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  • well good morning everyone today we're going to be taking you on a

    大家早上好 今天我們要帶你去

  • little tour of cholila originally the plan had been to attend the National

    霍利拉原本的小遊 計劃曾參加國民大會

  • barbecue festival but as you'll soon see that didn't quite go to plan after

    燒烤節,但您很快就會看到 之後並沒有去計劃

  • driving an hour to Cholila we got a little surprise we arrived on the wrong

    開車一個小時到喬利拉,我們得到了一個 我們到達錯誤地方有點驚訝

  • day but as they say all's well that ends well this sea of misadventures turned

    一天,但正如他們所說的那樣,一切都好了 好,這不幸的海轉過身來

  • out to be a lot of fun and we somehow ended up visiting butch Cassidy's ranch

    變得很有趣,我們以某種方式 最終訪問了卡西迪的牧場

  • instead so let's hop right into things we have arrived in Cholila but there's a

    相反,讓我們跳入事物 我們已經到達喬利拉,但是有一個

  • little problem the asado is not today it starts tomorrow at 12 noon the party

    有點問題,asado今天不是 明天從中午12點開始

  • today doesn't start til 5:00 p.m. and we are here super early we got some wrong

    今天直到下午5:00才開始 早到這裡了,我們出了點問題

  • info so there's gonna be no asado today no barbecue but we drove all the way out

    信息,所以今天不會有asado 沒有燒烤,但我們一直開車出去

  • here so we're like there's a party tonight but we've got a few hours before

    在這裡,所以我們就像有一個聚會 今晚,但我們還有幾個小時

  • that party so trouble mishap misadventures in Cholila we're gonna

    那個聚會真麻煩 喬利拉的不幸事件我們要去

  • have lunch at la cocina de lily because it's the only place we could find that

    在la cocina de lily吃午餐,因為 這是我們唯一可以找到的地方

  • was open


  • what to do what to do the only thing we could think of was to grab a bite of

    該做什麼我們該做什麼 想到的就是咬一口

  • lunch stress-eating perhaps


  • we're at a restaurant yes we're gonna eat we're gonna make the most of the

    我們在餐廳,是的,我們要 吃,我們要充分利用

  • date we're gonna get and then we're gonna check out Butch Cassidy's old house (ranch) yeah how

    我們要得到的日期,然後我們 要去檢查巴奇·卡西迪的老房子(牧場)

  • it's gonna be an interesting day and then I think around 5:00 p.m. there's

    這將是有趣的一天, 然後我認為下午5:00左右

  • gonna be maybe an opening party and tomorrow is the big event tomorrow is

    可能會成為一個開幕派對, 明天是大事件明天是

  • through big Gaucho asado we're gonna rearrange our plans so we can do this I

    通過大高喬朝聖,我們要 重新安排我們的計劃,以便我們做到這一點

  • guess we don't care if we if we don't get a refund for our bus ticket if we

    猜想我們不在乎,如果我們不 如果我們獲得公交車票退款

  • pay for one extra night in a town we don't actually go to where the bar gonna

    在城鎮裡多付一晚 其實不要去酒吧要去的地方

  • do it because how could you miss yeah you can't since we had already driven an

    這樣做是因為你怎麼會想 因為我們已經開車了

  • hour to Cholila we wanted to make the most of the day so that's how we ended

    小時到喬利拉,我們想 一天的大部分時間就是這樣結束

  • up in front of butch Cassidy's ranch in the outskirts of town

    在卡西迪(Cassidy)的農場前面 城郊

  • no it's down there maybe we go in through here Sam I can't wait to see

    不,它在那下,也許我們進去 通過這里山姆,我等不及要看

  • your approach to this


  • alright guys we're going to visit butch Cassidy's cabin in Patagonia we just left the car at

    好傢伙,我們要去拜奇 卡塔迪在巴塔哥尼亞的小屋,我們剛把車停在

  • the gate there's no one here really it's just us and a bunch of horses we are

    門口這裡真的沒有人 只有我們和一群馬

  • here we're going in it's actually three cabins three wood constructions kind of

    我們要進入的實際上是三個 小木屋三種木結構

  • in a state of abandonment but let's go in the boys have already opened the gate

    處於被遺棄的狀態,但我們走吧 在男孩們已經打開大門

  • so let's follow them go snoop around


  • Wow amazing the roof is in pretty good shape

    哇,屋頂太漂亮了 形狀

  • this is probably the living room kitchen


  • it says meet the see on this was the bedroom

    它說見見這個是 臥室

  • yeah


  • for those of you who aren't too familiar with the name Butch Cassidy was an

    對於那些不太熟悉的人 名稱Butch Cassidy是

  • infamous train and bank robber in the days of the Far West in 1901 he fled the

    臭名昭著的火車和銀行搶劫犯 在1901年的遠西時代,他逃離了

  • United States with his two friends the Sundance Kid and the kids girlfriend at

    美國和他的兩個朋友 聖丹斯小子和孩子女友在

  • a place who were wanted thieves and fugitives they all arrived in Buenos Aires

    一個被盜賊通緝的地方 他們都逃到了布宜諾斯艾利斯

  • aboard an English ship and they then continued down to Patagonia where they

    登上一艘英國船,然後他們 繼續走到巴塔哥尼亞

  • eventually settled in a four-room log cabin in the outskirts of Cholila today

    最終定居在四居室的日誌中 今天在喬利拉郊區的小屋

  • the ruins of their homestead still stand about ten kilometers outside of town and

