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  • Good morning everybody

  • So it is a Sunday morning here in Japan

  • I hope you guys are having a great weekend where ever you are

  • and I'm currently in front of this building

  • and you might be wondering, "what are you doing there?"

  • and I'm going to show you that today

  • so come along with me

  • Today I will be visiting the free Japanese classes offered by the city ward

  • Of course there are lots of ways you can study Japanese

  • However, I think this is a great way to study and also interact with the locals and your community

  • So, lets go learn some Japanese

  • It's been so long since I've actually studied Japanese

  • There are many different classes offered depending on your level

  • This one I went to is for a more intermediate to advance learners

  • Check out your local wards Japanese classes on their home page

  • and you can also see the other events going on in the community

  • Japanese locals volunteer to help and teach foreigners here

  • and it's a great way to build the community between foreigners and Japanese

  • and to also understand and learn each other's cultures more

  • This one is the easier version for Japanese learners to read

  • and this one is the normal news

  • the one for Japanese learners has hiragana on top of the Kanji

  • and this is the original news that Japanese read

  • Apart from the Japanese classes, the local ward also holds international events

  • and sometimes after the classes you can go on outings with the other members

  • Hey guys, I just wanted to pop on in and say a few things before I wrap up the video

  • So a lot of people think that if you just come and live in Japan

  • that your Japanese will also just naturally become fluent

  • However, that is not the case

  • Like many other things in life

  • it takes effort and it takes time for you to improve your Japanese

  • and what I see a lot of foreigners do

  • is when they come to Japan

  • they tend to stick with people that they feel comfortable around

  • so, people with similar backgrounds, people with similar languages

  • and that kind of defeats your purpose if you want to learn Japanese

  • because you surround yourself with this environment that you're already use to back at home

  • So what I encourage you guys to do if you want to improve your Japanese is


  • and really interact with the locals, surround yourself with more Japanese people

  • because then you can improve your Japanese, right?

  • you can speak it more!

  • So, this is why I really like this idea of the free Japanese classes by the local wards

  • I think Japanese are trying to open up more

  • and I think it's really nice they're trying to build this community between foreigners and Japanese

  • and not only do you learn Japanese here

  • but you can also interact with the locals

  • you can learn about their culture - the Japanese culture

  • and you can also share your culture

  • and also I think at the end of the day, language it's not about just the language

  • but it's about the much more deeper meaning behind that

  • the culture, the history, the people

  • so I really encourage you guys to interact more with the locals, especially if you guys are coming to Japan

  • definitely check out your local ward

  • because you will know more things happening around your neighbourhood

  • and it's always a good thing, to know your neighbours and your local stuff

  • So, I hope you guys could take something away from this video

  • and feel free to comment down below about any other videos you would like to see me do

  • and I will see you guys in my next video

  • see yaaaa (^-^)/~~

Good morning everybody


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