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Today is a special edition of 'Colloquial Short Stories'
In today's episode, I'm going to make a short story using
some very key terms you may have heard in the news lately
and this will help you understand them better
and help stop the spread of coronavirus
I'll give you the story first
and then explain the terms in basic English
To slow down the spread of coronavirus
We need to 'flatten the curve'
by practicing 'self quarantining'
and 'social distancing'
Ok so the first term 'flattening the curve'
You may have seen this graph in the news quite often
This is a steep curve.
This is what happens when we do nothing
And this is a flatter curve
When the news asks us to flatten the curve
They are asking us to wash our hands
wear masks
And stay away from other people for awhile
This will help flatten the curve in general
So for example, sample sentence
Everyone can help flatten the curve by
washing their hands often
Flattening the curve
will help prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed
Self Quarantine
Another key word you may have heard quite often
So basically you just stay at home
stay away from other people
And this will help prevent the spread of coronavirus
And a sample sentence
Since I don't know if I have coronavirus
I decided to self quarantine for two weeks
If you self quarantine, you can help stop the spread of coronavirus
Ok and the last one
Social Distancing
That just means you stay at least a few feet away form everyone
So even if you are practicing self quarantining
You still need to go out and get food and water
…and toilet paper
I don't know why… toilet paper
But if you do that, you still want to stay at least a few feet away
from the cashier and other customers
And this will also help prevent the spread of coronavirus
Social Distancing
Alright, we only talked about a few terms
But they are so SO important!
So please remember them
And here's a quick quiz to help you remember
Flattening the curving
Self Quarantine
Social Distancing
Flattening the curving
Self Quarantine
Social Distancing
I hope today's video helped you learn some important
key terms you're hearing in the news
I know it can be boring or stressful
But doing these things can help save our lives
And the lives of others that you may have not even seen
Maybe call your friends and family
Play games with them
Do something
Stay in touch with each other
Don't worry we'll get to regular videos next week
And of course, best of luck to everyone
See ya later


來認識新型冠狀病毒的相關詞彙吧! (Important Coronavirus (COVID-19) terms to know)

235 分類 收藏
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