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Hey guys! What's up? It's Alex. Welcome back. This is part two of me making the ultimate pasta machine.
If you remember when, in the first part, I ordered a contraption straight from a factory in China.
It did arrive all the way to LE STUDIO, but it came in pieces, so
I had to fix it. Which i sure did but this time it's not about this. It's about improving that machine.
Spoiler alert! I will, also be sharing a, fully customized, fully automatic, fully available,
online noodle recipe courtesy of....
You know. Anyway...
Easy-peasy all the way to nighttime anxiety, these are
my improvements. One: the machine came almost naked, so I added a small wooden board beneath it, but I think we can
do better. Now I'm using stainless steel on a wider or longer board
To improve the stability I'm also adding rubber feet to prevent that thing from, you know, wiggling around.
Now it's stable. Next: the thickness settings.
The old knobs were too small, which is shameful especially when you want to enjoy that analog part. And also it's not bold enough
So I am improving that with bigger and more ergonomic-friendly, knobs and also longer setting screws
And that is accuracy !
Okay next in terms of you know feeding situation:
So a bit suggestive but not super effective. Again I'm using a sheet of metal, measured, bent a few times
Never know when the baking steel will come in handy
Secure it in place with a few screws and there you have it a proper dough feeder.
*Shing* I'm also adding a big notch at the end of it in order to fit a wooden roller. That's efficiency!
Next: ah yeah, the noodle knife locking mechanism sucked big time
That small tab was literally placed at the worst location ever.
Like diametrically opposed to the point where all the forces are concentrated
No, honestly it's the worst. So instead that's where you need to secure a contact
And that is where we are gonna do it. Two screws, one latch.
Secured !
Next: So in the first part, somebody suggested in the comments that controlling the electric motor with
my foot would be badass, and me, stupid, agreed. I mean of course I agreed. Like, what could possibly, go wrong
Let me just show you what i wanted to do...
I wanted to do this. This is the machine with a belt to be connected to the motor, connected to a controller connected to the foot petal in order to connect to the transformer which would be powered by a socket in the wall
It's not super cheap. It requires a bit of soldering but at the end I should be getting a nice *vroom* *vroom* *vroom*
It would work a bit like like the sewing machine... Sewing machine. It's funny
*clock ticking*
Huh! A sewing....
So uh, I just got for only ten bucks this ! A second hand sewing machine. Not in mint condition. But the seller ensured me
that the electric motor and the foot pedal were okay. So I thought
why not?
Oh la la...Here i am
thinking that
getting the specific motor would be the most
difficult job in this process. I'm such a fool. And now this is me from the future and let
me tell you for this one, I have been over hills and valleys : Foolish excitement and brutal disappointment
So it wasn't easy but i slowly, did overcome all those challenges like one by one
Just to get to THAT moment...
*motor buzzes, stalling*
So that's right even through two successive gear reductions the sewing machine motor was unable to
Flatten a solid piece of ...
kitchen towel.
ahhhh... merde, merde, merde, merde, merde, merde, merde, merde, merde...
Why, did i cheated on you? *drill noises*
I know you're upset, I know you are upset. I must admit it's almost fun like you in a very, you know,
British way. But still... Nevermind ! Everything's working fine now, so let's move on to the recipe but first...
Okay, so let's talk a bit more about Skillshare. It's an online learning community with over
17,000 classes whether they be in design, photo, video. Then you probably know that already.
But I love learning I just, you know, enjoy
the thrill of it and I think that Skillshare is a great place for this. So let's have a look at
my classes. So I'm currently trying to switch from one
video editing software to another so there's a class for this. I'm trying to get better at doing transitions within
my video. And finally I'm working on a new project
which is super exciting, but I need to develop an Android app for that. These are the classes I'm following right now.
Hey, new transition! Okay, there's a special offer for you guys. I'll share the link in the description box down below.
Now, back to the video.
*singing Star Wars theme*
I know sometimes with the recipes I can be a bit rough
This time, that recipe is gonna be super practical! I'm setting up a ramen noodle automatic calculator
which works like this. First and, for your information,
one fresh noodle serving is about 140 grams. Then this is your main inputs:
You want to enter the number of servings you want. I want eight servings.
So automatically the whole spreadsheet calculates how much flour you need, water, gluten, salt and
sodium carbonate. Just for your information, you also get the
ingredient ratios. You don't have to mess with them unless you really know what you're doing. So that is what I'm gonna use right now
Wheat gluten
Sodium carbonate
Warning when you open that box. Sodium carbonate. So that's it for the dry stuff. Now give that a quick mix
finally: water
I'm gonna try to use my machine straight from the start.
Knead the dough by folding it on itself few times. If you don't have a machine like, this, oh, you can definitely use your feet.
*machine clicks away*
Using, any of my previous, pasta machine to knead the dough?
Don't even dream about this it's completely out of the question!
This: no problem!
Storing fresh dough on roller is brilliant. It's definitely the way to go. Very convenient. I would probably improve this
design in the future especially using gravity a bit more so that
the dough roll can automatically wind up. You just have to wrap them in plastic so that they don't dry in the meantime
*Quiet piano music plays*
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8, Okay.... time for a little... tasting session
*Up beat music playing*
*singing oriental orchestral music*
Okay guys that's it. I hope you enjoyed this episode, the whole process and the recipe as well.
If you did then please give this video a big thumbs up, like it, and share that over all your social media
You know how it works. Spread it like butter.
I'm sitting because I feel relaxed now. I like this it's very casual. Can you share with
me what you would do if you had a machine like this? What would you do? Just tell me in the comments
Right now I've got new projects on the stove, and I think you had a
quick glimpse during the sponsor time if, of course, you did not skip that part
Anyway be sure to subscribe to the channel not to miss those new, exciting coming projects.
Take care, bye bye! Salut!
*ending music*


5000rpm Foot-Operated Pasta Machine #Fail

39 分類 收藏
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