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  • LA mentality about dieting... umm. People here are nuts.

  • Well I'm vegan slash bone broth

  • only sort of girl, but it's trendy to do kale and that sort of thing. Kale. I do bee pollen.

  • Um, in terms of diet, I'm a vegetarian and not because I moved to LA. But I can honestly

  • say that I'm a horrible vegetarian. I hate lettuce and salads.

  • I don't really follow any trendy diets. Everyone here is constantly juicing, low carbing.

  • I'm a vegetarian. I try to eat mostly raw.

  • I did a water diet, but I was eating, okay, you need to eat, but

  • you need to drink like two gallons of water a day. Cava, qualia, tons of mushrooms,

  • adaptogens for the kidneys.

  • My diet tip is eat more fat and less carbs.

  • I try not to eat so much sugar, but I'm a massive sugar junkie, so that's sort of a lie.

  • Just don't eat.

  • Lots of coffee.

  • I'm European mentality in that sense and I just eat less of everything I want.

  • Eat whatever you want. Yeah and before every meal, just drink a cup of water.

  • I think there's different fads and you know, whether it's less sugar and less carbs, I do try to watch that, but

  • I pretty much eat what I want.

LA mentality about dieting... umm. People here are nuts.


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我們向洛杉磯的女性詢問了她們的飲食祕密|《Harper's BAZAAR》。 (We Asked the Women of Los Angeles About Their Diet Secrets | Harper's BAZAAR)

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