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  • Charles in in the opening scene of Game of Thrones.

  • You skinned?

  • A deer are doing.

  • Dude, you talk.

  • How or did you just improvise?

  • I was talking.

  • And is there more than one way, or is it not like a cat?

  • There's really only one way that produces came to me two days before.

  • This is a new scene and they came and said, You vegetarian Charles And I said no.

  • Why?

  • And they gave me this scene and we did it.

  • Are you a vegetarian now?

  • I don't know.

  • And I was hoping they would give me a nice kind of leg of venison to take back.

  • I didn't even get an ear.

  • Okay, next round is the Was it something I said round in which each team has to work out?

  • Who said the following quotations?

  • It'll be from someone on the show tonight or are virtual guest Mike Tyson.

  • I'm afraid he can't be with us tonight, although not half as afraid as I would be if he could.

  • Mickey's team, who said the following was it Richard Miles Charles, Me or someone would rather be mistaken for Mike Tyson?

  • I had a letter from the father of my then girlfriend, forbidding me to see his daughter ever again.

  • It was horrendous.

  • I don't think it's Mike Tyson.

  • I don't think he would think it was horrendous.

  • I think he just go around and like the man zero, that definitely not yourself.

  • I know David has a couple of then girlfriends, but I can't imagine either of their father's forbidding you doing anything.

  • I think this is air in the world's Charles.

  • I think he was forbidding is a little bit old school.

  • Just that, you know, our father's generation, where our fathers were all hippies.

  • Where is the father of a young lady you might be dating Would have been from the from the thirties.

  • I must say, you're from the thirties.

  • Jesus.

  • What you saying?

  • I think we're gonna go chargers here.

  • I had a letter from the way you just see his daughter again.

  • It's beautifully constructed.

  • A letter from the father of my finger forbidding me.

  • It's a chance.

  • It's Charles.

  • It is Charles.

  • Theo.

  • What was the story there?

  • I and a group of people gate crashed the party.

  • I don't know when I was about 18 or 19 on Dhe I was arrested for unruly behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace Section five of the Public Order Act 1936 on I was arraigned before the magistrate on Onda piece appeared in the local newspaper on the father off my then girlfriend wrote to me and said, I forbid you to see or attempt to contact my daughter ever again.

  • That's like a birdie type of disgrace, isn't it?

  • Yes, Doctor.

  • Make cars.

  • All right.

  • You got really well there.

Charles in in the opening scene of Game of Thrones.


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