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  • Hi, this is Julián from MinuteEarth.

    哈囉!我是 MinuteEarth 的 Julián。

  • In 2009, a disease swept across the globe and infected millions, and before it was officially named 2009 H1N1 Flu, it was popularly dubbed "swine flu."

    2009 年,有一疾病席捲全球並導致數百萬人染病。它在正式命名為 2009 年 H1N1 流感前,大眾俗稱其成「豬流感」。

  • Panicking countries banned sales of pigs and pig products, turning the pork industry on its snout and Egypt even went so far as to slaughter all 300,000 of the country's pigs to stop the virus in its tracks.

    一些不安的國家禁止國內販售豬隻和豬肉產品,導致養豬產業陷入癱瘓,埃及甚至屠宰國內 30 萬頭豬隻以防病毒散播。

  • The problem?


  • While the virus likely evolved from one that did infect pigs, the 2009 version was almost exclusively transmitted person-to-person rather than porcine to person.

    儘管這種病毒應該是從能感染豬隻的病毒演變而成,不過 2009 年的這款病毒幾乎僅限於人傳人,而不要豬隻傳人。

  • Regardless, the name alone triggered a pig-induced pandemonium.


  • But pigs aren't in any way the only victims of a poorly-named diseasehistorically, we've also named viruses after groups of people or places where people live, which can direct all that disease-associated fear and stigma onto people.


  • And not only is that incredibly dangerous for those people, but prejudice doesn't actually prevent the spread of disease.


  • To help protect people, places, and... well, pigs from such stigma, in 2015 the World Health Organization penned guidelines for naming new infectious diseases soon after they're discovered.

    為了保護當地人民、地方,甚至乎豬隻以防被冠以惡名,WHO 於 2015 年撰寫有關發現新傳染病後為其命名的指引。

  • No people, places, animals, foods, or occupations.


  • And avoid fearmongering with terms like "unknown" or "fatal."


  • Instead, use descriptive qualities of the disease itself, like its symptoms, severity or seasonality, and, if known, the actual bug behind the disease, oh, and definitely keep the name easily pronounceable.


  • Which is how our latest pandemic was named Coronavirus Disease 2019, abbreviated COVID-19, for the crown-shaped coronavirus that causes the disease that emerged in 2019.

    而這也就是最新的全球大流行疾病如何被名為 2019 冠狀病毒 (Coronavirus Disease 2019),簡稱 COVID-19,因為這個皇冠形的冠狀病毒於 2019 年引發這場疫症。

  • Of course, some people will still be racist or misinformed and turn their fear on the nearest scapegoat, but at least we're trying to head off the spread of stigma by providing standardized names before the harmful ones can go viral.


  • These days, the world needs all the generosity it can get, and one really easy and free way to donate to a worthy cause is Tab for a Cause, which donates money to a charity each time you open a new browser tab.

    近日,全世界的人都需要大家的慷慨解囊,而一個簡單且免費的捐款方式就是 Tab for a Cause。你只要每打開一個新的分頁就會捐款至慈善團體。

  • I've been using Tab for a Cause for at least six years and, according to my Tab for a Cause stats page, I've opened over... holy tab-moly, 37,000 tabs in that time, which I've turned into real donations to my favorite charities, including their current COVID-19 response fund.

    我已經使用了六年,而根據我的使用數據… 天啊!已經打開過 37,000 個分頁,並已轉為實際捐款至我喜歡的慈善團體,包括 COVID-19 應急基金。

  • If you, like me, open up way too many tabs, you can feel good about it by going to and downloading the extension now.

    如果你們像我一樣常常打開很多分頁的話,可以到 下載擴充程式,包準你們感到滿意。

  • That's


  • And there's one more way you can help the world from the comfort of your couch: stay there, at least for now.


  • We're putting this video out in the midst of a pandemic and, according the World Health Organization, the best way to make sure you don't become a carrier of the virus or infect vulnerable people like, say, your grandparents, is to stay home or, if you absolutely have to go out, stay far away from other people.

    我們會在這場流行病肆虐期間上傳這部影片。根據 WHO,要確保你們不會成為帶菌者或是傳染給抵抗力較低的人,像是祖父母的話,就好好待在家裡。如果非得要出門的話,請與人保持距離。

  • Let's help each other out in the comments by suggesting some awesome things to do while you're houseboundother than watching MinuteEarth, of course.

    歡迎大家在下面留言討論因不能出門只能在家裡進行的活動,當然是除了看 MinuteEarth 的影片以外的活動。

  • And for a much-needed moment of distraction, here's our latest caption contest winner. [The world is getting... hot.]


  • The next image is ready for awesome caption suggestions from all levels of patrons at


Hi, this is Julián from MinuteEarth.

哈囉!我是 MinuteEarth 的 Julián。

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