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  • Are you exercising?

  • Well, clearly not.

  • I do.

  • Very little exercise.

  • Um, everything is my whole body is turning into.

  • Ah, sort of a a white pudding.

  • Ah, like a tapioca lowing.

  • I take off my shirt if you could handle it.

  • If you could handle the light in balance.

  • Sure.

  • I don't think you could.

  • What has put a polarized lens up so we can handle the solar for I'm sure you have all that equipment I do.

  • I got everything, you know, very jealous of your fancy CBS equipment.

  • We're shooting this right now with the Hubble telescope.

  • Yeah, actually, we're capturing your image and infrared.

  • Great.

  • If you could forward that to my dermatologist so I could just get myself checked, I'd be very happy.

  • Uh, you and I are both gonna be celebrating our birthdays.

  • I think in a social isolation.

  • Yours is April 18th.

  • Mind is may 13th.

  • I think you have a shot.

  • Really?

  • I have a shot at, like actually making physical contact with other human beings.

  • Yes, I'm being optimistic.

  • I like to be, but you at least have a chance.

  • There's no way we're out of isolation by April 18th which is my birthday.

  • So I'd like to propose then all of America.

  • Try and celebrate my birthday on the 18th.

  • What do you want?

  • What do you want with your shirt size?

  • Well, that's really nice.

  • Well, I used to be a lot slimmer, and I'd say in the last week and 1/2 I've gained 65 san.

  • You and I should also you and I Sure it'll fill some time on your show where you open the present from me and you have a shirt from me.

  • Oh, you're gonna fill time on my show.

  • Yeah, how it is now.

  • I hope so.

  • Because I really need that.

  • So, what's your shirt size?

  • Conan?

  • Answer the questions.

  • 16.5 with a 39 inch sleeve.

  • Wow.

  • I'm like an orang utan.

  • Your man spreading by the way, I can see all of you not on this camera.

  • On Lee on your camera is what people at home don't know.

  • Is that the your camera?

  • You're getting the floor show?

  • Yes, but nobody up there can see it.

  • I am seeing everything and my hat's off to you.

  • I'm very impressed.

  • Thank you.

Are you exercising?


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斯蒂芬-科爾伯特想給柯南送上一份生日禮物 - CONAN在TBS上。 (Stephen Colbert Wants To Send Conan A Birthday Present - CONAN on TBS)

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