
restaurants typical of Buenos Aires Argentina is where the portions are abundant and the food
is good we opted for steak at this restaurant got this baby girl from a
Malbec back
all right the Malbec has arrived cheers Cheers here another day with Malbec as
always another good day yep it's a fresh wine it's a good wine to go with the
with the meat that we order and we're going to have so we got to be fit the
traditional yeah I'm Sonya because our Airbnb host told us that's the best I
will share and we have it we haven't we haven't tried that before halfway no no
no but we get here though also we should mention we're having this meal at a very
strange hour it is now 4:15 too late to be lunch time in Argentina but too early
to be dinner it's like teatime merienda they might be
old tourist tourism the Argentinians don't have dinner till 11 o'clock in the
evening so like a p.m. would be earth that'd be super keen for 4:20 as I know
naughty toes
has reached the table sure has say this giant fighter is meant for two people we
have to be physically so look at fried egg on top
french fries Russian salad with potato peas carrots Mayo we have clean rice and
then we have the ingredients for a complete self and then this is meant for
one person they said but I mean there is no way we're gonna do we're depleting
try we have some serious digging fugu it will take care of it don't worry
yeah yeah we got it I think we can I'm gonna try it just like that late playing
with nothing on it yeah really be able to detect the real
flavor of the beef yeah so Inigo good stuff good stuff ah boom made fries yeah
you've gotta eat them with your fingers yeah forget the core and only wait to
eat these you know yeah look at that they are fried a large yeah a northern
oil alert the labor Wow this is insane like this this
portion is enough I'd say for four people it's unbelievable
yeah so look we've got it's not just like home cut fries we also have wedges
as well a giant beef or the chorizo waiting for
you with a fried egg on top I'm just picking up you can eat a whole piece
you're gonna don't lose that hmm I'm going for daddy one yeah boys come
to me precious I'm flying the next state called for pizza mainly because Sam
insisted we couldn't leave when a scientist without visiting one of its
oldest pizzerias Lorraine is located on corrientes Avenue right in the heart of
the theater district and the place is always packed
we ordered every individual slice on the menu to give you an idea of what this
pizzeria has to offer
all right guys we have arrived at beats videography before lunch right on time
because this place is slowly filling up the best pizza in Buenos Aires it's
really good thing about this restaurant is that you can just order by the slice
they have like a whole list or you don't have to order the whole pie just like
one piece so like makes it match the sample at all yeah I already loosened up
the belt when you go eat pizza I'm gonna cider the first thing
loosen up the belt yeah and we also order a chocolate like okay the beers
don't have because doing pizza with water and with the sparkling water
III don't remember I already will see when it comes for the last three blocks
before we got to lift its area this guy he wants ahead of us like a block and a
half he was afraid a man with a quest a man on the cliff
we were right huh speech in the world even though it says on the napkin we did
not invent it all right you guys are trying the first slice what do you got
which has Arella look at all that tomato sauce it's been a while all right Sam
what is on your plate tell us this is a masterpiece this is called the Foo
Gazeta it's just loaded with cheese it's got onions oh my gosh guys it's it
doesn't have tomato sauce it's got so much cheese that it does not have tomato
if you love cheese this is the one you have to charge double the mock down
around to what are you guys having
loaded it's got like I got all the sauce in the world on it basically no no
cheese we need to bring some my wine home for that baby
yeah because we're gonna need it we're gonna need it very salty very salty
we're moving on to round 3 of the pizza number 3 what do we got
and I also put on top
it's a thing here so you just put it on top put it on top how does it change the
tape amazing yeah yeah do you prefer with it or without
there is more yeah I'm experimenting over here this is the former Ola and it
looks like it's just jacked with onions maybe only onions I think maybe some
tomato sauce on the side no onion no cheese no cheese no cheese
there's quite a few pizzas here with no cheese that are heavy on the tomato call
Sam ordered one more spicy food service oh he says he won't be able to eat
people like their food back in Canada throwing it
you hear that Canada that's amazing but she stretched the Chivas
it's not real much so no watch no
for our final day in the city we decided to eat melon ASIS and super Dimas these
are breaded cutlets the only difference is that one is made with veal and the
other with chicken breast this is another classic Argentine dish that
needs to be added to your bueno situs food tour when you visit we're going to
have meal an answer which is like a schnitzel or veal parmesan you know that
kind of bitch and they seem to be very very nice but not be you know like
they're so poor we leave one osiris tomorrow we're going to have a good
milanesa with a glass of wine of course cheers guys Cheers
another day another glass of Malbec what else
winning Argentina eat the Malbec
and what are we drinking today Altos del Plata from bodega there la salle de los
Andes not very old wine but it's a nice and page a wine a beautiful wine first
of all the color the first thing I noticed about it it's almost like yeah
it's gonna it's gonna go great with the melon Aizaz and supreme us yeah alright
me lenez's and supreme us have arrived you guys have been digging in yeah which
is made with chicken chicken breast yeah so it's very tender juicy meat no fat in
there and it tends to be a thicker cut like a thicker thicker than the collet
yeah I got it Napolitan style ham cheese
tomato sauce oregano and they use option to choose our sites
it typically comes with your french fries but you can get a pumpkin puree or
mashed potatoes and the portions are huge thank you
I got the one that is made out of veal yeah it's a veal Milanese
but look at the beauty is that a meal oh wow that's a meal of Champions gee man
anyone you get only in Argentina I'm sorry to say look at the size of the
monster and the pace
we got we got we got a lot a lot of eating to do I recommend this 100%
yeah it's a beauty this is kind of like a bow they want you know yeah it was all
fashion restaurant that I've been here forever and they don't go to business
because of the quality of the meat and they pulled and everything they do and
they don't skimp on the portions no and that's how we feasted during our last
three days in Buenos Aires Argentina we also consumed plenty of Cafe con Leche Maria
Lunas and ice cream which explains why we might have been a little heavier when
we got back home and stepped on the scale but hey Argentina is a place where
you come to eat but now let's travel back to Canada and say hello to togi
oh good morning good morning oh I will say it was a shorter flight than I
expected 10 hours I thought we were in for 12 14
15 who knows and it's not so bad it went by relatively quick how are you
I'm pretty beat up I feel the same way
luck struck me odd P sheets that was awesome and then you got you got an
extra seat - it's basically yeah and then B sheep in between all of us
yeah you could stretch a little bit more you know that makes all the difference
here's the real question will Togo be awake when we arrive no the thing is
will totally be upset that he don't know he's gonna be happy
maybe I'll film the reaction so feed ourselves or if he doesn't really
excited because we spend
and that's a wrap for Argentina travel series hit subscribe and stay tuned for
new India videos coming soon


Buenos Aires FOOD TOUR ? | Eating STEAK, PIZZA + MILANESA Before Leaving Argentina ✈️

70 分類 收藏
Summer 發佈於 2020 年 4 月 24 日
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