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See you guys next week!
Alright, take care, yeah? See you!
Take care
Hey, you wanna grab a bite to eat? I was gonna ask the few others
Not tonight, thanks though
Right about now
One of the most terrifying things that could happen to a guy is taking place
That moment when a good guy
A nice guy
Finally works up the courage to tell a girl
A close friend That he's had feelings for her for a long time
And sure whether or not she feels the same he finally lets it all out
Most likely turn surprise
Re-skim their friendship to see if maybe..
There is a chance They could be something more than friends
It's all happening right now..to my friend, Matt
He's having a long awaiting conversation with the other friend, Anna
About his feelings...
So he's been talk to me for months now about this night
Trying to get my opinion as a girl
The three of us started dancing at school
I knew this here But apparently he's had a crush on her for a long time
I'm like, dude, why don't you say something earlier? She probably sees you as a friend by now
And even she did like you back at one point
If you didn't act on it She probably just gave up and moved on
Of course, this is like the worst thing that you can say to a guy
He just says, well, she could've said something first
But I told him He's..so intimidating
But now like a year later He finally decides to tell her
..I don't get him
Anyway, I haven't heard from him yet
I wonder how it's going..
(Didn't go well. Can we meet at "The Factory"?) (Geez, I hate being a nice guy.)
Gotta go, can't wait to hear all the details
Nice guys finish last (Factory Tea Bar)
That's how it is That's how it's always gonna be
She's probably gonna date some jerks she barely even knows
When I've been her friend for so long
Maybe after that she will realize how important you are as a friend
And..maybe she will come around
Hope so
You're totally right, Tam I should've listened to you
I should've told her from the very beginning
Well, I do think it's good to be friends first, sometimes
Not this time
You know what she said to me?
She said "I hope we can still be friends"
I'm like "SAY WHAT?"
You said that?
No, but I should've
So..are you gonna stay friends?
If we keep being friends That's letting her win
She gets to move on passed night. And keep me out of distance
That's not fair
If she's gonna reject me She doesn't even deserve my friendship
That's a little harsh, man She didn't do anything wrong
Unless you're saying that.. not returning your feelings makes her a bad person
I just want her to feel bad
Nice guy, hun?
Sorry..fresh You're allowed to be upset
I know what it's like
Yeah man We need to stop..being so nice
She's led me on this whole time
Well, now you know And now you can move on, too
Yeah, you're right
Girls look up, I'm not gonna be nice anymore
Well, this has been a productive conversation
Thanks for coming, guys
-Bye -Bye
See you
I know you're really angry right now
And you probably think every girl's evil but...
I really hope this isn't affecting you too much
...we'll see
Com'on, really? It's just one girl
You can learn from this But don't take it out on everyone else
Don't think of Anna as you're missing out on Anna, okay?
Try to think of it as..you're dumping her
Because she wasn't right for you
And there's a reason this is not happening
Alright, thanks
I wish I were that reason
You always hear guys say "Nice guys finish last"
So annoying
When have you ever heard a girl said "Nice girls finish last"
Well, guss what? It happens
We just..keep it to ourselves
Usually when a guy complains about a girl not liking him
It's because he's only focus on her
He doesn't realize or acknowledge that there might be someone who does like him
I guess I am that girl
Ever since I join the team I always have a thing for Matt
We got along really well Always joking and stuffs
And then he started to tell everyone on the team I was like his little sister
Not exactly the words you wanna hear when you like a guy
But he's always been so enamored by Anna that..
I don't think he's ever considered that I might like him
And, if he has He's chosen to ignore it
Which sucks pretty bad,too
Anyway, what do you guys think about all these guys complaining that they're finishing last
Do you think nice girls finish last,too?
How come we don't complain as much as them?
Now that he's all angry over Anna
I don't know what I should do...


【Wong Fu Productions】《值得.愛》第一集:好好小姐 - When it Counts - Ep 1

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wawa 發佈於 2013 年 3 月 30 日
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