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  • like the rest of America.

  • Costume designer Karen Wagner was touched by Vanessa Bryant's tribute.

  • I was listening to her eulogy to her beloved husband and her beloved daughter, and I was already felt so horrible.

  • I mean, it couldn't imagine her loss, but it was this moment that especially moved her.

  • He was truly the romantic one in our relationship.

  • He gives to me the actual notebook and the blue dress.

  • Rachel McAdams War in the Notebook movie.

  • And then the blue dress came up, and I was stunned.

  • Karen designed the blue dress worn by Rachel McAdams in the romantic classic Notebook.

  • The dress has resonated with people a lot because the story is really so universal.

  • It's a beautiful love story.

  • Until Vanessa's eulogy, she had no idea.

  • The fabled blue dress was now in the possession of Vanessa Bryant.

  • When I asked him why you chose the blue dress, he said it was because the scene when Aly comes back to Noah, we had hoped to grow old together.

  • Like the movie.

  • They find out that he had gone to all the trouble of tracking that dress down, and then someone had to go into some huge warehouse and find that dress.

  • It was It was stunning.

  • I was honored.

  • Vanessa posted this photo on February 14 2013.

  • One of my favorite Valentine's Day gift from my husband was the Blue Dress Shoes and the notebook from The Notebook At the time, Vanessa's marriage to Kobe was back on solid ground after she filed for divorce in 2011 but later rescinded the papers.

  • We really had an amazing love story, all right.

like the rest of America.


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