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  • How to Make a Mint Julep - Bourbon Cocktail Recipe

  • Hey! Welcome to Hilah Cooking. Today I am going to make some mint juleps which are a

  • favorite summertime drink in my house. Mint julep was invented to be enjoyed on a balmy

  • summer evening, sitting on a whitewashed porch in a rocking chair with little children frolicking

  • in the yard and catching fireflies in wide mouth Mason jars and Chevy Chase singing zippedy

  • doo dah, but it's January, and it's about 1:00 in the afternoon, Chevy Chase is still

  • asleep. [MUSIC]

  • All right, here's what you need, whiskey, delicious, fresh mint, beautiful, sugar cubes,

  • adorable, ice, crushed, spoon, shiny, something to muddle with, wood, and a glass, high ball.

  • All right, step one, sugar cube in the glass, it's so adorable, get a sprig of mint, tear

  • off maybe 12 leaves, throw it in yo' cup, 8, 12, 13, what the hell. All right, put in

  • just a teeny, little bit of booze to sort of moisten the sugar cube, wooo, and then

  • get your muddling utensil, and break up that sugar cube with the mint, the abrasiveness

  • of the sugar is going to help break up the mint a little bit, and it will help release

  • its oils which is what you want and just keep mixing that around until the sugar is dissolved

  • and your mint will start to look kind of brown and stuff, but it's delicious, so just trust

  • me, okay? All right, looking good, put in ice to the

  • top of your glass, crushed, and then pour in some booze. A little stir, get it chilled,

  • it's very important, get that ice working, it's ice magic and making things cold. Delicious.

  • Mmmmm. It's really good. It's potent. It's pretty much straight booze, and it goes down

  • a lot smoother than you probably wish it will. So try it out. After you have had like three

  • or four and you start messing around on the computer when you're home alone drinking by

  • yourself, look on Facebook, look up Hilah Cooking, be my fan. We could chat because

  • I am probably on there too, getting drunk and chatting with people and making comments

  • I shouldn't.

How to Make a Mint Julep - Bourbon Cocktail Recipe


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如何製作薄荷朱利普--波旁雞尾酒配方。 (How to Make a Mint Julep - Bourbon Cocktail Recipe)

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