    他們宅基地的廢墟仍然屹立 距市區約十公里,

  • it is open to visitors though you'll likely find you're the only one there

    它對遊客開放,儘管您會 可能會發現您是那裡唯一的一個

  • and inside this third wooden building straw lots and lots and straw maybe to

    在第三座木製建築內 大量的稻草和稻草

  • feed the horses on the land


  • wanted dead or alive $35,000 or pesos what are you worth dollars pesos and

    想要死亡或活著的$ 35,000或比索 您價值多少美元比索,

  • Dulles dollar bill yeah


  • aside from visiting butch Cassidy's ranch we also start by the museum bar

    除了拜訪卡西迪的 牧場我們也從博物館酒吧開始

  • which is located on the side of the highway just before you reach town here

    它位於 在您到達這里城鎮之前的高速公路

  • you can learn a bit more about Butch Cassidy and even take photos with the

    您可以了解有關Butch的更多信息 卡西迪,甚至與

  • wanted posters we got to meet the woman who runs this place so I'll let her tell

    想要我們見到那個女人的海報 誰經營這個地方,所以我讓她告訴

  • you more about it (In Spanish)


  • after visiting the ranch we drove back to town where the party was slowly

    參觀牧場後,我們開車返回 到聚會很慢的小鎮

  • getting started it is about 5:30 yes the music so we're should have started it's

    入門大約是5:30是的 音樂,所以我們應該開始

  • gonna be starting soon I think but what has started is there are a few food

    我想很快就要開始了,但是 已經開始有一些食物

  • trucks that are open maybe in the tirely and the time I think we're gonna get

    開著的卡車也許累了 我認為我們會得到的時間

  • crepes I'm okay with that we can do food instead of music and dancing yeah let's

    我可以做飯,我可以 而不是音樂和舞蹈是的,讓我們

  • see yum yum yum alright guys so I've got my snack here this is basically a dulce

    看到好吧好吧,所以我 我的零食基本上是杜爾塞

  • de leche crepe if I open up the hood you can see there's a copious amount of

    德萊什可麗餅,如果我打開引擎蓋你 可以看到有大量的

  • dulce de leche and what else oh so cool she kept asking do you want this do you

    杜爾塞·德萊什(Dulce de Leche)還有什麼好酷 她一直問你想要這個嗎

  • want that so she put some nuts on top as well

    想要那個,所以她把一些堅果放在上面 好

  • sliced banana and sliced strawberry decadence a lot of good stuff going on I

    香蕉片和草莓片 nce廢了很多好東西

  • can't wait to try it oh and the price was between 3 to 4 US dollars basically

    等不及要嘗試哦,價格 基本上是3到4美元之間

  • okay enjoy making out with the Crepe oh they're

    好吧享受 用縐做的哦,他們

  • wonderful the dulce de leche and you have the crunch of the nuts and then you

    美妙的杜爾塞·德萊希和你 緊縮堅果,然後你

  • also have the juiciness of the fruit all those different ingredients combining

    也都有水果的多汁 那些不同的成分相結合

  • together this makes for the perfect merienda here at the event so Audrey is

    一起使完美 merienda參加活動,所以Audrey是

  • chowing down on hers what did you get for a new toll on banana yeah a bit of a

    瞧不起她,你得到了什麼 對香蕉造成新的損失

  • Southeast Asian or throwback there yeah yeah very good

    東南亞或那裡有回饋 是的,很好

  • you have savory ones as well you can get with chicken grilled vegetables if

    你也有鹹味的 如果有雞肉烤蔬菜

  • you're more into that but this is our afternoon snack we need something a

    您更喜歡那個,但這是我們的 下午點心,我們需要一些東西

  • little sweet our merienda yeah just waiting for the music to start now

    小甜蜜我們的merienda是啊,只是在等待 現在就開始音樂

  • we stayed a while listening to some folklore music and watching the

    我們住了一會兒聽 民俗音樂和觀看

  • traditional dances but by the time we left the barbecue still wasn't ready so

    傳統舞蹈,但是到了那時 離開燒烤還沒準備好

  • don't worry we made the executive decision to come

    別擔心 我們做出行政決定

  • back again the following day so we'll see you in the next video where we

    第二天再回來,所以我們會 在下一個視頻中見

  • finally get to experience the biggest barbecue festival in all of Argentina

    終於體驗最大的 整個阿根廷的燒烤節

  • so stay tuned for that see you later


well good morning everyone today we're going to be taking you on a

大家早上好 今天我們要帶你去


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BUTCH CASSIDY到了巴塔哥尼亞?| 探訪阿根廷喬利拉的布奇-卡西迪牧場。 (BUTCH CASSIDY made it to Patagonia?! | Visiting Butch Cassidy's Ranch in Cholila, Argentina)

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