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  • Hi.

  • Welcome to show me the curry dot com.

  • I'm hit Bill.

  • I'm a new job.

  • And today we're gonna show you how to make macaroons.

  • Now, this is a recipe that's very dear to my heart.

  • I found my grandma's recipe book and believe it or not, stated 1954 on all these wonderful, wonderful recipes holding up pretty good.

  • I'm gonna have to do something about it.

  • Make sure nothing happens to it.

  • Really, really fabulous.

  • This sun is for her.

  • So let's get started with the macaroons.

  • Awesome.

  • This is a really simple recipe.

  • We're gonna need half a cup off dry shredded coconut, half a cup off walnuts study that we've chopped and we've got conflicts over here.

  • This is approximately one cup, but we're going to do I'm gonna put it in this bag and I'm gonna crush it till it becomes about half a cup.

  • So basically, we need half a cup off crushed cornflakes, and we need half a cup of sugar, half, half, half can't get easier than that.

  • And we need one large egg and we're not using the whole leg.

  • We're just using the egg white.

  • So we have the white in here.

  • We've cracked up in an egg.

  • Here's a yoke part we'll use for something else.

  • And this is only the white.

  • Now, this is a very quick recipe.

  • So first things first we got her oven preheating at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and it is ready for us to go.

  • And I'm gonna start whipping the second till it gets for me.

  • Keita, About 30 seconds and I'm a dyed in the show.

  • And we're gonna beat this until the sugar gets well incorporated and the egg whites get nice and fluffy.

  • Okay, this is ready.

  • And while he was doing that, the oven is hot.

  • We've got tray over here with parchment paper.

  • If you don't have passion people, you can just lightly or moderate or oil it on.

  • This is ready to go going toe.

  • Add the rest of the ingredients to the eggnog.

  • Just gonna push down the sides Here.

  • Here's the conflicts Walnuts, coconut Just hold it till everything is well incorporated and it all comes together and you don't overmix it once it comes together like this.

  • So here is a melon baller.

  • But you can use anything you like, really just a school.

  • Andi, Just gonna take a little bit and just put it in there.

  • So this recipe makes approximately 10 good size macaroons.

  • But if you want to cut them down smaller size, you can make right about 15.

  • Probably.

  • But it's up to you.

  • How long?

  • So it's gonna go into the oven right now.

  • It's gonna go into the middle of the oven for 12 minutes, But keep an eye on because everybody's ovens are different.

  • So at the very end of its kind of keep a close eye on it, Okay, Ours out of the oven, they look fantastic, but I was, since we made them a little taller and bigger.

  • They cooked for about 14 minutes.

  • But again, if you make them smaller size, you know we'll be about 12 minutes.

  • But way about a cooling rack over here, and we're gonna transfer them.

  • Let's see if you notice the bottom, it's got a nice golden color to it, and that's exactly how you want it.

  • You don't want it over Burt, but you do want the nice caramelization on the bottom.

  • We're gonna let these cool for about 10 or 15 minutes and give it a try.

  • So our macaroons cool down, they look fantastic.

  • And then he's really good.

  • You already had a little sneak peek, and we're gonna have another sneak peek right now s so you guys can see it's so light and airy.

  • It's just incredible.

  • And when you break it open beautifully, light inside.

  • Now this is Oh for you.

  • But one thing is so different from your traditional macaron, which is usually only coconut, and you bite into it and it's still yummy.

  • It's coconut.

  • But this one has, like different levels of texture, different levels of flavor.

  • And it's just really light and airy.

  • And you don't feel like you know you're weighing yourself down eating this yummy.

  • Mm hmm.

  • Chris Delicious in the Complexes gives a wonderful lunch to the whole thing.

  • Really, really good.

  • So we hope you get a chance to try this delicious recipe out.

  • It's super easy.

  • It's super delicious.

  • Everyone will love these and hope you join us again.



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