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  • And what's amazing is what Internet experts can learn by people's activity on social media.

  • It's been said that anyone who wants true privacy should avoid the Internet, whether it's connected systems in your home that don't just answer questions or do your shopping, but hear everything you say or know when you get back from work or the political leanings of people you follow online.

  • Everything that interests us has the potential to be tracked.

  • Can this make life more convenient?

  • Yes, couldn't get people into trouble?

  • Absolutely, and especially in countries where your freedoms could be limited by your likes.

  • CNN's Fareed Zakaria talks to the man who pioneered a model to determine your personality traits based on your online activity.

  • Thinking just 68 off your Facebook likes Dr Michael Kaczynski's model can accurately predict your skin color sexuality.

  • Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, using a certain number of things that we all do on the Internet, what songs we buy what, what Amazon books or products we look at?

  • You can predict things that are much deeper on and don't seem necessarily associate it right.

  • Explain some of that.

  • If you looked at my Facebook profile or my Twitter profile, you would probably not have much trouble figuring out what my political views are or what my personalities now computer, can do the same thing, basically, by analyzing large amounts of data from your Twitter profile, your email, your playlists, your Facebook profile and so one, it can create a very accurate and intimate psycho demographic profile of you and other people.

  • And now this information can obviously be used in marketing and specifically in political marketing.

  • If I have a detailed knowledge off psycho demographic profits off large number of people, I can use this information to craft individual messages and speak individually to each of those people and try to make this message as convincing and relevant to them as possible.

  • But also, computer can utilize can use information that, perhaps for humans, would not be very informative, right?

  • So if you see me following Obama or Bernie Sanders on Twitter, it's not a complicated task to figure out what my political views would be.

  • But now, if you see that at least into Lady Gaga or Simon and Garfunkel, uh, that's piece of information that humans would struggle to interpret simply because both Republicans and Democrats listen to Lady Gaga.

  • Now what computer can do?

  • Computer can go and look at this data in much more detail.

  • It can look at millions of people, and I bet that there will be a small difference between how likely the Republicans are to listen to Lady Gaga and how likely Democrats are.

  • Listen to Lady Gaga, something that for human being is not perceptible.

  • Now, does it mean that if you listen to Lady Gaga, you're Republican or Democrat?

  • Not at all.

  • It's.

  • There's just this little, tiny, bordering on insignificant amount of information in each digital footprint like that.

  • But now the algorithm can aggregate information from thousands or millions of crumbs of information and then create a very accurate prediction.

  • What are the ethical dilemmas off waiting into these waters?

  • Well, we have to remember that governments, companies and organizations can use the very technology that can be used for your good.

  • They can turn it against you.

  • Uh, now how they contribute against you.

  • Well, they can behind you back without you knowing.

  • Try to unfair your intimate traits such as your political views, your sexual orientation, your personality and intelligence and now, actually, in the country s free and open minded as America, it's probably not a big issue today.

  • Maybe we'll get some creepy marketing.

  • But we have to remember that the same technologies are being used by governments in way less.

  • Liberal countries were revealing your political views, so revealing your religiosity or your sexual temptation can be really a matter off a life and death.

And what's amazing is what Internet experts can learn by people's activity on social media.


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互聯網能預測你會做什麼嗎? (Can The Internet Predict What You'll Do?)

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