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  • watch out for Scarface Here he has a large scar down his face and an attitude.

  • He comes in fast.

  • Mitchell, look out!

  • Whoa!

  • Did that was close.

  • Any meat u here two months later than last year.

  • Things could be different.

  • Maybe older.

  • Bolder males like Scarface keeping the brothers away.

  • What's that, E?

  • I don't believe it.

  • Shark moves in with the damage.

  • Pectoral fin.

  • Just like one of the brothers had last year.

  • Could it be him?

  • Okay, that way.

  • One of the brothers.

  • This is unbelievable, Andy.

  • Certain it's him.

  • Tail marking is right, too.

  • Where is his brother?

  • I recognize that.

  • Been anywhere.

  • Damaged fin matches one of the brothers film last year.

  • But only one.

  • Where's the other brother?

  • Wait, then a second shock slowly comes into view.

  • Okay, wait.

  • Same gender, same size and same markings.

  • That is, That's it.

  • Still no sign of aggression toward each other at all.

  • It's a fleeting encounter, but they have enough I d shots to check against the database.

  • And he is already confident.

  • We found the brothers.

  • We found the brothers.

  • They're both They showed up together.

  • They're both tag very similar.

  • They're a little bigger.

  • Definitively the brothers.

  • You can see the Lord coddled tail fragmentation pattern.

  • The brothers are here?

  • Yeah.

  • I gotta check the footage, but I can guarantee we just saw the bomb.

watch out for Scarface Here he has a large scar down his face and an attitude.


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憤怒的鯊魚襲擊深海潛水員群體|大白鯊島:血腥兄弟 (Enraged Shark Attacks Group Of Deep Sea Divers | Isle Of Jaws: Blood Brother)

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