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  • in this video, I'm gonna take you guys on a pony ride.

  • So the moon is a restaurant on a boat when we're actually going to get on in a success.

  • The boats have various meal plans and they even have all you can drink plans.

  • And I'm gonna walk you through this experience in this video.

  • I'm so excited.

  • Let's do this.

  • So we booked two hour dinner cruise with me.

  • Say the port is right next to Azuma Boscia.

  • So it's perfect to get on after walking around sucks.

  • So the seats are predetermined, so that means our name is already written on the table.

  • What's really nice is you can use credit cards here too.

  • Lucy.

  • So cool.

  • They already have the food prepared.

  • It is just on the table.

  • As I said that we have all you can drink beer.

  • This is you know, you go come with this.

  • But you could actually get a draft here, which is bringing right now.

  • I'm a draft here.

  • All this food you have way have Adama me.

  • We have appetizers and even the sushi Goodness.

  • That's amazing.

  • This is the best trip ever.

  • So if you're looking for something like kind of unique to do in Japan.

  • And then you might want to consider getting on at the movie because look at all this food.

  • It's all you can drink in.

  • The atmosphere's great.

  • You get to experience Tokyo ghetto, look out the window and see cool landscape, and this is why we're here.

  • So inside of the boat is pretty chill and casual, and I love that they keep on serving fresh temper.

  • That's so good.

  • The taste and the flavors are so nice.

  • Look at that.

  • So this is called Saz I This is like a delicacy here, man.

  • That tail end of this is actually really, really bitter if you don't like better stuff than you might want to, like not even sporting to see this, Martin said.

  • But I'm all good.

  • I could try anything.

  • It kind of tastes like snail fresh mushroom tempura.

  • This'll is some good stuff.

  • This makes me smile.

  • That food is actually really good official, very, very fresh, and now they think that this is actually a pretty good date idea.

  • Look at all these birds and for those of you that get a little bit seasick, sometimes struggle a little bit.

  • It's pretty windy out today, but it's not too bad, I think was You should be okay.

  • You can see here here.

  • It's not actually moving so much, so it's pretty steady.

  • Michael, She gets sick and finish is actually okay, and it's pretty nicely have this bathroom in here.

  • It's so small, but it's so functional.

  • At other parts of the cruise, you can even see other.

  • You have to dope Renault diver Right now that's Aqua City right behind me and television.

  • Let me know in the comments below boys warm in your top 10 for a diver, and it's pretty cool.

  • You can go outside.

  • I'm right underneath the Rainbow Bridge right now, and some of the young got the bonus.

  • You can actually get on the roof this when you can, but you can still go outside just pretty freaking cool.

  • There's so much wind coming every right now it's making my eyes Water I way turned out the lights.

  • It's so beautiful.

  • I looked behind me and sky tree so that concludes my experience with guys like this video.

  • Get that light wind and help me out.

in this video, I'm gonna take you guys on a pony ride.


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